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10 Things You Can Do with an iPhone that Has bad esn or Blacklisted IMEI

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Today, many iPhone users are facing the issue of a bad esn or Blacklisted IMEI. If you are one of them, this article will let help you learn the best technique. It won't teach you how to unlock them permanently and officially as it needs the right skills and principles, but will tell you all the things you will do to fix the problem. Before anything else, know what an IMEI and ESN is all about before going into further details. Because it is highly valuable, mobile devices are the most commonly stolen items in the world. Therefore, all the network carriers, in collaboration with the government agencies have joined together to eliminate the risk of stolen devices. The ESN and IMEI is a part of this plan.

Part 1: What is an IMEI number?

A lot of people use iPhone but do not know its Components. Popularly known as IMEI, the International Mobile Equipment Identity number is 14-16 digit serial numbers that identifies your wireless device. If a device is stolen, it will be unusable even if there is a change of sim card. To ensure a working device, verify IMEI number.

iPhone imei number check

Part 2: What is Clean/bad esn?

Similar to the IMEI, Electronic Serial Number is a figure that identifies a phone. It is a great numeric identifier that is attached to Code Division Multiple Access phone. Therefore, if your phone is under a contract, one of these numbers is linked to subscriber's account. Typically, a CDMA phone does not use a sim card. As the term used is typically, some phones that use both CDMA and GSM technologies. IMEI number is attached to a phone that uses a sim card through GSM technology.

If you are currently facing bad ESM or blacklisted IMEI, don't worry you're not alone. There are a lot of people who has already walked on your situation, and they laid these helpful tips so that you can fix them on your own.

Tips: You can also go to check status of your iPhone, including status of unlock, blacklist, network operator and iCloud.

iPhone has bad esn

Ask refund from seller

It sounds like a long way to go, but if you bought the phone online, you can always ask the seller for a full refund. Online stores such as eBay and Amazon have refund policies. Just ake sure you are following their refund procedures. Unfortunately, the case may be different if you got your blacklisted phone from the street or Craigslist. In these vendors, it becomes difficult to get your money back either because they won't entertain calls or use a temporary email.

iPhone blacklisted imei

Use it as games console or iPod

If you can't return the phone, install many games or use it as an iPod. Furthermore, you can download TV series or movies on it which you can watch. You have to consider that because there's really nothing you can do with the iPhone.

iPhone blacklisted imei

Get the IMEI or ESN Cleaned

Depends on your carrier, it's possible to remove from blacklist. Unfortunately, most networks are still unsupported. If you are lucky, you can avail the services provided in highly reliable ways.

iPhone has bad esn

Swap Logic Board

Given that IMEI blacklist is localized to a particular service provider of the country. It means that the IMEI of your iPhone is not blacklisted in other countries. For example, if you have an unlocked AT&T iPhone that's being blacklisted in the USA, it will still work perfectly on other network if you travel to Australia. Attempting to change the chips of iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S will cause damage to your iPhone. The reason why your logic board must be swapped is based on a practical solution.

iPhone blacklisted imei

Get it unlocked and sell it

If you live within the USA, there are millions of foreigners or tourist coming to your country. When they finish their missions, they would return to their countries. This is where selling your iPhone becomes valuable. You can get the details on Part 3: How to unlock iPhone SIM card online

iPhone has bad esn

Sell the spare parts

If you have already done your part and it still fails, the last resort would be to take it apart and cannibalize parts. The logic board, screen, dock connector and back casing can be sold separately. Since some parts may revive iPhone again, it helps someone with a broken iPhone.

what if iPhone has bad esn

Sell internationally

If you have a hybrid CDMA/ GSM phone, or if you cannot benefit from the customer unlock policy of your carrier, you will still have some options. Through other unlock providers, you can still unlock the bad IMEI phone without a guarantee that could be reused through the major domestic USA carriers.

iPhone bad esn

Flash Phone To Other Carrier

If you do not mind changing carriers, this is a quick fix. As long as the carrier will accept the phone, you will have a functional phone once you are flashed. Instead of 4G, you may have 3G in some cases, but that is a better alternative.

bad esn iPhone 7

Determine Hybrid GSM/CDMA Phones

If your phone cannot activate on a CDMA carrier like Verizon or Sprint, the IMEI can still be used on a GSM network. Recently, most phones manufactured come with a GSM standard, nano or micro sim card slot and will have GSM radios enabling for a GSM network. Likewise, most of them comes with factory unlocked.

iPhone 6s bad esn

Take note on the warnings

First of all, keep in mind that just because a phone is being blacklisted, it doesn't mean that the phone was illegal or stolen to buy from someone. What makes it a crime is if they stole the phones. Therefore, it becomes necessary to ask how they got the phone politely. Take note also to avoid buying known bad IMEI phone. If the service covers blocked IMEI device, ask your unlock supplier.

iPhone bad esn

Bad esn or Blacklisted IMEI numbers is naturally a huge headache because no one says it is going to be easy. Knowing that you unlock them with restrictions in the US can still give you options such as selling options domestically or internationally. Therefore, there is still hope for everything. Follow these ten quick fix and you will no longer have problems.

Part 3: How to unlock iPhone SIM card online

There are many users who want to unlock their iPhone SIM card. So I am going to show you a wonderful online unlock service, dr.fone - Sim Unlock services to help you get it through.

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Step 1: Select Apple brand

Go to the dr.fone SIM unlock website, and click on "Apple" logo.

Select mobile phone brand to unlock iPhone 6

Step 2: Select iPhone model and the carrier

Select the iPhone model, country and the carrier, then you will get the price and the delivery time of your unlock service.

how to unlock iPhone 6

Step 3: Fill in your information

After that, fill in your IMEI code and email address to finish the whole process.

start to unlock iPhone 6

Thats's it! You will be informed that your device is unlocked in 2-4 days. And you can also go to check iPhone unlock status.

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