iMessage on iOS 11/10 Not Working? Here Are All Fixes!

iMessage is one of the biggest messaging networks and it has over one billion active users. It is understandable that the more it grows the more complex it’d get to maintain all the operations. And this is one of the main reasons why Apple isn’t planning on providing the iMessaging feature to Android. iOS 11/10 users have reported that iMessage iOS 11/10 as not working. It was commonly found that in iOS 11/10 iMessage was not sending or sometimes the iMessage was not delivered. Out of the several problems, the most frequently asked question was on how to solve the previously mentioned problems. After reading the solutions you wouldn’t need to stress out whenever your iMessage is not delivered or in iOS 11/10 iMessage is not sending messages or due to some other problem, your iMessage iOS 11/10 is not working.  Below mentioned are all the quick fixes that you can apply to solve the type of problem you face.

Part 1: iMessage not sending on iOS 11/10

The first problem that the majority of the users face is the not sending problem. What to do when iOS 11/10 iMessage is not sending the messages.


This is the most basic one, check whether you are connected to the internet or not. Most times it’s this neglecting that usually, that is the cause of iMessage not working on your device. What you have to do is just switch off and then switch on your wifi/cellular and check whether that solved your problem.

If it is still not fixed then try Resetting the Network Settings. In order to do this you have to go to the settings section>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. The steps are mentioned below in the image.

reset network settings


There are times when you might have turned off the iMessage function in the settings. Well if it is turned on then try turning it off and then back on. So go to Settings>Messages>iMessage. Tap on it to switch it on or off. Now check whether your iMesseges are being sent or not.

turn on imessage


This is a solution when you haven’t set your Phone number to send and receive messages. Go to Settings>Messages>Send & Receive. Once opening this you can change the provided information according to your requirement. Now you won’t be facing the iOS 11/10 iMessage not being able to send or deliver messages.

imessage email address


If the above solutions don't work then update your iOS to the latest version. Or to the latest version that your iOS device supports. For checking whether your device is up to date go to Steeings>General>Software Update. On reaching this screen tap on download and install if there are any new updates and this should definitely solve your problem.

update ios version

Part 2: iMessage not showing Contact Name on iOS 11/10

Well, the next most requested solution for the problems faced by users on iMessage is that Contact name isn’t being displayed. Just to be on the safe side first try all the solutions mentioned above. Especially the one where you switch on and off the iMessage feature (PART 1, SOLUTION 2).


The simplest way is to switch off and switch on your iOS device. That’s right a normal re-boot is what your device might need a solution. For this Hold on your Power button for some time and then slide it to Power off and then hold it back on to switch it on.

power off iphone


Well, your contact names are still not being displayed. Chill out. Try restoring your iPhone from backup. iCloud gives the easiest and the most helpful way to back up your device. To Backup your current device connect your iOS device to the computer that has your backup and then all you have to do is click restore from the backup you have chosen (in that backup version your iMessage was probably working fine). Now go ahead and check whether your contacts are being displayed or not. This might be the answer that you have been searching for. And now your iMessage will be functioning alright.

Part 3: iMessage Not Working for just One Contact.

Well, we just saw a case where the contact name wasn’t displayed but what to do when you send to a person with iMessage but it’s being sent as a normal message? Well, the solution is here.


Again this is the most obvious one. Hold on the power switch and then switch off both your devices and the hold it on to switch the phones back on.

This is the easiest and yes, the most efficient method for solving that problem.


Check on the iOS version that you are running on. And if you aren’t up to date with the software then do update it to the latest version.

Go to Settings>General>Software Update

update ios version


In this method you’ll have to restore your iOS device and then once your device is restored go to Settings> Messages>Send & Receive. There instead of adding just the number add the e-mail address associated with the iCloud account. Now you will have definitely solved the problem and your iMessage should be working as smooth as before.

add email address

Part 4: iMessage Effects Not Working On iOS 11/10

The best feature of the message is that it has a ton of special features. These features make iOS stand out and make it more user-friendly and appealing. If there’s a problem there then you must be really frustrated, well, no need to worry they are easy to correct.


There’s a feature called the Reduce Motion. If it is enabled then the Bubble effects won't be displayed properly. So you just need to turn it off. For that go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion and then tap on it to disable it.

reduce motion


Apple introduced a new feature called the Auto-play Message Effect. If you turn it off the effects won't appear on its own but you’ll need to tap on the replay button to play it. To activate it go to the settings application>General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion>Turn-on Auto-play Message Effects.


This may seem a little bit odd but then some users have reported it to work, all you have to do is just double tap the home button and delete all the recent application. Now use you iMessage application and all the effects will be back to normal. Or if that doesn’t work then just wait and retry after a bit.


This Method helped a few users on the iOS 11/10 to fix their problem. What you have to do is just disable the 3-D touch. So in order to do so go to Settings>General>Accessibility>3D Touch > and then turn it off. All your effects should be back to normal now.

3d touch

If all else fails to go ahead and restore your iOS device and don’t forget to back it up.

Now you have a solution to fix when your iMessage iOS 11/10 is not working or when your iOS 11/10 iMessage is not sending. Well in every problem if all else fails it’s just rebooting your phone and then restoring it from a back-up. This method solves almost all the problems including iOS 11/10 iMessage not delivered.

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