iMessage on iOS 10: How to Use All New Features?

iOS 10 was officially released by Apple on September 13th, 2016. Since its launch there has been a lot of talk about all the new features it brought along, especially all the noticeable changes in the popular instant messaging App, iMessage. The new iMessage iOS 10 is better than before in a lot of ways. New and improved features make it very unique and Apple users have appreciated the work done on iMessage iOS 10. New features, such as bubble and screen effects, words becoming emojis, quirky stickers and much more, have been happily welcomed by iOS users.

In this article, 5 of the best and most surprising features of the iOS 10 iMessage have been discussed with a detailed guide to help you use them and enjoy all the new and exciting iMessage iOS 10 services.

Read on to find out more about the new iMessage iOS 10, its brand new characteristics and interestingly many ways to use them for fun as well.

Part 1: How to use bubble and screen effects in iMessage?

Face-to-face communication is always preferred over texting/chatting because you are able to infer the mood of the other person and gauge his/her intentions. An exciting feature in the new iMessage iOS 10 enables you to send your message in the tone you wish to express it in, just like an actual conversation. By this, we basically mean that iMessage iOs 10 allows users to chose from various bubble and screen effects which help you in conveying the message more accurately.

Let's find out a little more about the bubble effects introduced in the iOS 10 iMessage.

There are 4 bubble effects to chose from:

Slam, Loud, Gentle and Invisible Ink. All four have different effects on the text bubble and makes your message more meaningful and interesting.

Carefully follow the instructions given below to use these bubble effects while using chatting via iMessage iOS 10:

• Open “Messages”, select the contact you wish to chat with ad type in your message as shown in the screenshot below.

edit imessage

• In this step, press the send icon, as shown in the image above, for a little longer than usual.

• A screen will appear before you with two options, namely, “Bubble” and “Screen”. Select “Bubble” and move on to the next step.

• From the four options available, try all by tapping on the options and select any one to use for your message and then tap on the send icon as shown below.

edit bubble effect

Note: You will also see the “X” option or a cancel button at the bottom of all bubble options. If you do not wish to use any of the effects and send in your text message as it is, tap on the cancel button as shown in the screenshot below.

cancel bubble effect

This was all about using the bubble effect in the new iMessage iOs 10. Simple, isn't it?

Now let's learn how to use the screen effects, such as balloons, confetti, lasers, fireworks and much more, to add a personal touch to the entire screen when you send in a text message to someone.

Follow the step-by-step method given below to use this new feature:

• Open “Messages”, select the contact you to send a message with screen effect to and type in your text.

screen effect

• Now long press the send button, just like you did for using bubble effects and on the screen that appears, select the “Screen” option as shown above.

• Try all the effects by swiping towards the left.

swipe to try different effects

• Finally, use a screen effect by tapping on the send icons cancel it by tapping on “X” button.

Part 2: How to add stickers to iMessages?

An exciting feature in the new iMessage iOS 10 is that it allows you to send quirky stickers to your contacts or just slap them without any text. There are many stickers packed to choose from in the App Store which can be downloaded for free or otherwise.

Follow the steps given below to use stickers to make your messages more appealing:

• Type in the message and send it.

• Now select the App Store option on the side of the message field to chose from various stickers available.

add stickers

• Long press on the sticker and move out on the conversation thread wherever you wish to add it.

select a sticker

You may even place stickers to messages sent by you in any other previous message in a conversation thread.

Part 3: Words become Emojis.

iOs 10 iMessage has made using of emojis even simpler. The software itself detects words which can be expressed with the help of emojis.

• Follow the steps given below to convert words into emojis:

• Type in the message you wish to send.

• Long press the globe icon or emoji icon and swipe to select “Emoji”

imessage emoji

• The words in the message which can be changed to emojis will turn orange in color as shown above.

• Tap on the word you wish to change and then press the send icon.

send imessage with emoji

iOS 10 iMessage also enables you to use emoji prediction by turning on “Predictive” under “Keyboard” in “General” in “Settings”.

emoji prediction

Part 4: How to turn on the read receipts for individual contacts?

In this segment, we learn about a very helpful feature which keeps your privacy intact while using the new iMessage iOS 10. It enables you to keep the read receipts turned on only for selected contacts or vice-versa.

Follow the steps given below to know more:

• Open “Messages” and then select the contact for whom you want to turn on/off the read receipts.

• Now you are required to click on the info icon at the top right corner and shown below.

info icon

• On the screen that opens, turn on/off the “Send Read Receipts” for that particular contact.

send read receipts

This enables you to turn on/off read receipts for specific contacts rather than to keep the same setting for all contacts.

Part 5: How to draw on photos in iMessages?

iMessages iOS 10 allows you to draw on photos which you click to send to contacts or already existing photos.

Here is what you need to do:

• Open “Messages”, customized select the contact you wish to chat with and then click on the camera icon.

tap on camera

• Now click a photo. From the options that appear, tap “Markup” to draw on the image.


• Now tap on the upward arrow icon to customized photo.

Note: You may also draw on an existing photo before sending it.

iOS 10 iMessage introduced many new features making it more popular amongst users. These features have been tried, tested and appreciated by many iOS users and thus they recommend to always keep your iOS device updated to continue to enjoy new and better services like the ones in new iMessage iOS 10.

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