How to Use iMessages on Mac?

iMessaging is actually the combination of various features in one slot, such as messages, images, documents, video messages, group chat or contacts etc. All together creates a wonderful experience for the user. Its knowledge and complete information are the need of the time to make texting experience better than before. If you also want to know more about iMessages and how to use iMessage on Mac, then definitely you have arrived at the right place. As the below-written guide will assist you to understand more about iMessage Mac and its uses.

One of the easiest and most popular ways to get connected with your friends, family or any person is through the iMessaging platform. Although quite simple to use iMessage and its feature, even sometimes we need assistance in terms of its setup, sync method and issues. Therefore as per your concern and requirement, we have covered the details in a way that will clear all of your doubts regarding iMessage for Mac.

Part 1: How to setup iMesage on Mac?

First and most important step in the way of iMessaging service is setting up iMessage on Mac. How to do that and what is the procedure for that. Well, in the following steps proper guidance is given that will drive you to set up iMessage on Mac system.

First of all, you required- an Apple id

If you have iTunes or iCloud service activated, then you will already have the Apple id, in case you don’t have then you do have the option to create Apple id in iMessages.

The detailed process to create an Apple id is given in this link. You can visit there and get the answer to all the queries related to Apple id creation.

Settings up iMessage Account

Step 1. Go to Messages>Preferences>Accounts>Choose iMessage from the list

message preference

Step 2. You need to enter the Apple id and password to sign in

sign in apple id on mac

Step 3. Enter the email address and phone (If already exist then check if they are same as you are using with other Mac related services)

Then click on ‘enable this account’option. Once the following process gets completed a window like below will appear:

imessage account settings

Part 2: How to sync messages from iPhone to Mac?

Well, this is a very good idea to sync your iMessages from iPhone to Mac, as it will give you the flexibility to access your messages from either of the devices whether it is iPhone or Mac. Thus, making it easy to enjoy the benefits and features of iMessaging from anywhere and from any of the device. We can say that indeed it is a good service from Apple Inc.

In case, your concern is to sync your iMessages from iPhone to Mac so that you would be able to access your messages from either of the devices, then, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

A. Sync Settings on iPhone:

  • >Click on setting app
  • >Select Messages
  • >Click on Send and Receive
  • iphone message settings

  • >At the top you will find the Apple id (Confirm that)
  • >At ‘’you can be reached by iMessage at’’, confirm your mobile number and email id
  • >At ‘’Start New Conversion” Select the phone number of with whom you want to sync the details between iPhone and Mac
  • imessage settings

B. Process to sync iPhone messages with MAC

On the MAC system

  • >Open the Messages App
  • >Messages
  • >preferences
  • >Click on Accounts
  • mac general accounts

  • >Click on your apple id or if not present can add by “+” sign
  • add email address

  • >At the top you will find the same Apple id as you had given in iPhone
  • >Confirm your phone number and email id under the section ‘’you can be reached for iMessages at”, these should be matched with the one you had entered at your iPhone

Following above process will make to sync iPhone messages with Mac

Part 3: How to fix if iMessage does not sync between Mac and iPhone?

In case sync is not going through the way you want, like either your iPhone messages are not get received by the Mac or your Mac messages are not received by the iPhone properly. Will that be a panic situation, no, not at all. In such a case you need to follow the certain instruction to solve the issue of sync iMessage between iPhone and Mac device.

As a solution guide for that here we will let you know all the possible methods to resolve the issue of sync between iPhone and Mac against their iMessages.

a. First of all, confirm if iMessages service is activated in both of the devices by going through Setting>Messages>iMessage on iPhone, and Messages>Preferences>Accounts on Mac.

b. Once you confirmed that iMessage is 'ON’ on both iPhone and Mac, next step you need to take to refresh the service is to turn off then turn On iMessages on iPhone

turn on imessgae

Then disable iMessagethen enable again on Mac system.

enable apple id account

c. Most probably refreshing resolves the issue, if not then check whether Same Apple id is being provided to both of the devices (It is required to use same apple id to make sync procedure possible, in case not so then need to keep the same Apple id between the two devices)

choose another account

You can change your Apple id by clicking on the id given in your iPhone or Mac, then follow the instruction to change them so that similar ids will get reflected in both of the devices so that synchronization process will get proceed. Also in case you want to know the process to change the Apple id then you can visit this link for the further details:

d. Confirm your phone number and email id is correct and matched in the devices. They should be same, as through these phone numbers and email id your synchronization process going on by syncing the iMessages between iPhone and Mac device.

e. Your Wi-Fi and Network setting should be on and network should be in the range. As, sometimes when the network does not catch properly, cause the delay in the process of synchronization,  And ensure that both of the devices are connected to the network properly,

f. Sometimes deleting the previous history of iMessages conversation also resolved the issue, as storage issue there, might be one of the reasons causing a delay in synchronization of messages or storage of new messages between the devices.

Alternatively, if none of the above methods resolved the issue then you can opt for the third party tools for the process of synchronization between the iPhone and Mac. That is Wondershare TunesGo for iPhone data transfer.

iMessage is the combination of old styled text messages and newly introduced graphical messaging services that cover text message, images, videos and lot more. Together creates a beautiful world of Messaging. In the above article, we read about the structure of iMessaging, how to set that iMessage service, sync process and issues related to sync, went through the process and all the related terms and possible solution for that. I hope that going through the details of the article will add value to your iMessaging experience.

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