Quick Guide: How to Send iMessages?

At a day and age when people lead fast pace lives and need a quick medium to send and receive information via the internet, Apple’s iMessage feature comes in very handy. It enables two iOS users to exchange text messages, photos, audio files, videos, notes, contacts and other content instantly using a mobile data plan or WiFi. iMessages is also equipped to share your location, current or a more permanent one with other iOS users.

iMessages is a very popular instant messaging platform among Apple users as it comes built-in on all iOS mobile devices and using its services is completely free.

In this article, we shall learn about how to send iMessage and use its features and functions more efficiently. The following segments are a guide for all users who are clueless about how to send iMessage or how to use it for day-to-day communication with other iPhone/iPad/iPod users. Read on to find out more about how to send an iMessage.

Part 1: How to send iMessages on iPhone/iPad?

The built-in messaging App by Apple can be used to send and receive SMS and iMessages both. To differentiate between the message sent/received is an iMessage or SMS, all you need to see is whether the color of the text bubble is blue or green. Blue indicates iMessage and Green are used for SMS or MMS. Please note that whenever you send and receive a message from another iOS user over the internet will be an iMessage. However, if for some reason your device is offline, the message will be sent as a normal SMS carrying charges.

1.1 Sending Text Messages

Follow the steps given below to learn how to send iMessage from your iPhone/iPad/iPod:

Tap on the “Messages” icon on the main screen as shown in the screenshot below.

launch message app

Now tap on the new message icon and type in the contact’s name as shown above.

Select the desired contact, feed in your message and then finally tap on “Send” as shown in the screenshot below.

edit message

1.2 Sending Photos/Videos

It is also possible to share existing and new photos and videos instantly via iMessage. It is very easy and all you need to do is follow the instructions given below:

Open the “Messages” icon and select the contact’s name with whom you wish to are the image/video, as shown below.

add image videos

Now tap on the camera icon and select an existing photo/video from the “Photo Library” or capture a new one.

select from photo library

If you wish to send a new image/video, click on the capture round icon in the center of the screen to take a new photo/video.

take new photo

Once you are done, you may edit the photo/video, retake a new one or markup the image/video. If you are satisfied with image/video, tap on “Done” as shown in the image below.

add image completed

Finally, tap on send to share your new image/video. The send icon is an upward arrow is shown in the screenshot above.

1.3 Sending Location

iMessages also enables users to send their location to other iOS users. It could be your current specific location or a particular location for a certain period of time. Learn how to do so:

Open “Messages” from the main screen and select the contact’s name. Once the contact’s conversation window opens, select “Details” or info icon as shown below.

contact details

In this step, select “Share My Location” to share your location for a specific period of time or Share My Current Location” to send your current address.

share my location

If you tap “Share My Location” as shown below, you will be able to choose the period for which the location will remain with the receiver of the message.

share location time period

Part 2: How to send iMessages from Mac?

iMessages can be used from your Mac also to send and receive messages. Here is what you need to set up iMessage on your Mac.

Click on “Messages” icon shown above and then select iMessages from “Preferences”.

Once you select iMessages, you will be asked to feed in your Apple ID with a password. Give the same account details as used by on your other Apple device on which you usually you use iMessage.

You may enable “Send and Read Receipts” by clicking on the option in “Accounts” under iMessages.

setup imessage on mac

All contacts linked with your ID will automatically appear in your contact list. You may also add new e-mail addresses or contact numbers of the people you wish to exchange messages with.

Using iMessage on your Mac is extremely easy. The steps to set it up are very simple and intuitive and it also gives you the pleasure to chat on a big screen.

Part 3: How to send iMessages as text messages?

iMessages is not just an instant messaging App provided by Apple to all its users but it's also a common platform to store, send and receive regular text messages or MMS’s.

In this segment, we will focus on how to send an iMessage as a regular text message, better known as SMS in case iMessage fails to deliver the message sent as an iMessage or when you want to be doubly sure that a particular message reaches the recipient.

Follow the instructions given below for better understanding:

Open the conversation window and long press on the iMessage you wish to resend as SMS.

Now two options appear before you as shown in the screenshot below.

send as text message

Select “Send as Text Message” for the message to be sent as an SMS immediately.

Please, not this may carry charges and can only be done per message. The iMessage App may incur difficulties only when your iOS device does not receive proper internet network. Sending messages as text messages is only an added advantage to the iMessage service.

Part 4: How to switch from SMS to iMessages?

An important thing to note while using iMessage is that when the iMessage option is turned off in “Settings” all messages will be sent and received as SMS or regular text messages. Text messages carry charges and may be inconvenient for many users. So if you wish to send and receive messages for free via the internet make sure that your iMessage is switched on.

Sometimes the iMessage service is turned off automatically when you are prompted to send a certain message as a regular text message.

To make sure that your iMessage service is active, this is all you need to do.

Visit “Settings” on your device.

iphone settings

Scroll down and select “Messages”

Now turn on the iMessage option as shown below.

send as sms

iMessages is a brilliant instant messaging App that comes built-in in all Apple’s mobile devices. If you own an iPhone, iPad or an iPod, there is no need for you to download and install it from the App Store or elsewhere as it comes pre-installed with your device. It unparalleled services and ease to use makes it very popular with all iOS users. It offers an array of features which are very distinct from the ones in other instant messaging platforms. Apple users prefer to use iMessages over other Apps to communicate with their fellow iOS users.

It is tried, tested and recommended by users all over the world. It is very simple and intuitive to use just as it seems in the tutorials above. So go ahead and follow the instructions in this guide to use your iMessages App now.

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