iOS 10.3 Features: What's New in iOS 10.3

To each and every person who loves to use freshly minted apps, I know by now you might have heard about the all new sparkling iPhone iOS 10.3 update. The immediate release of this new iOS version comes hot on the heels after its predecessor iOS 10.2 encountered numerous bugs and made the existing ones even worse. Word on the street is that iOS 10.3 might just deliver what iOS 10.2 didn’t. 

If you are an iPhone lover or a tech savvy like myself, this is no doubt the best news you can ask for at this early stage of the year. I know you might have heard about what’s new or what’s missing on the brand new iOS 10.3 version. However, it’s high time you forgot about the rumors and the half-baked stories. With me, I have 12 features that have made or are expected to make an entrance on the iOS 10.3 platform.

Part 1: The Top 12 New Features That Come with iOS 10.3

1: Find My AirPod

When AirPod was released, the impact that followed it was no doubt there to be felt by each and every person. These wireless earphones have definitely revolutionized the way we listen to music. To now make entertainment more enjoyable and secure, iOS 10.3 introduces the brand new Find My AirPod security feature. Just like Find My iPhone, iPhone allows you to locate your Airpod using the Find My Airpod feature. Just connect your iPhone to your AirPod, and you are ready to go.

ios 10.3 Find My AirPod

2: Newly Updated Sirikit

Siri is no doubt each and every iPhone user personal assistant. Introduced in 2011, Siri has undergone numerous changes, and the recent one should not come as a surprise. With iOS 10.3, Siri gives you the opportunity to pay your bills, schedule a ride using online taxi services, and check your payment status all of this by just commanding the app. Talk of simplicity and flexibility.

3: Newly Animated Apps

Many phones allow you to tweak your apps to bring out a cool animation motion when opening the apps. You may wonder what’s different from Apple and other phones if you can set the animation motion by yourself. This is where the difference lies. With other phones, you will be required to download a theme or a launcher for you to personalize your apps. However, with the new iOS 10.3, you don’t have to download anything. The closing and opening animation motion give you the freedom to tweak the apps as you wish. The apps come with rounded edges contrary to the straight or box edges that are present in the previous versions.

4: More Advanced Apple ID Settings

I know you are used to finding your App Store, iTunes, iCloud and Family Sharing features under the iCloud setting banner. However, with the new iOS 10.3, you will see these features in a more advanced manner under a new Apple ID option. You will be required to tap on “Settings” and select “Apple ID”. Under this option, you will be in a position to see the iCloud, iTunes, and Family Sharing features each under a different banner. You will also be in a position to see all the devices that are actively connected to your Apple account.

ios 10.3 More Advanced Apple ID Settings

5: New Apple File System

The Apple File System (AFS) which was announced late last year comes optimized with features such as space sharing, highly encrypted data storage, cloning for files, and snapshots just to name a few. When installing iOS 10.3, your iPhone will be updated automatically to use this new file system.

6: New Analytics Option

With iOS 10.3, you will not be in a position send your iPhone usage information to Apple by using the old “Diagnostic and Usage” feature because the new version comes with a new name which is “Analytics”. You will still be able to send your iPhone usage information to Apple so that they can be a position to offer you better services. 

ios 10.3 New Analytics Option

Under the “Analytics” option, you will also be in a position to send iCloud information to Apple thanks to the “Share iCloud Analytics” option.

ios 10.3 new features

7: Advanced CarPlay App

The previous CarPlay app only allowed you to locate the closest EV charging stations. With the new update, not only will you be able to find the stations located close to you, but you will also be in a position to launch the most recently used apps by using shortcuts. You can also access your music files using CarPlay.

Advanced CarPlay App ios 10.3

8: Maps

The iPhone map is another app that comes updated with the new iOS 10.3 platform. It comes with a brand new 3D Touch that allows you to view the current weather of your current location in a 3D format. What's even better is the fact you will be able to view your sorrounding weather in 3D format in an hourly manner. The Mail app works hand in hand with the navigation option to support conversations.

Maps ios 10.3

9: Safari

Safari hasn’t been left behind either. With the new update, Safari will be in a position to support Reduced Motion preference in each and every app that you use or a web page that you visit.

10: Modified Podcasts

If you love podcasts and you can’t stand going back and forth to open them from the main menu, the new iOS version supports widgets. As a matter of fact, these podcasts come with a music app widget. A negative side of this podcast is that it comes with the same design which some users may find it a bit boring.

Modified Podcasts

11: Theater Mode

The new iOS 10.3 version lacks the theater mode. However, you don’t have to be worried since Apple promises the presence of the watchOS feature which can get activated on the iPhone.

12: HomeKit App

Unlike the previous version of the HomeKit where the Control Center and the 3D Touch quick actions were housed together, the new HomeKit app in iOS 10.3 supports various switch accessories absent in the previous versions. 

Change as it has always been said is that it is inevitable. Apple has always been on the forefront when it comes to designing new features and new operating systems. If this new update goes as planned and that no hitches will arise as seen on iOS 10.2, then there’s a high likelihood that iOS 10.3 is going to be the latest trend in the mobile platform. If you would like to find out more about iOS 10.3 before going ahead to perform the upgrade, make sure that you check out this educative webpage as well learn more on how to download iOS 10.3

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