List of Errors or Bugs in iOS 10

Whenever a new iOS version is rolled out, there is understandably a considerable excitement amongst all Apple users. I mean, how could we not be excited, when every new iOS version promises to make our smart phone experience so much, well, smarter. However, every good thing must be taken with a grain of salt. While iOS updates are great, they also come with their fair share of bugs and errors which eventually have to be weeded out over subsequent updates.

This article discusses most of the bugs that have been discovered in the iOS 10 as of now. And we also offer you a general solution to fix these iOS 10 issues with dr.fone - iOS System Recovery in Part 5. Going through this article should pretty much get you updated on what to expect from iOS 10 and how to tackle that.

Part 1: Issues with the lock screen

Majority of the issues experienced in the iOS 10 are related to lock screen functionality. A few of the most prominent lock screen issues recorded in this regard are listed below in order to give you a general overview:

Upon using force touch from replying a text message, the upcoming window may freeze sometimes.

errors in ios 10

The device may restart when you try to capture your lock screen’s screen shot.

errors in ios 10

Lock screen is bound to time out after 30 seconds regardless of whether you are interacting with any notification or not.

errors in ios 10

When you try replying to your iMessage while still staying on your lock screen, your device may pop up a notification regarding the very same message over and over again.

errors in ios 10

Lock sound keeps playing on even if you turn it off in your settings.

errors in ios 10

The alarm keeps going off while appearing as ‘snoozing’ on the lock screen even after you turn it off.

Part 2: App issues with iOS 10

The new iOS 10 release is also known to affect a number of apps. A few of them are listed below:

A few of the widgets come across a number of rendering issues.

errors in ios 10

iMessage doesn’t entertain sending 3 or more emojis in a single message.

errors in ios 10

Safari seems to be somewhat distorted as it also experiences some rendering issues.

A number of issues arise with Siri. For instance, it crashes when you try to ask your name.

errors in ios 10

A number of issues arise with Siri. For instance, it crashes when you try to ask your name.

A ‘localized strong not working’ error message might be seen while using Apple Maps.

‘Update All’ button might not work in the App store.

errors in ios 10

Photos App is unable to offer the locations of any synced photos.

errors in ios 10

Applications may start crashing when you try to multi-task.

Bluetooth functionality is also flawed since it has been reported to be less clear.

Part 3: Battery issues with iOS 10

The latest iOS 10 released by Apple is also known to experience a number of battery issues that have been reported by the developers after using the beta version of the OS. A few of them are listed below for your convenience and understanding:

The battery drains out at a very quick pace even when you leave your device on standby.

Sometimes the iPhone also gets shut down even if a sufficient amount of charge is still present within the battery. When you try to reboot it, you might encounter a message asking you to plug it in.

errors in ios 10

Part 4: iOS 10 issues faced by iPads

Just like iPhone users, different developers using iOS 10 on their iPads have also been experiencing a number of issues. A few of them are listed below:

  1. The orientation of the iPad may get locked when you try changing it. This issue is affecting the iPad Pro especially and may only be resolved when you restart your device.
  2. Some audio issues have also been reported by users of the iPad Pro. Sometimes the audio simply shuts off while the earphones are still plugged into the device.
  3. The Photos app installed in iPad Pro is also known to experience a number of user interface glitches.

Part 5: How to resolve iOS 10 issues without data loss

If you are one of those people who is fed up of all the iOS 10 errors and want to do something about it, instead of just waiting around for Apple to roll out another update, then you can resort to using a third-party tool called dr.fone - iOS System Recovery.

Now I know what a lot of you must be thinking “of these third party softwares aren’t good for the iPhone, some of them are scams, etc.” And yes, a lot of third party softwares do turn out to be harmful, which is why you should be cautious, but you’d be foolish to turn away from a good thing.

dr.fone is entirely trustworthy because its parent company - Wondershare - is an international superpower in the world of technology, which can very well be verified based on their rave reviews and fans, and the accolades they’ve received from such organizations as Forbes magazine, even featuring in their year end lists!

dr.fone - iOS System Recovery

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How to fix your iOS 10 errors on iPhone/iPad

Step 1: In the first step, you need to download install the dr.fone software onto your computer. Then launch the software and select iOS System Recovery from the dashboard.

ios 10 error

Step 2: Connect the iPad or iPhone with the iOS 10 issues to your computer. When your device gets detected, hit the ‘Start’ button in order to continue the process.

fix errors in ios 10

Step 3: The software will now automatically detect the latest iOS version and firmware for the device. You need to download it.

fix ios 10 errors

Step 4: Once the download is completed, wait till your device gets back to its normal appearance.

erros causing by ios 10 upgrade

Step 5: The entire process takes only a few minutes and you can soon begin using your iPhone as if it were brand new!

repair ios 10 errors

Part 6: Other issues faced by iOS 10 users

In addition to the issues discussed in the above sections, there are also a few other issues that you might face while using iOS 10. These are:

  1. The split view feature doesn’t work on iPad.
  2. The transit widget for maps doesn’t work.
  3. Shutters come up while app switching.
  4. The mail app works malfunctions and some of your mail accounts might have to be renewed.
  5. Siri activates when device is unlocked.

In case you experience data loss due to some of these issues, you can restore them using dr.fone — iPhone Data Recovery.


So these are all the different types of issues that you can expect to encounter using iOS 10. A lot of these issues can be solved individually, however it can be time-consuming to diagnose the problems individually and solve them one-by-one. That is why our recommendation would be to use dr.fone — iOS System Recovery which is truly a one-size-fits-all solution wherein all your iOS 10 errors will get swept away in one fell swoop!

Do leave your comments down below and let us know if you found this article to be useful. We look forward to hearing from you!

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