10 Things You Need to Do Before You Upgrade to iOS 10

The new iOS 10 will not be released until the fall but thanks to Apple’s beta program you can try out the new iOS 10 long before everyone else. Apple announced the debut of the iOS 10 update at WWDC 2016. The update is poised to bring a number of changes to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with a lot of new features and tweaks expected.

While the official update is still months away, you can get a chance to try out the new update with the early iOS 10 release. This article is aimed at helping you and your device get ready for the iOS 10. nbsp;This is because as much as getting to test out some of iOS new features sounds like a great opportunity, you should be careful. iOS 10 releases are often very unpredictable and can cause problems with your device which is why you want to be adequately prepared before getting the iOS 10. The following are 10 of the most important things you should do before getting the iOS 10.

Part 1. 10 Things To Do Before Updating to iOS 10

1: Check out Apple’s iOS 10 Rules & Conditions

If you want to install the new iOS 10, you should know that the process is rather easy but there are rules. You can either choose to download and install the update via the paid iOS 10 developer beta. Apple offers help on their website for developers and they can guide you through the most important information related to the developer version of the update.

You can also download the update for free although you will have to join the iOS 10 Software Program. Again, this free iOS 10 Software Program also comes with its own set of rules. It is important to read these rules and ensure that you are not violating any.

must-do before upgrading to ios 10

2: Get Familiar with iOS 10

The next thing you should probably do is familiarize yourself as much as possible with the iOS 10 and its changes. Some of the changes you can expect with this new update will include changes to Apple Music, Smart Home and others.

You can get a detailed look at the iOS 10 update and its many features on Apple’s website.

must-do before upgrading to ios 10

3: Be Ready with your Login Information

You will need your Apple ID or Developer account information to download the new update. It is also very likely that after installing the beta, you will be logged out of some or all of your services and applications.

It is therefore a good idea to have your login information handy before you start.

must-do before upgrading to ios 10

4: Backup your Data

Just as it is with every other software update, it is absolutely vital that you that you make sure all of your data is backed up. Any software update s unpredictable so the insurance of a backup is absolutely vital.

You can easily backup your device via iCloud or iTunes before downloading the iOS 10.

must-do before upgrading to ios 10

5: Make time for the Download

The iOS 10 is a very large file and will take some time to completely download. This is because it comes with a lot of changes. Therefore, it is very important that you have at least 30 minutes of free time that you can dedicate to the download.

After the download you will also need to keep an eye out for problems that could occur with your device. It also doesn’t hurt to have a secure network.

must-do before upgrading to ios 10

6: Know how to Fix iOS update related issues

The iOS 10 may cause problems with your device (in fact, it is very likely that it will). For this reason, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with fixes for the many installation issues that can occur.

You can begin by looking at some of the issues that plagued iOS 9 when it was released and the fixes for each of them. Better safe than sorry!

must-do before upgrading to ios 10

7: Know how to Downgrade, just in case!

It is very important that you know how to downgrade to iOS 9.3.2 just in case you decide you don’t want iOS 10 or you face too many issues to handle.

The downgrade process is not too difficult and could prove to be quite handy when the iOS 10 causes issues.

must-do before upgrading to ios 10

8: Check out what others are saying about the iOS 10

The best way to know how the iOS 10 will work out for you is to checkout some of the feedback left by Developers who have already installed the update.

You may find a very good reason to hold off on installing the new update or better yet a great reason to give it a try. Checking out developer’s feedback is a great way to get that second opinion before downloading the update. You’ll be glad you did!

must-do before upgrading to ios 10

9: Learn How to Install the Update

If you don’t already know how to install the beta or you’re new to the platform, you might want to learn how to install the iOS 10. This is just to make sure that you don’t run into any unforeseen problems when installing the update.

Hold off on installing the update until you are fully familiar with how to install the update.

must-do before upgrading to ios 10

10: Be Objective when Making a decision

As great as the iOS 10 update could be, it is important to objectively look at all the pros and cons of installing the update before you do.

We will caution that if you have only 1 iOS powered device, you shouldn’t install the iOS 10. This is because the update could cause a few issues that can mean your device will be out of commission for a while as you fix it- you don’t want that.

You are also cautioned against installing the beta if you are not able to handle bugs and issues that could arise. If you however want to gauge its performance, you may want to install it but not on your primary device.

must-do before upgrading to ios 10

Part 2. What if iOS 10 Updating Freezes Your iPhhone

iOS 10 has been officially released on Tuesday. A lot of Apple fans are enjoying all the new features brought by the new operation system. But some soon found that iOS 10 just freezed their iPhone during the updating. It just forced some iPhones into recovery mode. What a frustrating experience, right?

Calm down. Before you decide to factory reset the iPhone to get it working normal, actually there is a easy and good solution to fix this issue. dr.fone - iOS System Recovery is developed to fix various iOS issues like recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, blue screen, looping on start, etc. No risk and no data loss at all.

dr.fone - iOS System Recovery

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Here are the detailed steps to use iOS System Recovery to fix your iPhone.

Step 1. After you download and install dr.fone on your computer. Click on More Tools from the left column and select iOS System Recovery from all the toolkits.

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Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer. dr.fone will automatically detect your iPhone. Then click on Start.

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Step 2. Then select the correct model information for your iPhone, so dr.fone can download the proper firmware for your iPhone.

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Step 2. After the downloading completes, dr.fone will immediately fix your iPhone. The phone will then restart into normal mode.

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The whole process is quite easy. You don't worry about the importand messages, photos, notes and other important data on the phone. There is no data loss at all.

Equipped with this guide, it is our hope that you will make the right decision regarding whether or not to install the iOS 10. We also hope that you will be better equipped to deal with the issues that may arise as a result of installing the update.

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