iOS 11 Makes Instant WIFI Sharing Easier Than Ever

Recently, iOS 11 has taken over the smartphone industry with a storm. Apple’s new offering of its iOS has plenty of remarkable features, which has made it the talk of the town. While you might already be aware of all the mainstream features, chances are that you could have missed the instant WiFi sharing facility that iOS 11 provides. If your phone is running on iOS 11, then you never have to type a network password again. Yes! You have read it right. Get to know more about the revolutionary iOS 11 instant WiFi sharing feature right here and make your life a whole lot easier.

Part 1: What is Instant WiFi Sharing?

Before we proceed and teach you how to use the instant WiFi sharing option, let’s understand the basics. With the new update of iOS 11, Apple has made it easier for its users to connect to a network. There are two new and easy ways to connect to a WiFi network with iOS 11. Let’s see how it works:

QR Reader to scan Wi-Fi Router information

If you have gotten a glimpse of iOS 11 before, then chances are that you must already be aware of this feature. To allow seamless accessibility for its users, Apple has added a QR code reader on its native camera (on iOS 11). Therefore, all you got to do is scan the QR code of the WiFi router to connect to the network. Simply use your camera to scan the QR code and you will automatically be connected to the respective network in no time.

Instant WiFi Sharing

If you don’t wish to scan the QR code on the WiFi router, then don’t worry. Apple has come up with a better solution for this. With the help of the instant WiFi sharing feature, you can simply share passwords over-the-air from one iOS device to another. Though, both of these devices should be running on iOS 11 to make it work.

By using this feature, your iOS device can simply request for a password after entering the range of a network. This request will be sent to another device (running on iOS 11), which is already connected to this network. Now, the host device can simply share the network password to the target device wirelessly.

This will automatically place the WiFi password in the password field of the target device, letting it connect to the network instantaneously. This feature will make it easier for iOS 11 users to get connected to a new WiFi network without the hassle of typing its password or setting up a new connection.

iphone and ipads

Furthermore, it will let hosts to selectively share the password of their WiFi network without announcing it to everyone. Suppose you are having a party at your place and you don’t wish to leak your WiFi password to everyone. The instant sharing of WiFi wirelessly would be a great solution.

Instead of writing the password on the back of the router (the age-old solution), you can simply send it over-the-air to the requested device. This will also keep your password protected as the receiving device won’t be able to decode it. Therefore, you can easily share your WiFi passwords to others without the hassle of getting it leaked.

Now when you know how the feature of instant WiFi sharing works, let’s proceed to the next section and learn how to use it in a stepwise manner.

Part 2: How to use Instant WiFi Sharing on iOS 11?

By now, you already know how easy iOS 11 has made for its users to share WiFi passwords wirelessly and that too in a secure manner. By taking the assistance of the instant WiFi sharing option, you can easily share your WiFi password to others and save your time. Though, before we proceed, make sure that both the devices are running on iOS 11 for the feature to work. You can simply follow these simple instructions to learn how to use the instant WiFi sharing option on iOS 11.

Step 1: Request the password

After entering the range of a Wi-Fi network, you can request to connect to it. This will display the following screen. If you already know the password, then you can simply type it and tap on the “Join” option. If you wish to request the WiFi password, then simply hold your iPhone nearby any other unlocked device that already has the access to the same WiFi network. This will automatically send the request.

tnter wifi passcode

Step 2: Approve the request

After sending the request, the following message would appear on the other device. The device which is already connected to the WiFi network can now share the password wirelessly. To do it, tap on the “Send Password” option on the screen.

share your wifi

With just one tap, your WiFi password will be sent to the requesting device. You will get the following screen, letting you know that your password is now being shared. Simply wait for a few seconds as your iOS device will perform an instant WiFi sharing.

send passcode

As soon as the WiFi will be shared to the target device, you will be notified. Just tap on the “Done” option to exit the screen.

done sharing wifi passcode

Step 3: Connect to the WiFi network

Now, on the device that was requesting the WiFi network password, you can see that the password field would no longer be empty. Instead, it would automatically display an encoded password that is recently shared by another device (running on iOS 11 as well). All you got to do is tap on the “Join” button to connect to the WiFi network.

join wifi

That’s it! With just one tap, you can share your WiFi network password to any other device running on iOS 11.

Apple has certainly won over its users with the inclusion of several high-end features on iOS 11. The instant WiFi sharing feature is undoubtedly a great step, letting users connect to a new WiFi network in seconds. With this, you can setup a new WiFi network without the need of typing a password. All you got to do is request for a password, access it, and connect to the network. Go ahead and give this amazing feature a try and share your experience with us in the comments.

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