8 Things to Do to Prepare Your iPhone/iPad for iOS 11 Beta

The placeholder for iOS 11 files can already be seen on App Store with its preview given at Apple’s WWDC Keynote. We all are excited for the iOS 11 Beta release date and can’t wait to access all the amazing features that are associated with it. From group FaceTime to dark mode, there are so any advanced features that one can use after the iOS 11 Beta download.

We all know how Apple makes iOS versions available for beta testing a few months before the final release. If you want to experience the added features of iOS 11, then you don’t need to wait for the final iOS 11 release date. Instead, you can get its beta version and help Apple design it in a better way with your feedback. In this post, we will let you know how to prepare your device to get iOS 11 Beta download.

Part 1: How to prepare for iOS 11 Beta Download?

It is expected that iOS 11 Beta will be available in July (or by the end of June). It would be released for public in September and although there is no official announcement from Apple regarding the iOS 11 Beta release date, we expect it to be available by July. Nevertheless, you can experience it without much trouble. Make sure that you keep the following things in mind to perform iOS 11 Beta download without any hassle.

1. Sign-up (or renew) Apple Developer Program Membership

Ideally, the initial beta version of iOS 11 will be available on the official development portal of Apple right here. To make sure that you are the first one to access iOS 11 Beta, you can create an Account at its developer portal. If you already have an account, then make sure it is running or check if you need to renew it or not. After creating an account, you need to “enroll” in the program. You can access the Account section with your Apple ID. Though, you have to pay $99 a year to enroll in the Apple Developer Program.

apple developer program membership

2. Backup your data

Since you would be accessing the beta version of iOS 11, you need to prepare for all the pitfalls associated with it as well. Ideally, you can install iOS 11 on a secondary phone too. If you don’t have one, then make sure that you take an extensive backup of your data before downloading iOS 11 on your device.

During the testing phase, most of the operating systems are quite unstable in nature. You can either backup your data on iCloud or iTunes. Furthermore, you can take the assistance of a third-party application like dr.fone toolkit - iOS Data Backup & Restore to keep your data safe. If you face a problem with iOS 11 Beta, then you can downgrade it and restore your backup without much trouble.

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3. Make enough space on your device

If your device is already cluttered and doesn’t have enough space, then chances are that it might crash during the iOS 11 Beta download. Visit your device’s Settings > Usage to see how much free storage it has. If you think it doesn’t have enough space, then clear data from its storage (delete photos, music, videos, or apps) before you download the beta version of iOS 11.

iphone storage

4. Keep a stable version of iOS 10.3 handy

While downloading iOS 11 Beta, you need to prepare for the worst case scenario as well. If your device would start malfunctioning after installing the OS or if you simply won’t like its interface, then you should prepare to downgrade it back to iOS 10.3. To avoid such a complication before the iOS 11 beta release date, keep the firmware of iOS 10.3 handy, so that you can downgrade the update with iTunes.

update to ios 10.3

5. Update iTunes

It doesn’t matter if you need to downgrade your firmware or simply connect your device to your PC, you should always have an updated version of iTunes. Chances are that iOS 11 Beta might not work with an older version of iTunes. Simply visit your iTunes “Check for Updates” option to update it to its latest version.

update itunes

6. Know the limitations of your device

It is expected that iOS 11 won’t be compatible with all the Apple devices out there. For instance, if you own an iPhone 5 or 5c, then chances are that you won’t be able to perform iOS 11 Beta download. Additionally, there might be a few features of iOS Beta that you can’t experience with your device. Therefore, if you truly wish to make the most of iOS 11 features, then get a latest iOS device (preferably iPhone 7 or 7 Plus).

iphone device

7. Unpair other devices

This is a rookie mistake that most people make while upgrading an OS. To make sure that your paired devices (like Apple Watch) will run seamlessly, you need to unpair it before the iOS 11 Beta download. After installing the OS on your device, you can pair your Apple Watch to it again. In order to unpair your Apple Watch, just visit the “Watch” app on your phone and go to the “My Watch” tab. Tap on the “i” (information) button and choose to “Unpair Apple Watch”. Make sure that you do this before the iOS 11 Beta release date.

unpair apple watch

8. Keep your device charged

Most importantly, keep your device fully charged before you install iOS 11. The update might take a while in order to get downloaded on your device. Furthermore, since it’s the Beta version, it might consume more power than a stable version. To avoid these complications, ensure that your device is fully charged before you commence the iOS 11 Beta download.

charge iphone

Great! Now when you know how to prepare your device for the iOS 11 Beta download, you can definitely experience it before the public release. With the preview of iOS 11 on June 5, we are expecting the iOS 11 Beta release date to happen really soon. Add us to your bookmarks and we will keep you posted about the iOS 11 release for sure.

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