iOS 11 New Features We Can Expect for iPhone/iPad 2017

It is certainly going to be a crucial year for Apple. During the WWDC keynote, which took place on June 5, we got an iOS 11 update preview. Since Apple would be celebrating the tenth anniversary of iPhone release this year, we expect the release of its flagship smartphone iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. There have been plenty of speculations about the new iOS 11 features that are going to sweep away its competitors. Read on to know iOS 11 release date, its key features, and everything else you need to know.

Part 1: iOS 11 Release Date

Recently, Apple gave preview of iOS 11 at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5. Afterward, it will allow users to sign up for the testing of its Beta version as well. We are assuming that the iOS 11 download for its Beta version would be available later this month (or in July). Though, the stable version of the OS might be available by September (with the release of iPhone 8).


January 2017: Rumors about iOS 11 (group FaceTime features)

March 2017: Rumors about Siri’s contextual learning

June 5, 2017: Preview of iOS 11 at WWDC

June 2017: iOS 11 Beta version available for testing (expecting)

September 2017: The expected release of final iOS 11

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Part 2: iOS 11 features: What to expect?

Now when you know about the iOS 11 release date, let’s dive in and explore some of the upcoming iOS 11 features that we can expect in the future.

Smarter SiriKit Integration

Earlier, Apple made it possible for Siri to integrate with third-party apps, letting users to book a cab or order food using the AI-assistant. It is expected that Apple is going to take a step up in order to overcome the ongoing competition (majorly from Alexa and Google Assistant).

With an improved SiriKit for iOS 11, Apple has made Siri a complete (and a smarter) assistant for its user. With the integration of secondary speakers on iPhone 8, we believe that it will be a tough competition to Amazon Alexa.

Also, iOS 11 provides a way for users to type a query to Siri instead of saying it.

smarter siri for ios 11

Multi-user FaceTime

When FaceTime was originally released in 2010, it made quite a buzz. Though, in the last few years, it lost its charm with tough competition in the mobile calling domain. Most of its users diverted to Facebook Messenger, which has a feature of making group video calls. Apple expects to change this with its iOS 11 update.

Not only will FaceTime improve its speed with the addition of several new features, it will also allow users to make group calls as well. During the preview of iOS 11 at WWDC, this feature got confirmed. Though, we are yet to explore it further after the iOS 11 public release.

group facetime

Dark Mode (Night Shift)

The rumors for iOS Dark Mode have been in circulation for a while. It was expected that iOS 11 will allow its users to switch to “Dark Mode”, which will have a dark theme throughout the OS. From the overall background to various apps, the mode will reduce brightness and make the screen go dark. Presently, the interface seems way too bright and consumes more power as well.

During the WWDC keynote, we got to experience a “Night Shift” feature, which is similar to dark mode. It will display a black/blue light during night time for better usability.

dark mode

Augmented Reality

Apple took a big leap with the integration of Augmented Reality with its camera. This will enable the camera to recognize an object (or a person) and various other characteristics associated with it. It will be a tough competition to Samsung’s Bixby Vision. Furthermore, Apple could evolve its reach into Virtual Reality as well and might integrate a few features (like 3D selfies) in its latest iOS model.

Apple released its dedicated ARKit and is all set to make it one of the largest AR platforms in the world. According to Apple, it will change the way we play games or use social media. It uses a fuse camera sensor with CoreMotion data. Apple has officially described it as “these two inputs allow the device to sense how it moves within a room with a high degree of accuracy, and without any additional calibration.”

augmented reality

Customizable Control Center

For years, Apple has been quite stringent with the overall look and feel of its operating system. It has been changed with the new iOS 11 update. We can finally experience a customizable control center after iOS 11 download. This would let users re-arrange the icons, edit them, add new shortcuts, and change the overall layout with simple drag-and-drop actions. This will also let users set default apps or switch between different modes easily.

customized control center

Better P2P Payment facility with iMessages

The P2P payment integration with iMessages will make it easier for users to transfer money with a single tap. The peer-to-peer money transfer integration will be extremely secure and let users to request and send payments with their iOS devices. It has been integrated with Apple Pay. Therefore, users no longer need to take the assistance of any third-party app (like PayPal, Circle, or Venmo) to send and receive money in a seamless manner.

pap payment

Other features

Some of the other leading iOS 11 features are low power mode, updated music app, improved maps, new message interface, contact availability, multiple user accounts, and more. A newly designed QuickType keyboard, Automatic Setup, Airplay 2, and new App-Store has been it a revolutionary update. Also, it is expected that Apple will only allow 64-bit apps for iOS 11. If you wish to know more about it, then visit its official preview page here.

Part 3: iOS 11 Supported Devices

Are you already excited for the upcoming iOS 11 features? You can always sign-up for its Beta release to experience it before everyone else. Nevertheless, it is important to know what kind of devices would be compatible with it before the iOS 11 release date would be confirmed. Here’s a quick list:

• iPad mini 3 and 4

• iPad Air 1 and 2, iPad Pro

• iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus (and later)

• iPod touch (6th generation)

Devices not compatible: iPad mini 2, iPad 4, and iPhone 5 will no longer be eligible for the iOS 11 update.

Part 4: iOS 11 Concept Video

To get to know more about the upcoming iOS 11 features, you can have a look at the following concept video as well.

Now when you know about all the amazing iOS 11 features that we can expect from Apple, you can certainly know what to look for with its release. If you can’t wait for iOS 11 download, then sign-up for its Beta version and prep-up your device. Out of all these speculated features, which one is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments below.

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