5 Nasty iOS 11 Features You Shouldn't Ignore

The new iOS 11 from Apple was launched on 5th June 2017, at its annual conference in California which unveiled some new features and improvements.

The launch of iOS 11 is a new gateway of thoughts in the digital world. It is undoubtedly, a huge leap in the field of well-equipped and technologically advanced operating systems.

Now, iOS users have started to speculate and make every attempt to know more about the new iOS and its features well in advance.  Hence, with this article, we have made a sincere effort to elaborate on five crucial and controversial iOS 11 features that you should not ignore.

ios 11

Part 1: 5 New Features of iOS 11

Feature 1: Issue with 32-Bit Apps

The very first nasty feature in our list comes as a big blow to all the 32-bit applications on iOS. These apps will, unfortunately, no longer be supported by the new version of iOS. If a user tries to open a 32-bit app, a message will pop-up to update the app as shown in the screenshot below.

32 bit app not supported

In addition, the 32-bit apps would also disappear from the App Store. Users will only be able to access these apps through direct web links.

It is said that Apple has taken such a harsh step because the 32-bit applications slows down the processing speed of the newer iOS mobile devices and developers take necessary measures to change their app to a 64-bit version.

User Review: Well, users are not quite happy with this move as some of their favorite apps could be on 32-bit version and they would stop working for them all of a sudden. This issue certainly is not going to go down that well with even the old, loyal Apple users.

Feature 2: Does not support iPhone 5

The permanent and seemingly irreversible move by Apple from the 34-bit to the 64-bit app versions has given another big and nasty blow to its users.Due to this change, the iPhone 5C, iPhone 5 and also the fourth generation iPad will become obsolete as they primarily work on the 34-bit architecture.

This will not only make the old iOS series redundant, but will also prevent it from receiving any future software update and notifications, thus making these devices vulnerable to bugs, system failures or probable cyber-attack attempts. This update will certainly leave the old handset users in a state of chaos.

For our readers, we have compiled a list of iOS 11 compatible devices.

ios 11 compatible devices

User Review: For old iPhone/iPad users, this is a real bad news as they would eventually be forced to buy a new handset and these disgruntled users might even choose to go for Android instead. I mean, how can a company like Apple leave its customers hanging in the middle like this.

Feature 3: Automatic App Deletion feature

Now this is another crazy update from Apple. This new feature called the ‘Offload Unused Apps’ will automatically wipe off the apps that you have not accessed for a long time in case there is shortage of space in your device.

Although, this is a one of kind feature and in some ways beneficial too, the automatic deletion would mean that the user would have no control on the app he wants to keep.

Now imagine, you downloaded an app which you use rarely, but you simply want to keep it for future use. The next time you try to look for the app, you may not even find it. Deleting an app would delete all information and data related to it as well. So, it is a double loss for the user.

offload unused apps

Imagine losing all your app related data without even knowing, just crazy, isn't it?

User Review: Users all over the world are really weary of this update as they think they might lose freedom on their device as Apple would control what apps would be stored in their device, which is really sad.

Feature 4: Integration of Facebook, Twitter, Flickr for third party Apps Cancelled

Well, somehow for the first time ever, the list of not so welcome features in an Apple update seems like a never ending one. Another one of the negative features that Apple has introduced is to get rid of all the third party social apps from settings, such as,Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo etc., and this has annoyed many users to the core.

Everyone is questioning this sudden decision by Apple to disintegrate all third party apps from its new iOS update. This move will prevent the iOS users from using Facebook, Twitter or Flickr apps and instead one will have to use something called share sheets which is supposed to make sharing the content between different social media services a lot easier. Talk about changing age long habits, iOS users will now have to slowly get used to this feature.

Before this change, people used their social media login details but now, the only way left to access such Apps is by sharing their personal details via web-based cookies, unless you want to use the share sheet from Apple.

social apps

User Review: Since getting updated on this new feature, iOS users are worried about its viability and are considering it as one of the most nasty and uncalled of updated features from Apple ever.

Feature 5: Screen recording feature

One of the coolest features that Apple introduced in its new iOS 11 is an inbuilt screen recording feature that will allow users to capture and record anything on their favorite iOS device from now on.

So, whether you are playing a game or talking on the phone, this feature will let you record your screen, making it super convenient. This new feature will also let you edit the recordings on your iPhone. No wonder it is a great tool since you no longer would have to rely on a third party recorder app for your iOS devices.

ios 11 screen recording

But wait, there is another side to it which you should not overlook. Since this feature comes equipped to share the screen along with the recording feature it also makes your personal Snapchat or Facetime video calls, etc., vulnerable.

Imagine a situation where someone else is recording your Snapchat video without your knowledge, isn't that scary? Not surprisingly, many users are now worried about a possible breach of their privacy and security.

User Review: From what we know, some of the users have already uninstalled their Snapchat app so as to avoid this issue. Most users are simply shocked at this update from Apple as it simply doesn’t seem like a foolproof one.

Let’s hope better sense prevails at Apple and they make some amendments as early as possible to end these nasty and not so desirable features of the new iOS 11.

At a day and age where customers and users are more aware than before and refuse to fall in for any fancy traps, scrutinizing anything and everything that is introduced in the market, Apple seems to have made some bizarre choices, introducing these not-so-good updates.

One can only wait now to see what Apple’s take on the matter would be. Until then, let's just hope for the best.

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