How to Enable Screen Recording on iOS 11?

The iOS 11 screen recording has arrived in the new iOS 11 beta version. If you are an Apple maniac you probably have downloaded the iOS 11 Beta. And now you have the ability in iOS 11 screen recording. Yes, you can record your screen without jailbreaking or doing something else. Finally, Apple has brought in this function. This was a major surprise to most. Apple should have come up with this a long time ago. The iOS 11 screen recording was something no one believed at first but then all the tweets on Twitter proved them wrong. The iOS 11 has introduced in a lot of new features besides the screen recording. Now with the new beta version, it is as though the user has the say I how their phone looks. The customizable ability has definitely increased and you’ll feel that the usability is also much better. Everything just feels right and more fun to use.

Part 1: iOS 11 Screen Recording features

Well surprisingly, Apple did not reveal this iOS 11 Screen recording feature at their WWDC iOS 11 beta event launch and no one knows why and neither did Apple reveal the reason. Some assume that it was the time limitation. There were many important features they had to cover and they might think that this feature is not at all that much of priority beside those vast quantities of features. This feature, however, is one of the best features in the new iOS 11 beta and is being appreciated by the fans already. In fact, iOS 11 screen recording is one of the most attractive features introduced till date as recording screen on iOS devices has never been an easy task.

Till date, you could record the screen of an iOS device. Firstly by jailbreaking the iOS device and installing the screen recorder app from the Cydia market or you would have to connect your device to your Mac and start the recording with QuickTime.

But with this update, Apple has removed all those limitations and introduced a simple, easy to use like flicking toggle user interface to start the screen recorder. You only need to have a compatible device and iOS 11 beta installed on it and you are good to go. This simply means that you can continue recording even while using your phone.

On the other front, it is to be noticed that iOS 11 Screen recording can record your entire activity. Thus, it is good for some users but can be a privacy issue for others. The reason is that it can record anything that happens on your device, it can easily record your Facetime video calls or Snapchat messages.

So, Apple may need to rethink about this feature for some users from the privacy point of view as you would never know when someone else records your Facetime video calls and Snapchat messages.

For the owners of iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 this new feature will not work and they would have to use the old method for screen recording only.

Now, to know how to enable the new iOS 11 screen recording feature, let us go through the section below.

Part 2: How to Enable native screen recording on iOS 11?

Here, we can assume that you have successfully installed the iOS 11 Beta on your device. So, now, the new iOS 11 screen recording feature is just a few clicks away from your reach. To set up your iOS 11 screen recording, follow the below method step by step. This will help you to avoid any mistake and speed up the whole process.

How to add Screen Recording to Control Center?

Step 1 –First of all, you need to add this function to your control center. You can open your control center by swiping from the bottom of your iOS device.

To set up iOS 11 screen recording toggle in your control center, you need to go to the “Setting” first.

Step 2 – Now scroll down to the option “Control Center”. You can also find the “Control Center” in the ‘Finder option” of your iOS device.

Step 3 – Here you can see a bunch of apps and toggles available for your control center. Navigate to the “Screen Recording” option. Here you can see a small green plus ( + ) symbol to add it to your control center. Tap on it and close the settings. Now you have successfully added the iOS 11 screen recorder on your control center.

add screen recording to control center

Now, when you successfully add the feature on your device, let’s move on to the guide on how to use this easy to use the feature.

How to record iPhone screen with Screen Recording?

Step 1 – To reveal control center, swipe from the bottom of the screen. Here you can see a lot of toggles and options available for you.

Step 2 – Find an icon with circle and white dot in it. This is the dedicated icon for iOS 11 screen recording. Simply tap on this option to start the recording immediately. You need to confirm this action by tapping on “Start recording” option again.

tap on screen recording

If you are having 3D touch, you can hover on it to reveal a few other options. Also, you’ll get the turn on and off the volume over microphone control. Tap on Home button to exit the control center window.

Step 3 – Now you have started the iOS 11 screen recording. Whatever you do on your device screen will now be automatically recorded. For the confirmation, you can see a blue bar under the status bar and the timer for the video recorded.

recording iphone screen

Step 4 – After the completion of the recording your screen, you have to save this video to use it further or send to someone. So, here, tap on that blue bar under the status bar. Now, you’ll be asked if you want to stop the screen recording. Tap on “Stop” to confirm your action.

stop screen recording

Step 5 – Now, you’ll get a confirmation that the video has been saved on the phone successfully.

screen recording video saved

So, this is the simplest method to use iOS 11 screen recording. Simply go to the “Photos” option on your iOS device and find the video you have just made. From here, you can share, edit or upload it.

Tips – Screen recording started the recorder just when you tap on the “Start Record” button and stops on tapping “Stop” option. So, eventually, this will record the start and the end portions also. So, this is recommended to edit and remove those parts before sharing or using the video to looks it professional.

There is a lot of benefits of iOS 11 screen recording like sharing your screens with others and to introduce of teaching something to someone on your iOS device. This feature is certainly a knock for the third party apps like Snapchat to rethink about their app features and limitations. Overall, this iOS 11 screen recording feature is appreciated in all levels although we are still not sure if it’ll be available on the final official version of the iOS 11 or not. Till then, you can use it on your iOS 11 Beta version and enjoy it.

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