iOS 11 Dark Mode: Everything You Need to Know About

Apple revealed its iOS 11 operating system recently, loaded with a ton of innovative and amazing features. But somehow Apple managed to hide one of the most valuable updates completely under secrecy.

iOS 11 dark mode is created by the using the beta version of the system, the Smart Invert function, dubbed “Dark Mode”, dims the entire screen and modifies the colors to make it less rough on your eyesight. It's great if you are a late-night browser. This feature is very much like the “Invert Colours” setting in iOS 10, planned specifically for users who are colour-blind, only without the color deforming.

Dark Mode

Another thing to keep in mind is that this smart invert will surely help to put a lot less stress on your eyes, however.

To know more how to enable and disable this function just keep reading:

Part 1: iOS 11 Dark Mode Review

iOS 11 Dark Mode enables inverting the font colors of your iPhone. In case you don’t know, the default font of all your iDevices is Helvetica which changes to white in place of black resulting in the white translucent layers being substituted with black color translucent layers. Dark Mode makes your Mac’s, Apple TV’s, and iDevices look and feel the same and creates easy night-time watching for enhanced vision late hours.

Another extremely important point is that iOS 11 dark mode allows breathing space and an amnesty for your eyes in low light settings, like cafeterias, pubs, and even exhibition halls–locations where you might find yourself glancing to read.  Therefore, this feature decreases the eyestrain and specifically for old age users after their forties, they start facing eyesight issues so for them this mode is a great innovation and extremely beneficial.  Adding on, we feel this model looks pretty amazing too.

We feel not having this mode harms the user experience.  So, it’s time for a worldwide Dark Mode that will make the eyes as our devoted reading apps.  It is evident that we operate our iPhone all the time–when taking a ride in a car at night, on overnight trips, and mostly in bed next to a sleeping person.  If and when Apple provides a dark mode within its operating system (iOS) and accessible for all apps, viewing our iDevices at night and in the low/lower light state will no more be an issue or disturbance.

Part 2: How to enable Dark Mode on iOS 11?

Some people have been eagerly waiting for an iOS “dark mode” for the longest time. The introduction of the dark mode by Apple, helps users now simply enable or disable this feature in iOS 11 on their iPhone and iPad as per their convenience.

I am sure you all now would be eager to know how to enable this special feature on your iOS device. So what are we waiting for? Let us go through the guide and the various steps we prepared for you to enable this iOS 11 Dark Mode easily.

Step #1. So, to start with, launch the Settings app on your iOS device. Then simply click on General as shown in the below illustration.

click on General

Step #2. Now, simply click on the Accessibility option in the general category as shown in the figure below.

click on the Accessibility option

Step #3. Further, under the accessibility option, you will see a list of functions and one of them will be the Display Accommodations. Simply click on this as shown in the graphic below.

Display Accommodations

Step #4.  Can you see the invert colors now? If yes, then tap on it to open it.

invert colors

Step #5. Now, you will see that there are two options give here, firstly, classic invert and second, smart invert. To know what to do with these keep reading the instructions.

two options

Smart Invert: So, in this one, if you enable this by tapping the button next to this option it will reverse the colors of the display except for media, pictures. It also functions with the apps that are compatible with dark color styles.

Classic Invert: If you are now wondering what’s this one for? Then this is quite simple as it allows you to simply alter the colors of the display by reversing them. (It's the one that's existed for long.)

Step #6. This is the last step, in this all you need to do is swap the switch next to Smart Invert as shown in the image below.

the last step

That's about it! You have now effectively enabled dark mode on your iPhone. So, now you can do all sort of activities, use applications, messages, watch videos, surf the internet and do other stuff and bring plenty of fun to you. This time, your eyes won't burn or feel strained out. And, this is what makes it so handy.

Part 3: How to disable Dark Mode on iOS 11?

Since we now know how to enable iOS 11 Dark mode, we should also understand how to disable it as well if you want to bring back the normal font and colors. But, how do you do it? Well, the answer to it is very simple. Follow all the steps stated below to disable Dark Mode on iOS 11:

Step 1: Launch “Settings”

First of all, launch “Settings” app on the device and then tap on “General” as shown in the picture given below:

launch “Settings” app

Now, tap on “Accessibility” in “General.

Step 2: Tap on “Display Accommodations”

Now, in the next screen, tap on “Display Accommodations” as shown in the picture mentioned below:

tap on “Display Accommodations”

Now, tap on “Invert Colors”.

tap on “Invert Colors”

Step 3: Disable Dark Mode

After you tap on “Invert Colors”, you will find two options next up which may be activated and which have to be disabled.

two options next up

Keep the two options disabled now by toggling the switch next to the options available. So, you have now disabled “Dark Mode” on your iOS device which can be done in a jiffy as can be understood from the above steps.

In this Article, we have tried to cover all the aspects related to iOS 11 Dark mode. Now you can anytime enable or disable it as per your need and get the best out of this feature. Also, we would love to hear back from your through your overall experience using this mode by following our given instructions so that we can make the necessary improvements. This feature has been introduced keeping very obvious reasons in mind. So, follow the steps diligently to use the feature as and when required. Till then keep calm and save your eyesight.

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