Should I Upgrade to iOS 11.3?

Apple has recently released the “.3” update of iOS 11, which is considered as one of the biggest updates since iOS 11. From augmented reality to battery management, the iOS 11.3 new features are certainly worth mentioning. Needless to say, it will give your iOS device more power and make it easier for you to manage it. Nevertheless, every new update comes with a few pitfalls as well. If you are wondering should I update to iOS 11.3 or not, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will let you know about its pros and cons so that you can decide whether to update to iOS 11.3 or not. Let’s begin!

Part 1: Need a reason to update to iOS 11.3? Here are 6!

The new iOS 11.3 update has tons of new features that will certainly make your smartphone experience a memorable one. To help you decide whether iOS 11.3 should I upgrade, we have come up with 6 of its top features.

1. Battery Health

When iOS 11 was released, lots of users suffered from fast battery drainage and unexpected shutdown of their device. These iOS 11.3 new features will certainly fix this issue with its Battery Health (beta) update, which is available in Settings > Battery.

ios 11.3 battery health

Here, you can view two major components: maximum capacity and peak performance capability. The maximum capacity denotes the overall health of a battery (which is 100% for a new phone). After almost 500 battery cycles, its maximum capacity would be around 80%. On the other hand, peak performance will indicate how your phone is utilizing the battery and whether throttling is enabled or not. If you want, you can disable this option as well.

2. New Animojis

If you have an iPhone X and are already loving the Animoji feature, then you should not think twice should I update to iOS 11.3 or not. The new update has also included some amazing Animojis like the lion, dragon, skull, etc. You will find them right beside the old Animojis. It is believed that Apple will be adding more Animojis with the coming updates.

ios 11.3 new animojis

3. Business Chat

One of the most evident iOS 11.3 new features is the business chat, which is available for US customers only as of now. You can directly communicate with various business accounts using the iMessage interface. The best thing is that Apple will protect your privacy and make sure the business accounts won’t be able to access your data. Also, you can end the chat anytime you want. As of now, there are limited business profiles, but Apple will soon add more accounts in the coming days.

ios 11.3 business chat

4. Health Records

This is one of our favorite iOS 11.3 new features that will certainly answer your question about whether iOS 11.3 should I update or not. If you live in the US, then you can link your medical records with the Health app on your device. The Apple Health app comes with a new interface and can provide an in-depth record of your vital stats besides the usual metrics.

ios 11.3 health records

To make it work, Apple has collaborated with all the leading health institutes in the country and will keep expanding the list. Since your data would be protected by a password, you can keep all your health records handy and safe.

5. A new ARKit

Apple has certainly worked a lot on the new iOS 11.3 update with the introduction of an improved ARKit 1.5. Even though the new devices had AI features, you would be able to take it to a new level after the update. For instance, your device can recognize the vertical frame or differently shaped objects. You can also detect art, movie posters, and other famous images now. It has also extended the support to a few advanced apps as well.

ios 11.3 new arkit

6. Video support in Apple Music

This is something that plenty of Apple Music fans were waiting for. If you are also a music enthusiast, then you must know if iOS 11.3 should I upgrade. Not only will you have a better interface for Apple Music, you would be able to watch videos without ads as well. This is similar to a premium service offered by YouTube.

apple music video support

Other features

If you are still thinking should I update to iOS 11.3 or not, then have a look at these advanced features of the new update.

  • • Improved data privacy
  • • Upgrade of iBooks into Books
  • • Homekit upgrade
  • • New Apple Store
  • • Face ID supported for Family Purchases
  • • New Game Center
  • • Emergency call update
  • • Autofilling of usernames and passwords
  • • Updated keyboard
  • • Advanced performance, and more

Part 2: Reasons not to update to iOS 11.3?

It might sound surprising, but it can be too soon to be excited about the iOS 11.3 new features. While there are numerous reasons to update your device to iOS 11.3, the coin also has a flip side. Here are some factors to better understand whether iOS 11.3 should I update or not.

1. iOS 11.3 Beta problems

While the iOS 11.3 is officially rolled out, some of its features (like Battery Health) are at the Beta stage. Therefore, chances are that you might encounter some unwanted bugs and problems on your device after the update. If you don’t want to risk a stable version of iOS 11 with a beta update, then it might be too soon for it.

2. If you live outside the US

While the iOS 11.3 new features are quite amazing, most of them are restricted to the United States. For instance, the business chat or the health record option would not work if you live outside the US. Therefore, getting an update might seem a hasty move for other residents who can’t access these features.

3. If you have an outdated device

Even though the iOS 11.3 update is compatible with a wide range of devices, most of them are tailored for iPhone X and the newer generation phones. If you have a device like iPhone 5s or iPad mini 2, then upgrading to iOS 11.3 might not drastically change your iOS experience.

reasons not to update to ios 11.3 - device compatibility

4. Missing features

While the iOS 11.3 certainly pushes the envelope, there could have been a better solution for storing messaging on iCloud or the AirPlay multiroom support.

ios 11.3 missing features

Furthermore, if your device is jailbroken or not insured, then you should only update it after taking a backup of your data.

Part 3: Is my iPhone compatible with iOS 11.3?

We hope that after learning the new features of iOS 11.3 and its pitfalls, you would be able to decide if iOS 11.3 should I upgrade or not. If you have the latest device like iPhone X or 8, then you won’t face any problem upgrading to iOS 11.3. Though, iPhone 4s or 5 users would have to sit this one out. Here is a complete list of the devices compatible with iOS 11.3:

  • • iPhone 5s, SE, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, and X
  • • iPod Touch 6th Generation
  • • iPad mini 2, 3, and 4
  • • iPad Air and Air 3
  • • iPad 5th generation
  • • 12.9” iPad Pro 1st and 2nd generation
  • • 10.5” iPad Pro
  • • 9.7” iPad Pro

ios 11.3 compatible devices

Part 4: How to update to iOS 11.3?

Upgrading to iOS 11.3 is quite similar to performing any other update. You can either perform it over the air or take the assistance of iTunes for a dedicated process. If you have a strong wireless connection, then you can simply use your iOS device to update it. Though, for a more stable process, you can take the assistance of iTunes. Nevertheless, make sure that your phone is charged enough and that you have taken its backup beforehand.

To update iOS 11.3 over the air, simply go to its Settings > General > Software Update. Your iOS device will check for an update and display the iOS 11.3 profile if your device is compatible with it. Just tap on the “Download and Install” button and follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade your device.

update to ios 11.3 over wifi

Alternatively, you can also connect your device to your system and launch iTunes on it. Select your device and go to its Summary. Here, click on the “Check for Updates” option. This will make iTunes check for the latest iOS 11.3 update and will display a prompt. Click on “Download and Install” to commence the process.

update to ios 11.3 with itunes

You can read our ultimate iOS 11 update guide to get an in-depth solution to upgrade your device as well. Additionally, if you face any problem while updating to iOS 11.3, then read our iOS 11 troubleshooting guide for an immediate assistance.

Now when you know about the iOS 11.3 new features, you can easily decide should I update to iOS 11.3 or not. We have covered its advanced features as well as a few setbacks that every user should know. It is strongly recommended to take a backup of your data before performing any major update. This will make sure that your important data would stay secure during the iOS 11.3 upgrade. Which iOS 11.3 feature are you most excited for? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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