Finally! Apple’s iOS 16 will let you edit and unsend Messages

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During Apple's WWDC 2022 event, Apple announced a lot of incoming great features and changes that they will introduce for the latest iOS 16 update. One of the great features that they will incorporate in iOS 16 is the ability to be able to edit and unsend messages in Message. This has been one of the most requested features that a lot of Apple users have shared and for Apple to be able to have and offer it, is a big win for Message users. We can now say goodbye to those messages where we have sent a kiss emoji to a co-worker or even sent the wrong information to our friends. We know that we have been in those embarrassing situations and being able to undo those will help us a lot.

We will talk about this new feature in detail and get to know the things that you can do when you want to edit or unsend any messages in Message.

edit and unsend messages

Part 1: New iOS 16 features: Edit and unsend messages

We are sure that you are probably excited for this new feature to be released and finally be used. But there are still probably some questions that you have and want a clarification of what this new feature will have and we have shared some points below on what this feature will include.

1. Will it work with iPhones running iOS 15?

Currently, this editing and unsending feature will only work for Apple devices that have been upgraded to iOS 16. We are unsure if Apple will also try to make it available for the older versions of iOS. So if you want to have this feature on your device, you can be one of the first few people to be able to use and try this new iOS by downloading the iOS 16. You can read more on how to do this by reading “iOS 16: Ready to Upgrade?  [Tutorial]”.

2. Limits to Unsending and Editing Messages

If you do decide to download the iOS 16 beta and be one of the enrolled developers, there are limitations that you will need to be mindful of when downloading the iOS. When you are sending a message to devices that are running on older versions of iOS, they will still be able to see both the original and edited message you have sent them.

limits to unsending and editing messages

Part 2: How to Unsend a Message on iPhone in iOS 16?

Now we will go into detail on the steps on how you can completely unsend a message in iOS 16. This is perfect for those messages where you have sent it to the wrong person. You also need to take note that the ability to unsend a message only lasts for 15 minutes and after that, you will not be able to unsend the message. You are also able to recover the deleted messages for up to 30 days. Below are the steps that you can follow to unsend a message in iOS 16.

Step 1: First, go to the chat or conversation where you want to delete the message.

Step 2: You can tap and hold onto it until you see the options menu pop up.

Step 3: In the options menu, you should look for the “Undo Send” to completely delete the message from your and the receivers' message threads.

delete the message from message threads

Part 3: How to Edit a Sent Message iPhone in iOS 16?

Now we will go into detail on editing a sent message in iOS 16. This feature is perfect if you have sent the wrong message or if you have any typos in your message and save yourself from embarrassment. Similar to unsending messages, you are also only able to use this feature within 15 minutes and after that timeframe, editing a message cannot be done anymore. Below are the simple steps that you can follow to edit your messages in Message.

Step 1: Go to the message that you want to edit. You will then tap and hold on to the sent message until the options menu appear.

tap and hold on to message

Step 2: You will then choose “Edit” from the menu and from there, you will be able to edit your message. Once done, you can then tap on “Done” to finish editing.

choose edit

Part 4: Does iMessage Notify Someone If You Edit or Unsend a Message?

From the recipient's perspective, they would like to be notified if the message was edited or unsend as they would like to know whether they have replied or committed to the correct message. In iOS 16, currently, they do not notify the recipients when a message is edited but they do inform the recipient in another way that is not too evasive but subtle. When a message is edited, there will be a system message written under it saying that this message has been edited. So in some way, it is good for the recipients to know whether the original message they replied to or committed to has been changed. They are not notified directly but they will be able to see the system message that the message has been edited.

Part 5: FAQs about iMessage in iOS 16

1. How to Mark a message as read or unread on iPhone with iOS 16?

There is a way for you to mark a message as either read or unread with iOS 16 and is perfect for situations where you want to briefly read the message and do not want to reply to it immediately. You can follow the steps below on how you can do this.

Step 1: Go to Message and go to the message or conversation that you want to mark as read or unread.

go to the message or conversation

Step 2: Swipe left on the message until you see a speech bubble icon, and then tap on that icon.

tap on the speech bubble icon

Step 3: After tapping, the blue dot will appear next to the message to show that this message is unread.

appear the blue dot

2. How to Delete Messages on iPhone with iOS 16?

We have shared with you that in iOS 16, you can delete a specific message but if you want to delete the whole conversation, that is also possible. The steps are very easy to follow and they can be done in just a few steps. You can follow the steps below.

Step 1: Choose the message thread you want to delete.

Step 2: Then swipe left on that message. You will then see two icons that will appear. Tap on the “trash” icon to go through with deleting the message thread.

swipe on that message

3. How to Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone with iOS 16

Before iOS 16, once you have deleted all of your messages, you are not able to retrieve them back. But with iOS 16, they have introduced this new feature of deleted messages bin. Since the deleted Messages won't be immediately erased once they get deleted, you can now recover deleted Messages from your device directly. Or, even being able to recover them from iCloud or iTunes backup. Bear in mind that these deleted messages will be kept in the messages bin for only 30 days, then they will be permanently deleted after that. Follow the steps below to recover your deleted messages.

Step 1: Go to the “Messages” application.

Step 2: Once you are in the messages screen, you can then go to the “Filters” located on the upper left of the screen.

go to the filters

Step 3: From there, you can look for the “recently deleted” button and tap on it.

tap on recently deleted button

Step 4: Then it will show you the messages that you have recently deleted for the past 30 days. Tick on the message that you want to recover.

recover message

Step 5: After choosing the message, you can then tap on “recover” which is located on the lower right of the screen. Then that chosen message will be recovered.


Being able to edit and unsend messages in iOS 16 is an answered prayer for a lot of Apple device users. This new feature will help save you from the embarrassment of those messages that you regret sending or if they include any typos. If you want to change your iOS to the iOS 16 beta, then we recommend for you to use Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS), which will help you upgrade or downgrade your iOS. We hope that the tips we have shared will be useful for you when Apple decides to release this feature to the public.

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