Tips for Different iOS Versions & Models

Different iPhone or iPad models and iOS versions have their own unique features, and therefore you should use some special solutions for system issue fixing, data transfer, recovery, etc.

Your Complete Guide to Updating iPhone 4s to iOS 9

Learn how to update iPhone 4 to iOS 9 in this stepwise tutorial. We have come up with a comprehensive guide to install iPhone 4s iOS 9 in a hassle-free manner.

James Davis Aug/25/2022
Can you Bypass iCloud Activation in iOS 9.3?

Do you want to Bypass iCloud activation in iOS 9.3? Here's how.

James Davis Aug/25/2022
iOS 15 Causing iPad Activation Problems: How to Reactivate Your device

Did you iPad fail to activate after an iOS 9.3 update? Here's how to fix it.

James Davis Aug/25/2022
How to Bypass iCloud Lock on iPhone 8 [iOS 14]

In this article, we will take a look at three different methods on how to bypass iCloud lock on iPhone 8.

James Davis Aug/25/2022
iPhone 8 – Top 20 Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Learn how to use iPhone 8 in this guide. We have listed various iPhone 8 tips, letting its users make most of the iPhone 8 new functions in no time.

James Davis Aug/25/2022
How to Transfer Music to iPhone 8

Learn how to transfer music to iPhone 8 from PC or other iOS and Android devices in this guide. We have provided these solutions without using iTunes.

Selena Lee Aug/19/2022
Easy Ways to Put Music on iPhone with or without iTunes

This article shows you easy ways to put music, songs, mp3 on iPhone X and iPhone 8 (Plus) with or without iTunes. Sync your music to iPhone X freely!

Selena Lee Aug/19/2022
How to Delete Apps on iPhone 8

This article guide focuses on methods you need to delete apps on your iPhone 8. Deleting apps will be much easier for iPhone 8 users through this guide.

Selena Lee Aug/19/2022
How to Backup iPhone 8 in 3 Simple Ways

Want to backup data on iPhone 8? This article takes a look at three different methods to backup iPhone 8.

James Davis Aug/19/2022
How to Backup your iPhone X – in 3 Different Ways?

Learn how to backup iPhone X in different ways by reading this informative tutorial. We have provided 3 ways to perform iPhone X backup in a stepwise manner.

Alice MJ Aug/19/2022
3 Ways to Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone 8

Due to the amount of stress brought about by the wrongful or accidental deletion of messages, this article takes a look at how we can recover these messages.

Selena Lee Aug/19/2022
How to Transfer Everything from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8/X/11

This article guide focuses on the techniques and tools you need to transfer everything from iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to the new iPhone 8 easily.

Bhavya Kaushik Aug/19/2022
How to Transfer from iPhone 6 (Plus) to iPhone 8/X/11

iTunes, iCloud and MobileTrans are few of the methods which tend to enable the transfer data from old iPhone 6 (Plus) to iPhone 11/X/iPhone 8 (Plus).

Selena Lee Aug/19/2022
How to Transfer from iPhone 5S to iPhone 8/11/11 Pro

Moving data from old iPhone 5s to new iPhone 8 is an easy job with the help of the iPhone to iPhone transfer tool, iCloud and iTunes.

Selena Lee Aug/19/2022
How to Transfer Apps to iPhone 13/12/11/X/8/7

How to transfer apps to iPhone X/8/7/6S/6 (Plus)/SE from an existing old iPhone by following this informative guide.

Alice MJ Aug/19/2022
5 Solutions to Fix Photos Disappeared from iPhone after iOS 15/16 Update

Want to know how I recovered my data when iOS 14 deleted my photos? Read on as I have listed 5 things to do if your photos are disappeared after iOS 15 update.

James Davis Sep/05/2022
Are You Getting The Safari Can't Establish A Secure Connection Error? 5 Fixes!

Did you just get the 'Safari Can't Establish A Secure Connection' error? Are you wondering what happened and what to do to fix this 'Safari Can't Establish A Secure Connection' issue? Read on.

Daisy Raines Aug/25/2022
How to Recover Data After iOS 15 Update? - iOS 15 Data Recovery

If you want a guide on the best methods for recovering lost data after the iOS 12 update, then, go this article is the best choice to get the relevant solutions.

Selena Lee Aug/19/2022
3 Ways to Fix iOS 15/14 Update Bricked My iPhone

Got your iPhone bricked when updating to iOS 14? Don't be frustrated. You can still fix your iPhone without losing any data on it. Check out more.

Alice MJ May/13/2022
2 Ways to Downgrade from iOS 14 to iOS 13

Have upgraded to iOS 14 Beta by curiosity and now want to downgrade to iOS 13.7? Check out how to downgrade from iOS 14 to iOS 13 with or without iTunes step by step.

Alice MJ Apr/28/2022
How to Fix iPhone "Attempting data recovery" on iOS 15/14?

Attempting data recovery only happens when you try to update iPhone with iTunes. And it actually it won't cause any troubles if it goes through smoothly. But what if it got stuck or caused data loss? Here are 4 fixes for iPhone stuck on 'Attempting data recovery'. You can also get back iPhone data if 'Attempting data recovery' fails.

Alice MJ Apr/28/2022
How to Fix iPhone Keeps Freezing After iOS 15/14 Update?

After iOS 14/13.7 update, people found that their iPhone/iPad start freezing all of a sudden. Don't sweat. This article will introduce you a few effective ways to fix iPhone freezing after iOS 14 upda

Alice MJ Apr/28/2022
How to View iPhone HEIC Photos on Windows PC

Transfer HEIC photos from your iOS device to computer by following this stepwise guide on HEIC file viewer. Convert your photos without any HEIC viewer as well.

Bhavya Kaushik Nov/15/2022
How to Recover HEIC Photos on iPhone and iPad?

Perform HEIC photos recovery by following this stepwise guide. We have provided an easy way to recover HEIC photos iPhone from iTunes and iCloud backup.

Selena Lee Nov/04/2022
7 Solutions to Fix iOS 15 App Store Not Working Issues

Are you facing the iOS 12 App Store not downloading error? Read this informative guide and follow 7 foolproof solutions for iOS 12 cannot connect to App Store.

James Davis Aug/25/2022
Fix iPhone Apps Stuck on Waiting/Loading after iOS 15 Update

Are your iPhone apps stuck on waiting? Read this stepwise tutorial to resolve your apps stuck on waiting iOS 14 by following our handpicked solutions.

James Davis Aug/25/2022
iOS 14/13.7 Notes Crashing Issues and Basic Troubleshooting

Resolve the iOS 14/13.7 notes crashing problem on your device right away. Follow this stepwise tutorial to learn what to do when notes app not working iPhone.

James Davis Aug/25/2022
Fix iPhone Can't Make or Receive Calls after iOS 14 Update

Does your iPhone fail to make calls after iOS 14 update? Read this stepwise tutorial to diagnose and resolve the iPhone won’t make or receive calls problem.

James Davis Aug/25/2022
How to Recover Disappeared Notes on iPhone after iOS 14 Update?

Resolve the notes disappeared after iOS 14 update issue by following this stepwise guide. We have listed various ways to retrieve your deleted iPhone notes.

Selena Lee Aug/19/2022
iOS 14 Data Recovery - Recover Deleted iPhone/iPad Data on iOS 14

Perform an extensive iOS 14 data recovery by following this stepwise guide. We have provided easy solutions to retrieve lost data and selectively restore it.

Selena Lee Aug/19/2022
How to Downgrade from iOS 15 to iOS 14 Without Losing Data?

Downgrade iOS 14 to the version of iOS 13.7 by following this guide. We have provided simple steps to go back to iOS 13.7 and perform iOS 13.7 downgrade right here.

Alice MJ Apr/28/2022
Useful Trick to Selectively Restore iTunes Backup Content to iPhone 13

You have always been diligent in backing up your iOS devices. But sometimes you do not want to fully restore them. Here is how to do it selectively.

Alice MJ Aug/19/2022
How to Selectively Restore iCloud Backup Content to Your New iPhone 13

We will teach you on how you can selectively restore backup content on the new iPhone 7.

Alice MJ Aug/19/2022
16 Tricks to Make Your iPhone Faster

We, always want to do so many tasks in short span of time with our phone, right? So let us learn some tricks on how to make iPhone faster.

Alice MJ Mar/18/2022
An Innovative Christmas Present for Mom

The ritual of gifting has long been considered auspicious since time immemorial, and it is important to keep it alive this time as well. If you are looking for the best Christmas gift ideas, then you have stumbled upon the right place.

Alice MJ Aug/25/2022
Did Anyone Tell about These Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas present ideas You may be interested in. Show your feeling of Love and Happiness with the Innovative Gifting option this Christmas

Alice MJ Aug/25/2022
Top 20 Merry Christmas Wishes to Make It Special

Need some ideas for sharing Christmas Wishes in 2021? Here are the top 20 Christmas wishes for your Family and Colleagues.

Alice MJ Aug/25/2022
Weather App Is Not Refreshing Any Data On iOS 15? Solved !

Apple’s latest operating system version - iOS 14 - has been highly anticipated due to many new, exciting features and the unique look it boasts.

Alice MJ Aug/25/2022
Ways to Turn On iPhone Without Home Button

Are you looking online for a method that can tell you how to turn on iPhone without a home button, Then you come to the right place۔ Here in this article we will tell you some simple and best methods that how to turn on iPhone without home button.

Selena Lee Aug/25/2022
Best Offline Music Apps for iPhone

Listen to music offline on iPhone with best offline music app for iPhone that too with some free and paid versions. Know what free offline music apps for iPhone are.

Alice MJ Aug/19/2022
Missing Contacts After iOS 14/15/16 Update? Get iOS 14/15/16 Lost Contacts Back!

Sometimes the iOS 14 issue can make our contacts unavailable. Don't worry – you can get your iOS 14 lost contacts back by following this informative guide.

Alice MJ Aug/19/2022
My iPhone Photos Disappeard Suddenly. Here's The Essential Fix!

Have your iPhone photos disappeared suddenly and you have no idea how to get them back? Well, here is all you need to do if your photos disappeared.

Selena Lee Aug/19/2022
Top 9 Free iPhone Data Recovery Software for PC on 2022

We list out 8 free iPhone Data Recovery Software programs that you can use either on your Windows computer, or Apple MAC, and alongside, we include reviews from top ranking social media portals.

Selena Lee Aug/19/2022
How to Solve iOS Heating Issue after Upgrade to iOS 15: 7 Working Solutions

Are you facing any iOS 14 heating issue after the update? Read on as the guide has listed 7 detailed solutions to fix iPhone heating up after iOS 14 update.

Alice MJ Jul/27/2022
Why does the iOS CarPlay 15 not Working

Find the causes and fixes when iOS 14 CarPlay fail to work on your device. Learn how Dr.Fone repair tool can help here.

Alice MJ Jul/27/2022
Why is the New iOS 14 Public Version So Buggy and How to Fix It

Have you updated your phone to iOS 14 beta public and are facing bugs? Read this guide and learn how to downgrade and install iOS 14 beta version like a pro.

Alice MJ Jul/27/2022
Safari won’t load any websites on iOS14? Fixed

When Safari will not open websites, you can do a lot of things to fix the problem. Check out the solutions here.

Alice MJ Jul/27/2022
What Are The New iOS 14 Security Features And How Will They Help You Protect Your Privacy

With so many iOS 14 leaks, you might be confused about iOS 14 features. In this post, I will list some major privacy and security features in iOS 14 concept.

Alice MJ Jul/27/2022
iPhone 11/11 Pro Touch Screen Not Working: How to Bring It to Normal

Touch screen issues are not new. You might be wondering what to do when iPhone 11 touch screen is not working. Here are some solutions to get the unresponsive iPhone 11 screen resolved.

Daisy Raines Sep/06/2022
How to Transfer Photos/Videos from iPhone 13/12 to Mac Efficiently

Wondering how to import photos from iPhone to Mac? Then, you’ve reached the right place. Today, we’re going to explore full tutorials on how to import photos/videos from iphone to mac.

Alice MJ Aug/19/2022
A Detailed Guide to Take iPhone 11 Backup to Computer

Backup iPhone 11 to computer like a pro by reading this informative post. Different solutions are listed to backup iPhone 11 to computer with and without iTunes.

Alice MJ Aug/19/2022
Quick Solutions to Restore iCloud Backup to iPhone 11

Do you know you can restore from iCloud backup to iPhone 11 without reset? Read on as the guide has listed every possible way to restore iCloud backup to iPhone 11.

Alice MJ Aug/19/2022
Photos/Pictures Disappeared On iPhone 11/11 Pro: 7 Ways to Find Back

Have you deleted photos on iPhone 11 accidentally? Are you looking for the ways on what to do when photos get disappeared from iPhone 11? Read on this post and get your problem solved.

Alice MJ Aug/19/2022
Recover Lost/Missing Contacts on iPhone 11【Dr.fone】

Lost a much-needed contacts on your iPhone 11, and unsure how to get it back? Check out this definitive guide full of everything you need to know!

Alice MJ Aug/19/2022
Complete Tactics to Transfer Contacts from Old Android to iPhone 11/12

Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone 11 by reading this informative post. Five stepwise solutions are listed to migrate contacts from Android to iPhone 11

James Davis Aug/19/2022
4 Relaxing Ways to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 11

Want to import all photos from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 11/ 11 Pro without any trouble? Here are 4 relaxing ways to follow.

James Davis Aug/19/2022
iPhone 11/11 Pro (Max) Stuck on Apple Logo: What to Do Now?

Today, we are going to explore every solution you need to know that will help take you from having a bricked iPhone 11 back into a full working one where you can carry on as though nothing happens.

Alice MJ Apr/28/2022
iOS 15 Jailbreak: 5 Ways to jailbreak iOS 15 for iPhone and iPad

Do you know how to jailbreak iOS 15/10.3/10.2/10.1? This article will tell you how to jailbreak iOS 15

Alice MJ Aug/25/2022
How to Transfer Pictures from PC to Android

Do you know how to jailbreak iOS 14? This article will tell you how to jailbreak iOS 14

Alice MJ Aug/25/2022
Essential Guide: How to Add Ringtones to iPhone 12/XS (Max)

iPhone XS (Max) is not perfect without your special ringtones. Learn from this article 4 unique tricks to add ringtones to iPhone XS (Max) as well as to make your own ringtones. They are 100% workable

Daisy Raines Sep/15/2022
Free Contact Manager: Edit, Delete, Merge, and Export iPhone XS (Max) Contacts

iPhone XS (Max) itself may be incompetent at managing contacts, especially when you edit, delete, merge, and export iPhone contacts in large scale. Most veteran iPhone users choose this free contact m

James Davis Aug/19/2022
How to Transfer Music from Mac to iPhone XS (Max)

As a team of veteran iPhone users, we have collected 4 most workable ways to transfer music from Mac to iPhone XS (Max): transfer music with or without iTunes, sync with iTunes, and transfer music ove

James Davis Aug/19/2022
Must-Have Knowledge to Sync Music from iTunes to iPhone XS (Max)

To sync iTunes to new iPhone XS (Max) is not that easy in some situations. What if your iTunes does not work? This article provides 3 ways to sync music from iTunes to iPhone XS (Max) by highlighting

Daisy Raines Aug/19/2022
[3 Solutions] Transfer Data from Computer to iPhone XS (Max) with/without iTunes

How to transfer data from computer to iPhone XS (Max) with ease? This article summarizes 3 solutions to help transfer any files from computer to iPhone XS (Max). Find out now!

James Davis Aug/19/2022
Ultimate Guide to Restoring iPhone XS (Max) from Backup

Learn how to restore iPhone XS (Max) from an iTunes or iCloud Backup. In this ultimate guide, different solutions are listed to restore iPhone XS (Max) from backup.

Alice MJ Aug/19/2022
[Actionable Guide in Emergency] Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone XS/11/11 Pro

Want to share some precious photos from Android to iPhone XS (Max) in emergency? Then you have arrived at the right place, where 4 solutions are available to transfer photos from android to iPhone XS

Alice MJ Aug/19/2022
Detailed How-To: Switch from Samsung to iPhone XS/11

Want to switch from Samsung to iPhone XS (Max) but lack a reliable how-to guide? This article just meets your needs by detailing 3 solutions to transfer everything from samsung to iPhone XS (Max) with

Selena Lee Aug/19/2022
Worth-Keeping Guide: Transfer Data from Old iPhone to iPhone

Congratulations on your new iPhone 12/XS (Max). But the next challenge is how to correctly transfer data from old iPhone to iPhone 12/XS (Max). Here we have provided 3 ways to transfer data from old iPhone

Selena Lee Aug/19/2022
How to Transfer Text Messages / iMessages from Old iPhone to iPhone 11/XS

Text messages and iMessages are irreplaceable treasure on your old iPhone. Therefore, to transfer messages from old iPhone to iPhone XS (Max) is an important task for those who bought this new model.

Selena Lee Aug/19/2022
How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone XS/11

To transfer contacts from Android to iPhone XS (Max) may not be that easy. But there are indeed solutions to do that. Here we collected the 4 most workable solutions to transfer contacts from Android

Selena Lee Aug/19/2022
Real Case: How I Transferred Messages from Android to iPhone 12/XS (Max) in Seconds

I myself bought an iPhone 12/XS (Max) and tried multiple solutions to transfer messages from Android to iPhone 12/XS (Max). Among these, only 4 prove to be reliable, and 2 of them can transfer messages from

Selena Lee Aug/19/2022
How to Unlock iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR without Face ID?

The guide explores different surefire ways to unlock iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR without Face ID (or passcode).

Alice MJ Jul/07/2022
[Solved] iPhone XS (Max) Screen Not Responding - Troubleshooting Guide

Is your iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR screen not responding? Read this extensive guide as we have provided numerous solutions to fix the iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR unresponsive issue.

Alice MJ Apr/28/2022
5 Ways to Fix iPhone X/iPhone XS (Max) Won't Turn On

If your or iPhone X or iPhone XS (Max) won't turn on, then this would be a perfect guide for you. Several stepwise tutorials are listed to fix the iPhone X black screen problem.

Alice MJ Apr/28/2022