Screen Time Passcode: All You Need to Know

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If you are an iPhone user, you would have come across this term screen time passcode. It is a 4-digit code used to protect the security settings of your iPhone. It plays a vital role in the restriction and security service of your device. If you had forgotten the screen time passcode, then it is difficult to make necessary changes in the security settings of your iPhone. There are surplus methods to recover the forgotten password. In this article, you will discover efficient ways to retrieve them securely. Using this passcode, you can set limitations to screen time and manage the device usage optimally. It helps you to analyze the time spent on the screen and protects you from being addicted to gadgets. Use this article, to explore the best ways to recover the screen time passcode efficiently.

Part 1: What is the screen time passcode?

The screen time passcode seems to be an amazing setting exclusively designed to assist the parents in establishing complete control of the screen activities of their kids. This passcode helps to set time limits for applications and watched out for the time spent on each application on your device. If you had forgotten this passcode, then it leads to frustration to use the specific application beyond the set limits. When the application is related to any messaging, document sharing platform, it becomes a headache to proceed with your works. To resolve this issue, here comes an efficient tool to surprise with its incredible features. You can also find this feature with the Android gadget using a third-party tool. Set time limits to your screen and manage them optimally to ensure restricted usage.

Part 2: How to set screen time passcode?

Here, you will be learning how to set a screen time passcode in the gadget using the Microsoft account. Surf the steps carefully and set time limits for each app available on your device. Initially, you must sign in to your Microsoft account connected with your family group. Select the family member or kid’s name from the available list and choose the ‘Screen Time’ option. Now, set time limits and schedule for each app in the device or you can also implement the restriction for the entire gadget. Use the controls to set specific time limits and save the changes.

You can restrict the screen time by setting time limits and embed this passcode to protect the settings from further modifications. It is impossible to edit this setting without entering the authorized passcode. This passcode plays a vital role in protecting the screen time settings in the device.


Part 3: How to view screen time reports and set limits?

To view the screen time report, you must enter the passcode and surf the report section. In this report, you can find the time spent on each app. Based on the results, change the screen settings, and change the time limit. On iPhone, you can find this option as a built-in program. For Android gadgets, you can implement this feature using parental control or family link applications. In iPhone, you can surf through the screen time option from the settings menu and view the screen reports effortlessly. In Android devices, you can witness the report in the installed applications. You can view a weekly report carrying data related to the app’s usages in a week. A graphical display describes the data precisely.


Part 4: How to manage screen time?

You can manage the screen time by setting optimal schedules to use the gadgets. Ensure that your screen is off before an hour of your bedtime. Encourage your kids to switch off their screens during mealtime. Excite the kids by adding extra screen time at the end of the day for their efforts in accepting the scheduled screen time. Manage the screen times professionally and reduce the gadget usage in your family. The screen time restriction helps the parents a lot in protecting their kids from getting addicted to gadgets. It helps you to keep track of your gadget activities and gives you a clear vision of your phone usage.

Part 5: What happens after 10 failed screen time passcode attempts?

After trying a wrong passcode 10 times, the screen locks for 60 minutes. It is impossible to make any changes for an hour. Do not make more attempts with the wrong passcode. There is a default method to reset the screen time passcode in iPhone. Instead of locking your gadget, try some effective methods to reset or recover the passcode in no time. To reset the passcode, hit the ‘Forgot Password’ option and enter the Apple ID credentials to enter the new password. You can successfully reset a new password and modify the screen time settings quickly.

Tip: Forgot screen time passcode, how to do?

An alternate method to recover the screen time passcode for the iOS device is by making use of a third-party tool Dr Fone application. The password manager module is exclusively available for the iOS platform to recover the passwords in your iPhone. It is an effective tool that helps you to get back the forgotten passcodes available in your gadget in no time. You would have known about surplus techniques, the Dr Fone tool is a reliable app and you can go for it without any hesitation.

Functionalities of Dr.Fone - Password Manager (iOS)

  • Recover your Apple ID credentials.
  • Get back your screen time passcode quickly
  • The password recovery process takes place securely without any data leak issues.
  • Faster passcode recovery occurs and displays results in an organized format for quick access.
  • You can recover all the hidden passwords in your iPhone swiftly.

The above functionalities will help you to reach for the desired credentials. You can use these features to recover the forgotten passwords on your iOS devices. These salient features increase the reliability of this app. The simple interface encourages an average person to operate on this platform confidently. No need for any special skills to master this environment. It is enough if you surf the available tutorials at its official website to carry out any data recovery tasks. Follow the guidelines carefully to end up with error-free results. An excellent tool that assists the gadgets users to recover the forgotten data quickly.

Dr Fone-app

The stepwise process to retrieve the passwords in your iPhone. Surf the below steps cautiously without skipping any.

Step 1: Install the application

Visit the official website of the Dr Fone app and download the program based on your gadget OS needs. You can either opt for Windows or Mac version and download it accordingly. Install it by following the instruction wizard and launch the program by a double-tap on the tool icon.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone with PC

On the home screen, choose the ‘Password Manager’ module and then connect your iPhone with the PC using a reliable USB cable. Ensure the connection is firm throughout the password recovery procedure to overcome the data loss issues.


Step 3: Begin the scan

Next, tap the ‘Start Scan’ button to trigger the scanning procedure. This app scans your iPhone and displays the available passwords in the device as a list. You can choose the desired forgotten password from the displayed items.


Step 4: Export the passwords

You can transfer the recovered passwords to any storage space using this Export option. Select the password and tap the ‘Export’ button to convert them as CSV files for an easy transfer process. Save the password in CSV format for an easy access procedure.


After completing the above steps, disconnect your iPhone from your PC and use the recovered passwords for your needs without any issues. During the scan procedure, you must wait for few minutes until the process completes. You had successfully recovered your old password without any issues. The Dr.Fone app helps you to retrieve all possible passwords hidden in your phone efficiently. The well-organized display of the recovered passwords enables you to access a specific one with comfort. Reach out for the desired forgotten passwords in your iPhone quickly using this incredible program Dr Fone.


Thus, this article had given your enlightening facts about the recovery of screen time passcode. Use the above content to retrieve the forgotten passwords effortlessly. The Dr Fone application is the perfect program to deal with password retrieval operations efficiently. Using this app, you can recover passwords related to Apple ID, Website logins, social media. A comfortable method to get back the lost password in no time. Choose the Dr Fone app and recover the passwords securely. Stay connected with this article to discover efficient ways to recover the forgotten passwords in your gadgets.

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