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Solutions to All iOS 10 Problems

  • iPhone Errors
  • iPhone Stuck
  • iPhone Software Issues
  • Connection&Battery Issue

We’ve collected as many iPhone/iTunes errors people have run into while using iOS 10, and provided workarounds and solutions for as many of them as we can.

Top 5 Tips to Fix Common iOS Problems

Upgrade to the latest iOS

Learn how to recover deleted files on Android without computer in this guide. We have provided a tutorial to recover deleted photos Android without computer. Learn More >>

Reset All Network Settings

This little trick can help you fix many issues such as cannot connect your iPhone to Wifi networks, cannot make or receive calls, or even iPhone shows no service. Learn More >>

Use A Different Lightening Cable

This is the easiest solution we can try when iPhone does not connect to computer or iPhone not charging. Believe it or not, it usually works better than you think.

Enable Bold Text

Enable Bold Text helps you restart iPhone without power and home buttons. When the physical buttons on your iPhone are broken and you have to restart your device, this trick helps a lot. Learn More >>

Restart Your iPhone

Many iOS problems are caused by system glitches on iPhone when we've used the device for a long time. A device restart will help you get the device up and running again. Learn More >>

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