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How to Transfer Photos/Videos from iPhone 11/11 Pro to Mac Efficiently

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Importing photos/videos from iPhone 11/11 Pro to Mac has been the talk of the town of lately. Several iPhone 11/11 Pro users across the globe are looking for the ways to import photos/videos from iphone to mac without iphoto. Worry no more fellas! We’re right here holding your back! Therefore, we’ve drafted this comprehensive post specifically to help you understand how to transfer photos from iPhone 11/11 Pro to Macbook efficiently. So, without talking much let’s begin with the solutions!

Part 1. One click to import iPhone 11/11 Pro photos/videos to Mac

The very first means by which you can effectively and efficiently import photos/videos from iPhone 11/11 Pro to Mac is via Dr.Fone (Mac) - Phone Manager (iOS). With this powerful tool you not only can transfer photos from iPhone 11/11 Pro to Macbook. But also can transfer messages, contacts, videos in just a matter of few clicks. It is a one stop solution for all your data management needs like exporting, deleting, adding etc. Let’s now understand how to import photos from iphone to mac without iphoto using Dr.Fone (Mac) - Phone Manager (iOS).

Download for Mac Download for PC

3,839,410 people have downloaded it

Step 1: Download the Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (iOS) tool. Install and launch the tool afterwards. Then from the mainscreen hit on the "Phone Manager" tab.

launch the tool

Step 2: Now, on the upcoming screen, you’ll be asked to plug your iPhone into the PC. Do it and let the software detect it. Once detected, you’re required to hit on the “Photos” tab over the top navigation menu.

hit on the Photos tab

Step 3: Next, select the photos that you wish to transfer to your Mac and then hit the “Export” button available just below the navigation menu.

select the photos

Step 4: Lastly, hit on “Export to Mac/PC” and set the desired location to which you want your photos to be exported over your Mac/PC. That’s it you’re done.

Export to Mac

Note: In the same way you can get other data types like videos, music, contacts etc. exported to your Mac or PC.

Part 2. Transfer photos/videos from iPhone 11/11 Pro to Mac with iCloud Photos

Next tutorial on how to import photos from iPhone 11/11 Pro to mac without iphoto is none other than iCloud. iCloud Photos or iCloud Photo Library is a great way to sync your photos or videos across all your iDevices be it Mac, iPhone, iPad. You can effectively sync photos and videos with your Windows PC as well but you need to install and configure iCloud for Widows app in the first place. Though iCloud offers 5GB of free space, but if you have data that ranges more than that you may need to buy more space as per your data needs.

Setting up iCloud Photos on iPhone:

  1. Get into the Settings of your iPhone, then hit on your name i.e. your Apple ID.
  2. Next, hit on “iCloud” followed by “Photos”.
  3. Lastly, toggle on the “iCloud Photo Library” (in iOS 11 or earlier) or “iCloud Photos”.
  4. iCloud Photos

Setting up iCloud over Mac:

  1. First, launch “Photos” from the launch pad and then hit on the “Photos” menu on the top left corner.
  2. Then, opt for the “Preferences” option and select, “iCloud”.
  3. Preferences option
  4. On the upcoming screen, hit on the “Options” button besides Photos.
  5. Lastly, check in the box besides “iCloud Photo Library”/“iCloud Photos” available under iCloud tab.
  6. iCloud tab

Note: Please ensure to configure the same Apple ID across both the devices in order to make this sync work. And both should have active internet connection. Within a short while your photos and videos will be synced automatically between your Mac computer and iPhone.

Part 3. Airdrop iPhone 11/11 Pro photos to Mac

A yet another way to wirelessly transfer photos from iPhone 11/11 Pro to Macbook is via Airdrop. Here is the detailed tutorial on how to transfer photos/videos from iphone to mac.

  1. Your first move is to enable the Airdrop over your iPhone. To do this, launch Settings, then get into “General”. Now, scroll down to “AirDrop” followed by setting it up for “Everyone” so as to send data to any device.
  2. Next, you need to switch on AirDrop over your Mac. To do this, hit “Go” on the Finder menu and opt for “AirDrop”. Then, you need to set the AirDrop to “Everyone” here as well. The option is available just below the “AirDrop icon” at the bottom of the AirDrop window.
  3. Finder menu

How to transfer photos from iPhone 11 to Macbook:

  1. Once both the devices detects each other and then, launch the “Photos” app over your iPhone.
  2. Now, opt for the photos or videos that you wish to send over your Mac.
  3. Once done, hit the “Share” button in the left-bottom corner and then opt for the “Mac” button over the AirDrop panel.
  4. hit the Share button
  5. Next, a pop-up window will appear over your Mac computer asking for your confirmation to accept the incoming photos. Hit on “Accept”.
  6. As soon as you do it, you’ll be asked to set the destination location where you wish to save the incoming photos or videos.

Part 4. Use Photos app to import iPhone photos/videos

Last but not the least, this next method to import photos from iPhone to Mac is via Photos app over your Mac. For this, you require an authentic Lightning cable in order to connect iPhone to your Mac computer. Here’s the step by step tutorial on how to transfer photos/videos from iphone to mac via Photos app.

  1. Get your iPhone in connection with Mac using a genuine lightning cable. As soon as it is connected, the Photos app over your Mac will automatically come up.

Note: If you’re connecting your iPhone for the first time to your Mac, you will be asked to first unlock your device and “Trust” the computer.

  1. Over the Photos app, you’ll be presented with your photos over your iPhone. Or, hit on your iPhone from the left menu panel of the Photos app window. Simply hit on “Import All New items” button available over the right top corner.
  2. Next, preview the photos and opt for the ones you wish to import. Hit “Import Selected” afterwards.
  3. Import selected photos

Bottom Line

As we move towards the end of the article, we are now positive that you’ll no longer find any trouble while transferring photos/videos from iPhone 11/11 Pro to Macbook.

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