iPhone 8: Everything You Need to Know!

The year 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of iPhone, and what a better way to celebrate this milestone other than launching a new phone. It has been all over the news that iPhone 8 will be making a grand entry in the market in the year 2017. With iPhone 7 making its debut in mid last year, iPhone 8 may just happen to be the game changer in the long run. In this article, I am going to get into more details concerning this highly anticipated device, as well as get to know what is new and what is missing in it.

iphone 8

Part 1: Release Date

As a tradition, Apple usually releases its new phones in September, just in time for Christmas. However, because the company is celebrating a decade since its first initial launch, chances of Apple releasing iPhone 8 on June 29th are high. With this in mind, expect iPhone 8 to hit the market either in mid June or Mid September 2017.

Part 2: Name & Price

2.1: Name

The brand new iPhone device is expected to go by the name of iPhone 8, though many people speculate that iPhone may stick to its tick-tock cycle where the incoming brand has an "S". This argument is based on the fact that iPhone 7 doesn’t have the "S" version just yet, as compared to the previous versions.

2.2: Price

When it comes to the price, it is believed that iPhone 8 will retail at a starting price of between $800 to around $1,000 upon its release. This will be the highest amount that iPhone has set on a new release.

Part 3: Design(All-glass design)

There is an iPhone 8 huge leak indicate that Apple is contemplating replacing the aluminum casing with a full glass cover on both fronts. This wouldn’t be the first time that Apple has used glass casing on its devices. When iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s were released, they both came with a glass casing. However, the casing had some negativities with some consumers complaining about how easy it was for the glass to break when dropped. With Apple deciding to follow the same route again, it is evident that they liked the glass design. Perhaps they might opt for the scratch free gorilla screen present on some Samsung Galaxy phones.

iphone 8 All-glass design

Part 4: OLED Display

For the first time in its 10-year history, Apple is going to employ a curved screen, as seen on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. With Samsung making a killing from the curved OLED screen, it should not come as a surprise when Apple decides to joins the fray.

iphone 8 OLED Display

Part 5: End of The Home Button

Insiders with close ties to Apple are stating that the home button will no longer be available on the new iPhone 8. Instead, the home button will be replaced by a highly sensitive digital button that will carryout all the functions of the Home button.

iphone 8 no home buttone

Part 6: Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is no doubt the latest form of technology that has completely revolutionized mobile usage. It is believed that the brand new iPhone 8 will be charged wirelessly at distances of about 15ft. Apple, however, plans to make the wireless charging more economical by reducing the technical barriers associated with power over distance charging. Apart from this, Apple is also planning to design a wireless charging system that allows iPhones and iPads to be placed far away from charging mats.

iphone 8 Wireless Charging

Part 7: Other Features

1: Iris Scanner

With the iPhone 8, the days of unlocking your phone using a password or a pattern will be long gone. Apple plans to invest on the Iris Eye Scanner, as one of its principal overhauls expected on the iPhone 7. With this brand new feature, users will get the opportunity to unlock their phones by simply looking at them at a designated position.

iphone 8 Iris Scanner

2: Durable Battery Life

When we consider the OLED screen, A11 processor chip as well as the dual camera, it should not come as a surprise when you see a much larger and highly advanced battery arrive with the iPhone 8. All the features present in this phone basically calls for a much stronger battery life.

3: Dual Camera

When it comes to the camera, some tech savvy individuals believe that Apple will change the single lens on its devices, and replace it with a dual lens on all of its new devices as of 2017. This of course will bring to life crystal clear pictures and simplified snapping.

iphone 8 Dual Camera

4: Processor and Storage

Apple will employ the A11 processor chip in the iPhone 8. The A11 chip has the capability of giving you high speed screen orientation and simplified screen commands. Apart from this, the chips will be much smaller and more energy friendly. In terms of storage, iPhone 8 will come with an internal storage of about 256GB.

iphone Processor and Storage

5: Size

The iPhone 8 will come in three different sizes namely 4.7- inches, 5-inches, and 5.5-inches. In terms of features, it is expected that all of these versions will or may vary in terms of features. For instance, it is believed that the 5-inch iPhone will come equipped with a dual lens camera as well as the iSight modules. With these two features, you are guaranteed better image viewing and video recording.

6: 3D Touch

Apple will incorporate the highly sensitive 3D touch feature to work hand in hand with the OLED display. The sensitivity nature of the 3D Touch will enable users to maneuver on their screen easily.

7: Water Resistant

With iPhone 7 employing the IP67 water resistant certification, there’s a high possibility that iPhone 8 will use a much better certification number, in this case, IP68. For iPhone 7, the device can get immersed in water for up to 30 minutes. With iPhone 8 expected to use IP68 certification, expect the phone to withstand more minutes of water immersion as well as a complete dust protection capability.

iphone 8 Water Resistant

With just months to the expected release date, the anticipation that is awaiting this phone can no doubt be felt by each and every person especially the iPhone lovers. Though these are some of the specs that we could lay our hands on, more information is expected to come out as days go by. So as a word of advice, keep it locked as we strive to keep you informed.

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