iPhone 8 Huge Leaks - No Home Button, OLED Display, All Glass Design

The year 2017 promises to be the year when iPhone celebrates its tenth year in the industry. As a celebratory mode, there has been speculation that Apple will be launching its latest device, iPhone 8 to the market. Though it is not yet confirmed when the device will be launched, speculations have been rife since the beginning of the year. For close to two months now, a number of expected features have made it to the public, perhaps contrary to what Apple expected. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best-known leaks that have been making rounds online. By doing so, we will be in a much better position to understand what awaits us before it gets to us.

iphone 8

Part 1: The Home Button Has Been Replaced with a Digital Sensor

One of the most interesting leaks about the brand new iPhone 8 is the speculation that it will be missing the Home Button. Though this rumor was rife when iPhone 7 was been drummed for release, it never matured to what many people expected since iPhone 7 came with the physical button.

As for iPhone 8, what does the absence of the home button indicate? Well; according to Apple and a few trustworthy tech savvy individuals, it is believed that the home button will be replaced with an incredibly sensitive touch digital button. Instead of the physical button that we are all accustomed to, we will now have a glass touch button, something that will work just like the touch screen.

iphone 8 no home button

Part 2: OLED Display Replaces the LED Display

Another great overhaul that is expected to come with the brand new iPhone 8 is the elimination of the LCD screen with the immediate replacement with the brand new and highly attractive OLED display. The OLED display can be compared to the UHD version of flat screen TV's. With this in mind, we can't assume the superiority of the OLED display. From ultra-high definition display to a full range of pixels and colors to choose from, the OLED display will soon replace the LCD screen in other upcoming smartphones.

iphone 8 oled display

The captive 4.7-inch OLED display for the case of the 4.7-inch iPhone 8 device, will also support 4K resolution, which would naturally translate to crystal clear pictures, high-definition movies, and videos, as well a highly supportive platform for virtual reality applications. The OLED display will also be equipped with sensors on its sides to increase touch sensitivity. The edges of the OLED screen display are also said to be edgeless with narrow bezels as compared to the previous versions of iPhone.

Part 3: Back and Front Glass Casing

The front and back glass casing is also another leak that has found its way to the public. Though the glass design was present in the iPhone 4 and 4S, it did not go well with some consumers who complained of the glass been too fragile and prone to breakage. The fact that three more iPhone models (5,6, and 7) have been produced after iPhone 4, it should not come as a surprise if Apple decides to employ a much robust glass screen. For instance, there’s a possibility that the all new glass screen may use the gorilla material which happens to be scratch and crack proof.

As a matter of fact, any device that will be released as from 2017 will have no aluminum foil which lies between the two glass casing. This only means that iPhone 8 will be purely glassy in nature.

iphone 8 glass design

Part 4: A More Advanced Wireless Charging Capability

A few years ago, wireless charging was a thing of pure imagination. However, as time has gone and thanks to technology, wireless charging is no longer a fantasy but a reality. With Apple realizing the importance of the wireless charging, it has decided to make use of it on the upcoming iPhone 8. Actually, as iPhone plans to introduce the wireless charging capability to its new devices, a variety of Android devices are already getting charged wirelessly. As a way of trying to get more market share, Apple plans to revolutionize the wireless charging capability. According to the word on the street, Apple intends to overcome the technical glitches such as slow charging associated with wireless charging.

iphone 8 Wireless Charging Capability

Apart from this, Apple also plans to introduce a more diversified charging system that charges as fast as wired charging. Currently, the wireless charging capability employed by Samsung and other Android-enabled devices is much slower as compared to regular charging particularly due to the loss of power output brought about by the distance between the device and the charging mat. According to Apple, their newly advanced wireless charging devices will support wireless charging to a distance of up to 15 feet, as well as make it fast as seen with wired charging.

As much as manufacturing companies try their best to hide their soon to be released products, the chances of their products leaking out to the public are high regardless of how hard they try to hide it. As it is the case with mobile manufacturers, iPhone has found itself in the same situation when you consider the fact that the soon to be released iPhone 8 has already leaked to the public.

Though some details may still be scanty, the fact remains that at least we have an idea of what to expect come late 2017 when the phone is supposedly planned to be released. As time goes, the chances are high that we will be in a position to get more leaks and information concerning the iPhone 8. As for now, keep it locked here for more details as we work round the clock to get the juiciest information regarding the release of iPhone 8.

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iPhone 8 Huge Leaks - No Home Button, OLED Display, All Glass Design

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