3 Solutions on How to Backup iPhone on iTunes

Your iPhone probably houses some pretty extensive and equally important data which you can’t afford to lose. If you lose it, you might probably never get it or it will take you a long time before you put it together again. Whether it is your photos, notes, or documents you should find a backup plan to protect your data. This article discusses how to backup iPhone on itunes for Windows as well as how to backup iphone on itunes for Mac. It also walks you through Dr. Fone- iOS Data Backup and Restore tool.

Part 1: How to backup iPhone on iTunes for Windows

The process for backing up your iPhone on iTunes for Windows is really easy and anyone can learn how to do it. Here’s how to backup iPhone to iTunes on Windows

Step 1: Install iTunes

Download and install iTunes in your PC if you haven’t already done so.

Step 2: Update iTunes

If you already have iTunes installed, ensure that you have updated it first to the latest version. If your computer is connected to the Internet, you will automatically be prompted to update once you launch iTunes.

update iTunes to backup iPhone on iTunes

Step 3: Connect your iPhone to the PC

Using a USB cable, connect your iPhone to your PC and the select your device. After selecting iPhone in the left panel, click "Summary" next.

how to backup iPhone on iTunes

If your iPhone is locked with a passcode, you will need to unlock it first before you start the process of bucking up.

how to backup iPhone with iTunes

Step 4: Backup your iPhone

Next, choose "This Computer" in the backups section. Next, select "Backup Now". Doing this enables iTunes to backup your iPhone on your computer. You can also create a backup when you sync the computer.

backup iPhone with iTunes

During the backup process, you may be prompted to backup apps that aren’t in your iTunes library, especially if you recently installed apps on your iPhone.

Backup your iPhone on iTunes

Step 5: Wait for the backup process to complete

Once you have confirmed that you want to back up your data as well apps, the backup process will begin immediately. Please note that your iPhone backup file will be saved to your iTunes Media folder.

Pros and Cons


One advantage when it comes to backup iPhone to iTunes is that it is easy to backup your iPhone using this method. 1st, you don't need to install anything. Secondly, you only need a couple of taps and you will start backing up your phones. The other advantage is that you can encrypt important backup information such as your health data and other personal data.


The inability of this method to allow users to select the particular files to backup iPhone to iTunes is a serious limitation considering the fact that not everything need to be backed up. Moreover, space limitations may not allow one to backup everything.

Part 2: How to backup iPhone on iTunes for Mac

You can back up your iPhone using iTunes. Here, we are going to show you how to how to backup iphone on itunes for Mac PC. Follow the steps below to manually backup iPhone to iTunes for Mac:

Step 1: Connect the iPhone to the computer with a USB cable.

Using the latest iTunes version on your iPhone, connect your iPhone to your PC using a cable

how to backup iPhone on iTunes for Mac

Select iPhone on the top right, under DEVICES as shown in the image above. Tap on it and wait

Step 2: Connect to summary

Once you have selected "iPhone" and tapped on it, right-click and then select "Back Up". After that, proceed to the "Summary" tab as shown below.

start to backup iPhone on iTunes for Mac

Make sure you hit "Back Up Now" and then click "Sync" at the bottom left.

Step 3: Your computer will begin to back up

Immediately you hit the radio button "Sync", your computer will start to backup immediately. You can monitor the progress as shown below.

how to backup iPhone with iTunes on Mac

Step 4: Finish the iPhone backup process

When the process completes, the date and time of backup will be updated and displayed as shown below

backup iPhone on iTunes for Mac

Pros and Cons


As you have noticed, the process of backing up iPhone on iTunes for Mac is fairly easy and anyone can do it. So long us you have installed the latest version of iTunes, the rest is a walk in the park. If you have no time to select the specific files to backup, this method is the best.


The main disadvantage with this method of backing up iPhone on iTunes is that there is no option to preview. You agree that not everyone wants to backup everything. So without the preview option where you can select the specific files you want to backup, it becomes difficult to manage disk space and time.

Part 3: How to selectively restore iTunes backup file on Mac or PC

Is it possible to restore iTunes backup selectively?

Sure. We all know that you are not allowed to choose files when restoring backup files with iTunes. In order to solve this problems, here we find dr.fone - iPhone Data Recovery, a perfect iPhone backup extractor that can help you to selectively restore iTunes backup on Mac or Windows.

dr.fone - iPhone Data Recovery

Selectively Restore iPhone data from iTunes backup without losing data

  • Selectively preview and recover any data you want.
  • Restore any data you want from iCloud backup and iTunes backup.
  • Recover data lost due to deletion,device loss,jailbreak,iOS 10/9 upgrade,etc.
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10 or Mac 10.11.
Available on: Windows Mac
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Steps to selectively restore iTunes backup file

Step 1: Select Recovery Mode

First, ensure that dr.fone is installed on your computer. Launch it and click "Recover from iTunes Backup Files" on the left side. Using the USB cable, connect your computer to your iPhone. dr.fone will automatically detect your iOS device and display your iTunes backup on the window.

start to backup iPhone on Mac or Windows

Step 2: Scan iPhone Data from iTunes Backup File

Select the specific iTunes backup and click "Start Scan" to initiate the scanning process. When it finished, the program will list all your iTunes backup data in categories.

How to backup iPhone on Mac or Windows

Step 3: Preview and Restore Data from iTunes Backup

View your iTunes backup and select the any one you want to restore these selected iTunes backup to your phone.

backup iPhone finished

Part 4: How to backup iPhone to external hard drive with iTunes

When you sync your iPhone on your PC, the first thing that iTunes does is to backup your files automatically.However, the problem with this is that you may end up having space problems because the latest models of iPhones come with larger storage space. So you will need dozens of gigabytes to ensure that your backup files are safe. So what do you do when you don't have enough space? You can actually move your backups to an external hard drive. So this section walks you though the process of how to backup iPhone using iTunes to external hard drive.

Step 1: Get an external hard drive

The first step is to get an external hard drive which you will use to store your backup data. Next, create a folder on the drive which you will keep you backup data. For instance, you can name it "iTune Backup".

Step 2: Quit iTunes

1. Quit iTunes and then, open a Finder Window by hitting Shift + Command + G. Alternatively, you can select "Go" then "Go to Folder".

Now type this "/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup"

how to backup iPhone to external hard drive with iTunes

2. Copy the folder above by hitting command-C then go to the folder you just created on the external drive and paste it there. Waite a few seconds for the copying to complete.

3. Once the backup folder has been fully copied, you can rename the original folder (in the /MobileSync/ folder) to something you can remember. You may delete the original folder, but it is recommended that you just rename it to something like backup_old just in case something goes wrong.

4. The next thing is to launch the "Terminal" Application that can be located in /Applications/Utilities/. Next, type the command below

ln -s /Volumes/ExternalHD/iTunesBackup/Backup/ ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup

backup iPhone to external hard drive with iTunes

Next, hit the return key.

The significance of this is that it is meant to create a symbolic link between where the OS will look for the backup fold and the actual location on your external hard drive. What this does is that it cheats Mac into saving any future backup file on your hard drive instead of saving it in your iPhone.

5. Quit the terminal and see if the symbolic link was successful. You can confirm this by going back to ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/ folder. If you find that the new backup folder is just a black file with an arrow on it, then the symbolic link was successful.

Step 3: Backup your iPhone to external hard drive

Now you can relaunch iTunes and connect your iPhone to your PC via a USB cable. Start the usual backup process. Now instead of your iPhone backing up on your PC, it will now backup in the external hard drive.

how to backup iPhone to external hard drive on iTunes

Depending on their specific needs, different people prefer different backup options. If you are looking for a quick and free ways on how to backup iPhone on itunes without minding which files to choose, then you could choose to backup your iPhone to iTunes for PC. However, if you are looking for a backup option that gives you the opportunity to preview and select the specific files to backup and restore, then you might consider dr.fone- iOS Data Backup & Restore tool. Therefore, it is important to know how to backup iPhone on itunes as well as how to use dr.fone because both are fine.

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