Apple TV Mirroring Full Guide

Watching movies on Apple TV has its own comfort and joy that everyone wants to enjoy with family. Today we are going to show you how to stream video, content, presentations on your Apple TV from your iPhone and MAC. We will also introduce you to the top 3 Apple TV Mirroring issues that the users face and how to solve them. We will divide the article into three parts; the first part is dealing with how to mirror from iPhone, the second part describing how to mirror  from MAC, and the third about the top three issues and their solutions.

Part 1: How to Mirror MAC Screen on Apple TV

Suppose you have an Apple TV in your living room and you want to watch your favourite movie from your Apple MAC. In such case, Airplay Mirroring can help you enjoy your

time by allowing you are mirroring your iPhone to the Apple TV. We are going to learn how to airplay mirror MAC to Apple TV in this part of the article. The process is very similar to the air playing iPhone/iPad. These below-given steps will make you master in connecting your MAC to your Apple TV.  

Step 1.  Tapping on Airplay Icon

Once we turn on our MAC, we have to tap on Airplay icon in the first step. It is a very easy step as we can easily find the Airplay button in the menu bar on the right side of our MAC.

mirror mac screen on apple tv

Step 2.  Choosing Apple TV

Now we have to choose the Apple TV as our target to airplay mirror our MAC. Again it is an easy step; we need just to tap on the Apple TV from the drop-down, and we have done. Please note that when the MAC is using Airplay Mirroring, the icon turns blue. 

mirror mac screen on apple tv

Part 2: How to Mirror iPhone/iPad Screen on Apple TV

In this part of the article, we are going to show you how to mirror iPhone and iPad  screen to Apple TV. Note that you need to connect both the devices to the same Wi-Fi network for airplay mirroring.  Follow these few simple steps.

Step 1. Open Control Panel

Mirroring the screen of your iPhone/iPad to Apple TV is an easy process. In this first step, we have to swipe up from the bottom bezel on the iPhone to open the Control Panel. 

mirror iphone ipad screen on apple tv

Step 2. Tapping on the Airplay Button

After opening the Control Panel on your iPhone, we need to swipe it horizontally so that we can get the Now Playing Screen. We can easily see airplay button now, and we

have to tap on the Airplay Button in this step.

mirror iphone ipad screen on apple tv

Step 3. Selecting Apple TV 

In this step, we have to select where we want to airplay mirror. As we are going to airplay mirror our iPhone to the Apple TV, we have to tap on Apple TV as shown in the

below screenshot. This is how we can airplay mirror any iPhone/iPad to an Apple TV just in few simple steps without having any issue. 

mirror iphone ipad screen on apple tv

Part 3: Top 3 Apple TV Mirroring Issues and Solutions

In this part of the article, we are describing how to solve the top 3 Apple TV mirroring issues. 

3.1 Apple TV Mirroring Lag

Apple TV is a great means of enjoying videos and games through mirroring, but it is really upsetting when it lags while mirroring. We know that Airplay Mirroring is a simple and easy process, but we can face some performance issues while using it. More probably when we watch videos and play games, we face problems such video stutters, video freezes,

dropped frames or dropped connections, etc. We will show you how to solve this lagging problem. We adopt these steps to solve this issue. 

Step 1. Managing Display Settings

We have to change the Desktop size while mirroring on Apple TV. Generally, it mirrors the built-in screen so we have to change it. We have to change it to resolution of Apple TV by checking on Apple TV as shown in the image below.

fix apple tv mirroring lag

Step 2. Choose Extend Desktop

If the problem still continues, we can adopt this step. We have to choose Extend Desktop and use Apple TV as the second screen. We can also adjust the display resolution of our second screen. Go to System Preferences and set the resolution. 

fix apple tv mirroring lag

3.2 Apple TV Mirroring Black Screen

Apple TV users sometimes face that the Apple TV displays nothing but black when they try to mirror their iPhone on it. We will learn here to solve this issue of having Apple TV black screen while mirroring. In such case, we have to restart our Apple TV and try again. Even if the problem exists there, we need to Restore the Apple TV to its Factory Settings. Let’s learn now how to fix our Apple TV with a black screen.

Step 1. Restarting Apple TV

We need to restart our Apple TV in this step. To do so, we have to go to Settings on the Apple TV and navigate to General. After that, we have to select Restart from the options and tap on it to restart. If this fixes the issue, then okay otherwise follow this. Taking your Apple TV remote, we have to press both Home and Down buttons together at same time for 6 seconds. As the indicator light on the Apple TV start blinking fast, we have to release the buttons. After that, unplug the Apple TV for 3 seconds and plug in again. 

fix apple tv mirroring black screen

Step 2. Factory Resetting of Apple TV

In this step, we have to reset the Apple TV do solve the issue. Going to the Settings of apple TV, just navigate to General and select Reset button from the options. Tap on Reset and wait as it will do the factory resetting automatically. 

fix apple tv mirroring black screen

3.3 Apple TV Mirroring Choppy

While Airplay Mirroring on Apple TV, you may experience poor performance issues like slow response, blurry video, low latency or intermittent playback. We are sharing some ways to solve this choppy issue. There is no exact solution for this issue, but any one of these tricks will fix it. Let’s know them.

Turning off Bluetooth: While mirroring on Apple TV, it is better to turn off Bluetooth on our iOS device. The process is simple; you go to Settings and then General where you will find Bluetooth option. Just remove the check on from Bluetooth to turn off it. 

Another thing we can do is to keep the iOS device very close to the router for better performance. Connecting the Apple TV to the Router via Ethernet instead of Wifi may also help to solve this issue. Next, we can try by restarting all the devices involved in screen mirroring including the router as well. Also, all the devices must have the latest updated software and firmware.  If you try these, it is most probably that the issue will be solved and you can enjoy Apple TV.

In conclusion, reading this article, we came to learn how to mirror your iPHone/iPad and MAC to the Apple TV. We also became familiar with top 3 Mirroring issues and how to solve them. 

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