Worried About HEIC to PNG Conversion? Here's What to Do!

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HEIC files need conversion to PDF or PNG format. An end-user seeks a file format that can work for everyone and is dependable in all circumstances.

Users can now circulate images that all devices can recognize, regardless of the software compatibility issues with HEIC files. This comes from converting HEIC files into PDFs or PNGs.

The HEIC file format may be easily converted to PNG or PDF using the techniques in this article.

Part 1: Overview of HEIC/PNG/PDF

Many different file formats may work to hold various kinds of digital information. Some examples of these formats are HEIC, PNG, and PDF.

Following this instruction, you can easily convert HEIC files to PDF or PNG. However, before we get into it, let's take a high-level look at the three available picture formats.


The High-Efficiency Image Format (HEIC) is a file format to store photos that minimizes the amount of space. At the same time, it can maintain the quality of the images.



The term "Portable Network Graphics" (PNG) refers to a file format often used on the internet to store graphical files. It results in photographs that have clean lines and accurate color reproduction.



In conclusion, "Portable Document Format" (PDF) is a file format commonly used in businesses as a standard for exchanging documents between users. This is because PDF documents maintain a consistent appearance across multiple platforms. And PDF is simple to view without software limitations.


When it comes to the management of digital information, all three of these file formats are essential. So, don't worry whether it's for personal or professional use.

Differences between HEIC/PNG/PDF

1- Electronic formats such as HEIC, PNG, and PDF may all be valid when it comes to the process of transferring or sharing data. If your device cannot read HEIC files, you may convert them to PDF.

Those who wish to keep massive images in a file require less storage space. Therefore, they should consider adopting the HEIC file format rather than any other option.

2- The PNG file format is ideal for logos and other tiny graphics because it can maintain the picture's quality even when the image size gets smaller.

In conclusion, given that PDF files are often unable to be edited, it is a good idea to utilize them as stuck files since they are a fantastic option.

3- They can hold many pages within a single document, allowing for improved compatibility across various systems and ensuring that the document's initial layout is preserved even after it has been transferred.

Additionally, they can hold many pages within a single document.


Full Name

High-Efficiency Image File Format Portable Network Graphics Portable Document Format

Supported Systems

Systems with Lightroom Almost all OSs Almost all OSs

Image Quality

Excellent Good Good

File Size

Small Large Large

How to Choose the Best File Format

When finding the appropriate file format for your requirements, it is essential to consider the most important factors.

  • If you are most concerned about the quality of the final product, consider using a lossless format such as PNG.
  • Compressed formats such as JPEG and GIF are your needs if compatibility is more important than the picture's maximum possible quality. Both of these formats compress the image before it is saved.
  • As an iOS user, if you want a balance between image quality and size, you should use the HEIC format.

image formats

There are many other alternatives out there to choose from whichever way you choose, each of which has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages tailored to specific situations.

In the end, exercising critical thinking and considering the needs of both quality and compatibility to make an educated selection about the best file format will be necessary to make the appropriate option.

Part 2: 3 Simple Tools to Convert HEIC to PNG

Some of the best tools available online to convert HEIC to PNG or PDF are as follows:

1. HEIC Online Converter

heic online converter

When you export photographs from your mobile device to a computer using Dr.Fone, the program automatically transforms any included HEIC photos.

Step 1

To upload the HEIC files you want to convert, please open Dr.Fone website.

Step 2

The second step is to choose the HEIC pictures you wish to convert.

Step 3

Download the converted files to your PC.

2. Convertio


The process of converting files with Convertio is distinctive, and it can be done online. However, some users might need to learn how to use a standalone app. Particularly A stable internet connection is vital.

However, for all other use cases, Convertio manages to make up the difference with its feature set and the use ease. As a result, people with very little expertise may effectively use the instrument.

Step 1

Get into the Convertio website.

Step 2

Upload the HEIC files and click the button to convert

Step 3

Download the PNG files in your computer.

3. Xconvert


XConvert is a batch image converter and resizer that works across multiple platforms and provides a user experience that is both powerful and simple to operate.

In addition to supporting the most common picture and graphics formats, such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, Camera RAW, JPEG2000, WebP, and OpenEXR, the software also can read and write over 500 additional image formats.

Part 3: 3 Easy Ways to Convert HEIC to PDF

1. CloudConvert

Another helpful web tool, this one transforms about every picture file you can think. When you utilize it, it takes just a few moments to convert Raw files into PDFs.

Utilizing the free online file converter provided by Cloudconvert is the most efficient method for converting HEIC files to PDF format.

  1. Launch a web browser and open Cloudconvert there. Check that the settings allow you to convert HEIC files to PDF format.
  2. Select the HEIC files that you wish to convert, and then click the Choose Files button.


  1. Ensure that the PDF option is selected from the top menu, and click the Convert button.
  2. The files will be converted to PDF once a few seconds have passed. Click the Download button, and then look for your PDF files in your computer's Downloads folder.

2. FreeConvert


Another online tool for conversion has a straightforward user interface and lightning-fast conversion speed. You must drag and drop or upload the file for the easy and fast conversion from HEIC to PNG or PDF.

  1. Click "Choose Files" to start the conversion
  2. Download the PDF files in your computer

The Bottom Line

You have arrived at the correct place if you are seeking some of the most effective techniques for converting HEIC to PNG files. It would help if you used the Dr.Fone-HEIC Online Converter since it is the most incredible tool you can find. The fact that this program respects your privacy is undoubtedly the most remarkable advantage it offers.

Therefore, give all solutions a try if you're having trouble converting HEIC files to PNG or PDF. What are you holding out for exactly? Please give it a go right now!

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