What You Need to Know About HEIC File Viewer?

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Even if you have never heard of HEIC, you can face it if you have an iPhone. But it may be somewhat frustrating. When you attempt to open a HEIC file on your computer, you get a message informing you that you cannot.

It would help if you did not give up hope since this is not the story's conclusion. Because you can access various choices, you can keep the file.

This post will cover several approaches that will teach you how to open HEIC files with different systems and devices.


Part 1: Brief about JPEG and HEIC

When it comes to image formats, there are a lot of options to choose. JPEG and HEIC are two of the most popular formats; each has advantages and disadvantages.


A lossy format means some information is lost when the image is compressed. This can lead to lower-quality photos, but the files are smaller and easier to transfer.


A lossless format, so no information is lost when the image is compressed. This results in higher-quality images, but the files are larger and more challenging to transfer. HEIC is also a newer format than JPEG, so systems and devices less widely support it.

heic jpeg

However, Apple has been working to improve HEIC compatibility, and it's slowly becoming more widely accepted. So, when it comes to choosing between HEIC and JPEG, it depends on your needs.

If you're looking for high-quality images that take up less space, HEIC is the better option. However, JPEG is your best bet if you need compatibility with older devices or systems. The good news is that you can convert HEIC files into JPG format using a good HEIC viewer.

Part 2: Why Can't I Open HEIC with My Device?

Although it has so many advantages as a photo format created by Apple, only a tiny part of OSs or devices can open it directly nowadays.

For example, if you want to open HEIC on Windows, the HEIC extensions are necessary to realize it. Otherwise, it's impossible to view HEIC images on Windows.

So if you view your HEIC files without iOS devices, you can try the suggestions below.

Part 3: How to Open HEIC File with Some Easy HEIC Viewers?

This article is for you if you have received a HEIC file and need help opening it. HEIC files are new image files that are used by the latest iPhone operating system. They offer many benefits over traditional JPEG images, but not all programs can open them.

Don't worry! We've put together a list of some accessible HEIC viewer apps that will let you view your images without any trouble.

1. For Windows - CopyTrans


You may access HEIC photos with the native Windows Photo Viewer. Then, by simply double-clicking them in File Explorer, you need the CopyTrans HEIC plug-in installed on your computer.

CopyTrans HEIC is a Windows add-on. In addition, it allows you to insert images in any of these formats into MS Office programs like PowerPoint, Word, or Excel.

Step 1: Navigate to the Website for the CopyTrans HEIC.

Step 2: Get the application by downloading it.

Step 3: Launch the installer that will add it to your Windows system.

Step 4: To open a HEIC picture, select it with the right mouse button and then choose "Open."

2. For Android - Dr.Fone-Phone Manager

As the world increasingly relies on mobile devices, it is more important than ever to have a reliable way to manage them. Dr.Fone-Phone Manager is a comprehensive solution that helps users quickly transfer data, backup files, and root their devices.

With Dr.Fone-Phone Manager, users can rest assured that their mobile devices are in good hands. The software provides a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to transfer data between devices, backup files, and root devices with just a few clicks.

In addition, Dr.Fone-Phone Manager acts as a HEIC viewer and allows us to open HEIC files easily. Here's how to do it.

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Step 1: First, you need Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (iOS) on your Mac or Windows computer. To do the HEIC to JPG conversion, run the toolkit and go to the "Phone Manager" section.


Step 2: Second, using the lightning cord, connect your iPhone to the computer and wait for it to be recognized.


Step 3: The software will quickly show you a sample of the gadget with some extra functions. Select the "Photos" option instead of a quick link.

Step 4: You may scroll through all the pictures that have been saved to your iPhone at this point. The information would be divided up into manageable chunks for your benefit. You'll find quick access to a list of available albums in the left sidebar.

Step 5: Choose the photographs that you desire to relocate. You may even choose an entire album if you like.

Step 6: Click the export button in the toolbar and choose the photographs you want to save to your computer (or Mac).


After selecting a destination in Step 6, a pop-up window will open from which you may export the photographs.

Please be patient while your photographs are being sent to the designated area. In addition, your pictures will be instantly converted to JPG format without any quality loss on your end. Transferring images from an iPhone to a computer is a breeze when you use this method.

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3. For Online - HEIC Online Converter

Dr.Fone also offers you another choice; you don't have to download any software. Only if you have a stable network connection, the conversion from HEIC to JPG will continue quickly online.

Here you will see how to do this:

Step 1: Click the "Add Files" button to select files (or drag & drop the files here).

add files

Step 2: Dr.Fone - HEIC Converter will start converting files automatically.


Step 3: Once completed, download your JPG files. Now, you can open HEIC file in a JPG format.

Part 4: FAQs

Is there any way to store my photos in JPG format on iPhone?

Yes. You can save your images in the JPG file type by storing them through the Photos app on your iPhone. Using the Photos app to keep your photographs will save them as JPG files by default.

To save a photo as a JPG file, open the Photos app and locate the image that you want to save. Next, please tap on the photo to open it, then tap on the share button (the square with an arrow pointing up).

From the share menu, tap on "Save Photo." The photo will be saved as a jpg file in your camera roll.

Why do people like HEIC images?

The new image format introduced by Apple, known as HEIC (High-Efficiency Image File Format), is rapidly gaining popularity because it provides superior compression without compromising image quality.

This enables users to store more photos on their devices while keeping the resolution and file size the same as before.

HEIC files can also be opened in most of today's web browsers and photo editing programs, making it simple to send to your loved ones and close friends. In addition, they support both 3D and transparent images, which add an additional layer of visual interest.

In general, the High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIC) is an excellent option. It can store photos of high quality without requiring excessive storage space on your device.

Can I convert HEIC to PNG?

You can convert HEIC files to PNG format using a converter app or a tool found online. A variety of them are accessible, and the method in which they function is consistent across the board.

Uploading the HEIC file to the converter, waiting while it processes, and then downloading the converted file is all that is required.

The Bottom Line

Now you are familiar with the process of converting HEIC files to JPG, it will be simple for you to transfer images from your iDevices to a PC. To execute an automated conversion from HEIC to JPG, the solution that I would suggest utilizing the available option is Dr.Fone - Phone Manager for iOS.

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