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Are you facing issues while updating or restoring your iPhone from iTunes? While there can be many types of unknown errors that you may encounter, they can be resolved quickly. As it is essential to ensure the success of the update and restoration process, there are different steps that you can take in light of fixing the problem.

There are different kinds of iPhone errors that you can face in the process of updating and restoring your iPhone. For this article, our focus will lie on discussing the reasons and potential fixes that can prove helpful in resolving these iPhone problems.

iphone update or restore errors

Part 1: Why is My iPhone Not Updating or Restoring?

As we will focus on the solutions to understand the different iPhone update errors and restore errors, we will first have to work on understanding why it happens. System errors in iPhones can be fatal if not dealt with properly. As the iPhone won't update or restore for you, there can be multiple scenarios that are possibly the cause of this problem. Let's see and figure out which particular reason is getting into your device and causing issues:

  • There are issues with the internet connection of the iPhone or the computer, which need to be repaired or replaced.
  • iTunes is not updated properly, which is causing multiple glitches on the software while using it.
  • The date and time settings of the iPhone are not correctly set, which is causing temporary issues with the device processes.
  • The Apple Server is not operational, which is why no service is available.

Part 2: How to Fix An iPhone That Won't Restore or Update

With an overview of the reasons, it is now clear that we have to take multiple steps and approaches to avoid the errors of upgradation and restoration. We will now look into the possible solutions that can be used to fix an iPhone that won't restore and update. These techniques will help you figure out the exact solution and resolve the problem on your device.

1. Best Way to Fix iPhone Error Without Data Loss

We will present the best solution for resolving the iPhone update errors on your device in the form of a third-party solution under Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS). Known as a mobile toolkit for managing all primary and secondary errors of the smartphone device, System Repair (iOS) provides dedicated support to repair all major forms of iPhone errors recognized in the system.

From errors like the iPhone stuck on Apple Logo to unknown errors like iPhone Error 78, this tool provides a system for repairing your iPhone efficiently. To know why this tool is considered the best in the market, we will be looking into some features that highlight the quality of this tool:

  • It provides support for iPhone 14 and iOS 16, covering the latest iPhone models.
  • No certain data loss is involved in the repairing process, making it a safe option for users.
  • It allows you to upgrade and downgrade your iOS version without requiring the help of iTunes, which is a great initiative.
safe Downloadsafe & secure

With a focus on the key features of this iPhone system repairing tool, we will now put in the details of how this tool is used with ease:

Step 1: Access System Repair

You must download and install Dr.Fone on your computer and continue to launch it by selecting "System Repair" from the available options on the homepage.

choose the system repair option

Step 2: Select Device and Look Into the List of Errors

Define the device you are using as "iOS," and look for the option of "iOS Repair" in the next window. You will be effectively led into the list of errors you can look into for selecting a particular error before repairing the problem.

proceed with ios repair

Step 3: Proceed to Repair and Select Mode

You can find the respective error in the list, which, if not found, can be easily avoided. Next, click on "Repair Now," regardless of the status of the error, to proceed. Following this, select "Standard Mode" as the particular mode that you will use to repair your iPhone.

tap on repair now button

Step 4: Put iPhone in Recovery Mode

Next, you will have to put the iPhone in Recovery Mode. As you connect the device to the computer, put your iPhone in Recovery Mode and use the "Enter Recovery Mode" button to proceed. If you cannot perform this task, select "Guide to Recovery Mode" and use the on-screen instructions to put the device in Recovery Mode. The platform will automatically recognize it.

enable the recovery mode

Step 5: Download and Install Firmware

Dr.Fone will display the complete list of iOS firmware on your screen. Select any particular update and click "Download" to initiate the download. You must wait until it is downloaded and verified by the platform. Once it is done, select the option of "Repair Now" to install the iOS firmware on your device.

start fixing your iphone device

safe Downloadsafe & secure

2. Check Apple Servers

If your iPhone is not updating or restoring properly, you might have to keep a check on the Apple servers. Rather than facing issues in your device, the problem can directly lead to the core itself. In such a case, you will have to check your Apple Servers from their official page. If the issue exists in the servers, you will find the status turned red on the page.

check the apple server

3. Check Network Connection

There might be a chance that the problem you are facing with updating or restoring your iPhone is directly related to the network you have connected. Restart the Wi-Fi network that is connected to your device to see if the issue resolves. If it still fails, you can consider moving to a cellular network. For that, you must move into the "Settings" of your iPhone and select the option of "Cellular/Mobile Data" to turn it on instead of Wi-Fi.

use mobile data

4. Change Date & Time Settings to Automatic

Sometimes, your iPhone device may not have the correct date and time settings set according to the region you reside in. Due to this, you face different forms of iPhone cellular error, which can be quickly resolved by changing the date and time settings. For that, you must follow the steps defined next:

Step 1: Open the "Settings" of your iPhone and redirect to the "General" section of the settings.

access general settings

Step 2: Find the option of "Date & Time" in the list to change your iPhone's data and time settings. On the next screen, turn on the toggle of "Set Automatically" to change your date and time settings.

activate set automatically option

5. Soft Reset Your iOS Device

Another appropriate direction that you can take to resolve the problems of updating and restoring your iPhone is to restart your iOS device. The steps to perform this are simple, as you will be able to give a fresh start to all basic procedures, giving the system a slight revamp:

Step 1: Launch your iPhone's Settings and open the "General" settings to open more options.

select the general option

Step 2: Find the "Shut Down" button in the list for closing down the iPhone. As it turns off, use the "Power" button to restart the device again.

shut down your iphone

6. Force Restart the iPhone

This quick solution proves good in a case where your soft reset fails to provide any solution. While it does a deeper process of relaunching procedures, all forms of glitches are resolved in this direction. Force restarting your iPhone is a positive approach that resolves iPhone errors without removing any data:

For iPhone 6 and Earlier Models: You have to press and hold the "Power" and "Home" buttons on the bottom until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: It is necessary to press and hold the "Volume Down" and "Power" buttons together until the Apple logo appears.

For iPhone 8 and Later Models: Start by pressing the "Volume Up" button, followed by the "Volume Down" button. Redirect to press and hold the "Power" button until you find the Apple logo on the screen.

force restart your iphone

7. Update iTunes

Since you are updating or restoring your iPhone on iTunes, you will have to update the software since it might be outdated. If this is the case, there are different forms of glitches and problems that might be caused by this particular case. To update your iPhone, you will have to follow the simple steps provided below:

Step 1: Open iTunes on your computer and lead into the "Help" tab on the top.

Step 2: Select the option of "Check for updates" to see if there is any prevailing iTunes update.

update your itunes

8. Contact Apple Support

If the problem persists and no solution is getting you out of the particular iPhone error, you will have to contact Apple Support and seek their help. If the issue cannot be resolved with the home-based solutions, there is no other way except to go to Apple Support for assistance.

contact the apple support

Part 3: The Final Solution to Avoid iTunes Error

Issues of updating and restoring iPhone through iTunes also involve the deletion of the data of your device. If this is the case, you must secure the backup of your iPhone data so it can be easily restored. To help you out in this, you must use the option of Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (iOS) to save a proper backup of your device.

1. About Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (iOS)

Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (iOS) is known for providing the best services in backing up data of your iOS device. While you can easily preview the data, it allows you to perform selective backups with no device data overwriting. This backup solution is not only quick but is quite efficient in managing your backup process. You are not required to have any technical knowledge in using this tool for your iOS device.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

2. iTunes Backup vs. iCloud Backup vs. Dr.Fone Backup

Before we proceed with the details of how to use Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (iOS), we will be putting an in-depth comparison of the counterpart backup solutions provided for iPhone users.

iCloud Backup iTunes Backup Dr.Fone - Phone Backup
Backup Modes Uses the internet for setting up a backup Uses device and USB cable for processing You can back up your data using a Wi-Fi connection or through a lightning cable.
Data Selection Provides options for devising a customized backup procedure. No selective backup options are available. Provides a detailed list of data sections for backing up data.
When Can Data Be Restored? Restores data while setting up iPhone Restores data on setting up iPhone or after some time of setting up Used to restore data on iPhone at any instant
Data Backup Capacity Offers 5GB cloud service, which can rise up to 2TB Dependent on the storage space of the computer It depends on the hard disk space of the system
Data Encryption Data encrypted on backing up Offers data encryption while backing up It does not encrypt data on backing up
Procession of Backup The option is set on iPhone's "Settings." Data is specified that will be backed up. Connect iPhone to computer and open iTunes for the "Backup" option. iPhone is connected with the option of selecting a specific data type.

3. Restore iPhone with Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (iOS)

safe Downloadsafe & secure

We will now direct you to the steps of using Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (iOS) to restore your iPhone. Look ahead to know more about this simple procession:

Step 1: Open Phone Backup and Connect Device

You need to open Dr.Fone and direct into the "Phone Backup" tab on the home screen. Connect your iPhone to the computer, and as the new screen opens, you must click on "Restore" to lead into selecting the backup file.

choose the phone backup option

Step 2: Preview the Restoring Backup File

The next screen will ask you to select a backup file to restore. Click on the "View" button against the backup file that is to be restored. Preview the backup file details and select the data you want to restore.

select the data to restore

Step 3: Restore Data to the Device

On selecting the data, click "Restore to Device" to restore all the data to the iPhone.

data restored to iphone


We have covered a detailed overview of the different types of iPhone errors a user can face while updating or restoring an iPhone. With a focus on the reasons, a cognitive set of solutions have been provided and discussed in detail. This will allow you to get yourself out of the situation and resolve it appropriately.

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