iPhone Battery Draining Fast After Installing iOS 15/14. What to Do?

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New updates and newer problems go hand in hand, for they are inseparable in nature. This time the light is on iOS 15/14 that has been in the news for its ultra-striking features. While abnormal system crashes have been there, users have begun to see iOS 15/14 battery drain faster than ever. Especially right after installation, their iPhone’s battery started draining overnight. For that, we’ve facilitated the best of the solutions! Read them below.

Part 1: Is there actually a problem with your iPhone battery?

1.1 Wait till one or two days later

Ever since the update has come up, the problems arising from it have been going on since then. And if you too are a recipient of iPhone battery problems with iOS 15/14, leave your phone for a couple of days. No, we are not kidding you out. Patiently wait for the battery to adjust. Meanwhile, opt for the power-saving management techniques that can give air some peace to you! It will be the best to get rid of any problem lingering down your phone.

1.2 Check iPhone's battery usage

Little do we pay attention to our phone and its working in our hectic-driven life, so is the case with managing an iPhone. Before upgrading to iOS 15/14, if the battery problems were still persistent in nature. It is completely pointless to brush blame on with iOS version. It can be that the problem is irking long before you knew. The iPhone’s battery is largely occupied with the applications or services used in the foreground or background in actual terms. To determine which section is taking a good battery, deriving the iPhone’s battery usage knowledge is vital. Just opt for the following methods.

  • Open ‘Settings’ on your home screen.
  • Click on ‘Battery’ and wait for the moment till ‘Battery Usage’ expands up.
iphone settings battery
  • Simply click on the ‘Show Detailed Usage’ button to understand what is going on in the foreground and what has been surfacing in the background power usage.
  • Just click on ‘Last 7 Days’ to see the power consumption over time in the broader aspect.
  • From here, you will be able to check the battery relative to your iPhone is. Also, you can understand the level of performance of your iPhone’s battery it incorporates.
iphone settings battery details

1.3 Check your iPhone's battery health

Just as we diagnose our body to ensure we’re healthy, your iPhone needs serious attention too. Without a good healthy battery, the iPhone battery life on iOS 15/14, or any other iOS version, can’t function normally. Therefore, to check the health state of your device, ensure to do the following steps in the said order.

  • Launch ‘Settings’ on your iPhone.
  • Click on ‘Battery’ followed by ‘Battery Health (Beta)’.
iphone battery health

Part 2: Check if any battery bug in the new iOS version online?

When your iPhone battery life is at stake due to the iOS 15/14, there is a sense of fury, which we can understand. There can be two possibilities, either the battery is depreciating due to natural reasons linked to your iPhone or if it is draining due to some battery bug. For that, you have to keep checking online to ascertain whether you are not alone in this problem.

It has been reported that intermittent battery drains have been one of the post-symptoms of iOS 15/14. To resolve this issue, Apple always takes charge of the problem and unleashes the update patch that one can adopt to fix the issue.

Part 3: 11 fixes to stop iPhone battery draining

We’ve collated some of the useful methods to fix your iPhone battery draining issue way easier than you could imagine.

1. Restart your iPhone

For any problem out there, be it some iTunes error or some internal issue, forcing a restart on your device stands out as the apt solution to use in the first place as it helps in charting off all the active apps to pause and start your phone afresh.

For iPhone X and later models:

  • Long hold the ‘Side’ button and any volume buttons until the ‘Power off’ slider doesn’t come up.
  • Swipe the slider for completely turning off your phone.
  • Once your device gets off, repeat step 1 to restart the device.

For iPhone 8 or previous models:

  • Hold and press the ‘Top/Side’ button till the power off slider appears over the screen.
  • Drag the slider to turn your device off completely.
  • Just after your phone switches, repeat step 1 to restart the device.
reboot iphone

2. Make use of the Background Refresh

The prime reason for iOS 15/14 battery problems lies in using its features. Background Refresh is one such feature that is enough to drain your battery faster than you expect. Generally, this feature makes it possible to give you the minutest information about the apps with its latest information. While it's smart coz, you get firsthand experience with new features or the latest updates on your iPhone. Please disable this feature to save your battery from getting depreciated.

  • Go to ‘Settings’ from your iPhone.
  • Then, visit ‘General’, browse and select ‘Background App Refresh’ followed by ‘Background App Refresh’ and opt for the ‘off’ option.
iphone background app refresh

3. Lower the screen brightness

Usually, users keep the brightness levels in the higher streak. As they like using their phone with a better view. That not only affects your iPhone’s battery to drain fast but also affects your eyes unbelievably. So, you should exercise control over the brightness and keep it as dim as possible. Make use of the following steps-

  • Visit ‘Settings’, touch upon ‘Display & Brightness’ (or Brightness & Wallpaper in iOS 7).
  • From there, drag the slider to the left-most direction for reducing the screen’s brightness.
display brightness

4. Turn on Airplane mode in no signal coverage places

If you happen to experience irregular battery problems with your iOS 15/14, there is one way to preserve the existing battery levels. That can be rightly achieved by turning on Airplane mode, especially when you are at no signal coverage places, where there is less use of your phone. The Airplane mode will restrict calls, access to the internet- saving your battery as much as possible. Below are its brief steps.

  • Just unlock your device and swipe up from the center. This will open the ‘Control center’.
  • From there, locate the airplane icon, press on it to enable ‘Airplane mode’.
  • Alternatively, go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Airplane Mode’ and drag the slider to switch it on.
turn airplane mode on iphone

5. Follow Battery Drain Suggestions in iPhone Settings

Being an iPhone user, you must know some of its useful features that help improve your battery life. You can always determine which all applications are helpful in battery drain suggestions in iPhone settings. Fetch the apps that are digging your iPhone battery life on iOS 15/14 devices. To check these recommendations, use the following methods.

  • Launch the ‘Settings’ app on the iPhone.
  • Press on ‘Battery’ and select the ‘Insights and Suggestions’.
battery drain suggestions
  • You will notice your iPhone giving due suggestions to enhance your battery levels.
  • Click on the suggestion that will redirect to the settings that are to be revamped.

Now that you know the root cause of the disruption of app services. In case you still wish to continue with the application, you can.

6. Deactivate Raise to Wake on Your iPhone

We’re quite used to having the screen lit up each time we use it. That’s fairly normal to some extent. But if your iPhones’ battery has suddenly started draining overnight, you need to be extra careful. Every service you think is normal to use can now become the reason for your battery to drain fast. Please deactivate the ‘Raise to Wake’ iPhone.

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ app.
  • Over there, go to ‘Display & Brightness.
  • Slide to ‘Raise to Wake’ function to off.
raise to wake

7. Keep iPhone Face Down in idle time

Usually, with the higher models, the “iPhone Face Down” feature is a pre-defined method. If this method is turned on, placing your iPhone face down barricades the screen from lightning on when notifications arrive. Follow the steps here for iPhone 5s or above versions:

  • Launch ‘Settings’, go to the ‘Privacy’ option.
disable motion fitness tracking
  • Click on ‘Motion & Fitness’ and then toggle on the ‘Fitness Tracking’ on.
disable fitness tracking.

Note: This feature works on iPhone 5s and above models because of their sensor hardware specifications.

8. Turn off location services whenever possible

Location services are something we don’t get over with it. From setting up SatNav in cars to using location-specific apps like- Uber, the GPS services are always enabled on our iPhone. We know GPS is useful but using it at the right time is even more useful. Especially if your iOS 15/14 iPhone is incurring battery problems. It can fuel up the problem even more. Using it minimally and keeping its use restrictive is needed. Just deactivate the location using the following methods:

  • Click on ‘Settings’, opt for ‘Privacy’.
  • Select ‘Location Services’ and select the button right beside the ‘Location Services.
  • Give consent to actions via ‘Turn Off’ for complete disabling of the program. Or, scroll down the apps to restrict location services.
turn off location services

9. Turn On Reduce Motion

Your iPhone makes constant motion effects for creating the illusion of depth into your ‘Home screen’ and within apps. If you wish to restrict the level of motion in your device, lower are the chances of your iPhone battery getting drained. Perform the following steps:

  • Switch on Reduce Motion to visit ‘Settings’.
  • Now, go to ‘General’ and select ‘Accessibility’.
  • Here on, see for ‘Reduce Motion’ and disable the ‘Reduce Motion’.
reduce motion in iphone

10. Activate the Low Power Mode

To better manage your iPhone battery life in your iOS 15/14, ensuring the phone works on low power mode is essential. You can be serious about conserving the battery life of your iPhone and turn the settings off. By using this feature, close down all the unimportant features of your iPhone to preserve as much power as you can. Even Apple accounts that this can fetch you up to 3 hours of battery. Here are 2 ways that can get you through:

  • The classic one is to go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Battery’ and turn on the Low Power Mode.
  • Alternatively, you can get into the ‘Control center’ by swiping the middle section and pressing the battery icon to enable or disabling the battery.
low power mode

11.Use a portable power pack

If you’re in no mood to switch your phone and seem tried to try and test the above methods, it is time you invest in a genuine power bank. Whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, having a portable power bank is essential in providing instant speed on battery levels effectively. Especially if unexpectedly, your iOS 15/14 battery drain fast than ever. A good mAH power bank should be like your accessory to hang out with.

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