What to Do If Safari Cannot Find Server on iPhone 13

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When it comes to browsing the internet for Apple users, Safari is the best application of choice. It has a simplified interface that vastly appeals to users surfing information on their Macs and iPhones. Even though it may be among the most trusted browsers on the internet today, there still persist to be some snags you could hit while browsing. People using devices like iPads, iPhones, and Macs have repeatedly faced the Safari can't find the server issue.

This is no uncommon issue and is usually due to your iOS or MacOS systems or any changes to your network settings. To clarify, Apple remains one of the top brands in the smart technology domain, but it doesn't come as a surprise that some stones remain unturned.

Not to worry, where there is a problem - there is a solution, and we have many you can try out to ensure your Safari browser is up and running again.

Part 1: Reasons Why Safari Cannot Connect to Server

Safari is the very first thing an iPhone user can think of before they begin browsing. Though Apple also allows for third-party browsers like Chrome or Firefox, iOS users seem to be more comfortable with Safari.

It's a secure, fast, and easy to customize web browser, but the "safari can't connect to server" issue feels like a needle in a haystack and here are three reasons why;

  • Internet Issues.
  • DNS Server Issues.
  • iOS System issues.

If your net connection is not strong enough or your DNS server is not responding to your browser. This could be because you are using an unreliable DNS server. Usually, the DNS server settings can be reset to resolve this issue. Nine out of ten times, the connection issue originates from the user's side, so it is important to check your browser settings. Make sure that no third-party applications are blocking your connection requests.

Part 2: How to Fix Safari Cannot Connect to Server on iPhone?

Your server is nothing other than software that provides your browser with the requested data or information. When Safari is unable to connect to the server, it could be so that the server is down or there is some problem with your device or OS network card.

If the server itself is down, then there is pretty much nothing you can do other than wait out the problem, but if that is not the case, then there are many simple solutions you can try one after the other to solve the issue.

1. Check Wi-fi Connection

When your device browser or Safari can't find the server, double-check your wi-fi or internet connection. It needs to be operational and at an optimal speed to solve your browser dilemma. Head over to your iPhone's settings and open your mobile data/Wi-fi options. You will be able to check if you are connected to the internet or not. If not, then head over to your Wi-fi router and give it a nudge by disabling it and then turning it back on. You can also try unplugging it. Also, check to make sure that your device isn't on Airplane mode.

2. Check the URL

Has it struck you that you might be using the wrong URL? Often this becomes the case when speed typing or copying the wrong URL entirely. Double-check the wording on your URL. Maybe even try launching the URL in another browser.

3. Clear Website Data and History

After browsing for a long while, you may face the "Safari can't connect to server" issue. You can clear out your browsing and cache data by tapping on the "Clear History and Website Data" option on your Safari browser.

4. Reset Network Settings

Resetting network settings would mean losing all your password data, but this would reset your DNS settings as well. You can reset your network by opening Device "Settings," then "General Settings," and finally, tap on "Reset" > "Reset Network Settings."

5. Reset or Update Device

Resetting your device may just be all you needed in the end.

  • For iPhone 8 users, you can reset by long pressing the top or side button to see the reset slider.
  • For iPhone X or iPhone 12 users, hold down both the side button and upper volume bottom to get the slider then check Safari.

You can also try updating your current iOS version to remove any bugs or errors corrupting your system. Your device will inform you the moment there is a new update available.

6. Use a Professional Tool

If a firmware issue causes the problem, then a magic wand will help make the "Safari can't find server" issue disappear. You can easily repair all errors, issues, and bugs using Dr.Fone - System Repair from Wondershare. It handles all your iOS related issues like a pro. You can fix your Safari connection issue without losing any data.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to fix standard iOS issues;

    1. Begin by launching Dr. Fone on the main window and selecting "System Repair". Connect your iOS device to your computer using a lightning cable. Once Dr. Fone detects your device, you will be able to choose from two options; Advanced Mode and Standard Mode.

(Note: Standard Mode cures all standard iOS issues without losing data, while Advanced Mode removes all data from your device. Only opt for advanced mode if normal mode fails.)

select standard mode

  1. Fone will detect the model type of your iDevice and show options for all available iOS system versions. Select the version most appropriate for your device and then click on "start" to continue onto the next step.

start downloading firmware

  1. The iOS firmware will be set to download but since it is a heavy file you may have to wait for before it is completely downloaded.

guide step 5

  1. On completing the download, verify the software file that has been downloaded.
  1. After successful verification, you can now click on the "Fix Now" button to get your iOS device repaired.

click fix now

Once you have waited through the repair process to get completed. Your device should be back to normal.

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Part 3: How to Fix Safari Cannot Connect to Server on Mac?

Using Safari on Mac is kind of a default for most people. It is highly efficient, consumes less data and is lightweight. Even if while browsing your Safari cannot find server on mac then there is still no reason to fret since you already know how to tackle this issue with experience. Here are a few things to help you tackle the problem.

  • Reload Webpage: Sometimes a connection interruption can prevent your webpage from even loading. Click on the reload button using Command + R key to try and connect again.
  • Disable VPN: If you are running a VPN, you can disable it from the Network options in your system preference menu from the Apple Icon.
  • Change DNS Settings: Return to the System Preference Menu on Mac and go to Network setting's advanced menu, then select a new DNS.
  • Disable Your Content Blocker: Though content blockers help improve your browsing experience, it disables the website's earning potential. Hence some websites won't let you view their content without disabling your content blocker. Simply right-click on the search bar, it will show you a box to tick off the active content blocker.


Your iOS device and Mac can be fixed at any time using the above-suggested methods. Just follow the instructions, and your Safari browser will be as good as new. Now that you know what to do when Safari can't find server on iPhone 13 or Mac go ahead and fix it with no help from others.

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