Top 10 Recovery Software for Smartphones

Many of us once in a while face a problem of losing some important information stored in our smartphones. This might be caused by various reasons: system's crash, human factor, physically damaged device etc. Though, regardless of the cause, this is always rather frustrating and accounts for much inconvenience. So, today we will review top 10 recovery software, comparing them based on 3 parameters: price, compatibility with the main platforms and the type of information which can be retrieved.

1.iPhone Data Recovery/ Android Data Recovery

  • Price: starting from $49.95
  • Developer: Wondershare
  • Platform: Windows & Mac
  • Advantages: simple and enables to retrieve all the necessary information;
  • Disadvantages: Mac version is substantially more expensive – $79.95;

Brief Introduction

dr.fone is a very convenient and easy-to-use software from the rapidly growing company Wondershare. It allows to recover lost information from all the main smartphone producers: HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Apple and others. Regardless of the factor which caused the malfunction, all the main data can be retrieved in just 3 steps: connection to the computer > scan > recovery. The date which can be retrieved with the help of dr.fone includes messages, audio files, videos, contacts, bookmarks and even more.

Download dr.fone - iOS Data Recovery trial version to have a try!

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Have a try download dr.fone - Android Data Recovery.

2.Smartphone Recovery Pro

  • Price: $79.99
  • Developer: Infinity Wireless Ltd
  • Platform: Windows & Mac
  • Advantages: serves its purpose reasonably good
  • Disadvantages: high cost ($79.99, regardless of the platform)

Brief Introduction

Another popular recovery program is called Smartphone Recovery PRO. Developed by the British company Infinity Wireless, this software allows recovering accidently deleted information or retrieving it if lost due to the system's error. The software works well on both Android & IOS platforms and helps to recover most of the data. Also, there is a free trial version, which is quite convenient.

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3.Recover My Files

  • Price: from $69.95
  • Developer: GetData
  • Platform: Windows
  • Advantages: good choice for Android users
  • Disadvantages: does not work with iOS, quite expensive

Brief Introduction

Recover My Files is a very quick and effective program mostly aimed at recovering the information, lost due to the accidental formatting of the hardware, failed reinstallation or viruses. Allows to retrieve main data, such as videos, photos, emails and other documents. It supports more than 200 document files, which should be enough for an average user. Though, it terms of usage, Recover My Files might only be useful for Android users – it doesn't work with other OS.

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4.Samsung Mobile Phone Recovery Pro

  • Price: $39.98
  • Developer: LionSea Software inc
  • Platform: Windows
  • Advantages: supports many smartphone brands; easy to use
  • Disadvantages: does not work with Mac OS

Brief Introduction

Helps to recover formatted photos, lost video files and many other data. Software only requires 2.52MB of free space and extremely easy in use. Besides Samsung, it also supports Blackberry, Nokia, LG, BenQ, Siemens, Fujitsu and some others.

free mobile phone data recovery tools

5.MagicCute Data Recovery

  • Price: from $39.95
  • Developer: MagicCute Software
  • Platform: Windows & Mac
  • Advantages: easy in use and cheap
  • Disadvantages: is only compatible with Android

Brief Introduction

MagicCute Data Recovery is supposedly one of the best recovery software for Android OS. While being easy to use, this software enables to retrieve main file formats and does not make the computer to work slower. The program is easy in operation and does not require and previous knowledge of such software type.

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  • Price: $39.95
  • Developer: WinRecovery Software
  • Platform: Windows
  • Advantages: recovers pictures and videos in the most cases with no chances of corrupting information even further
  • Disadvantages: limited number of document formats can be restored; is not compatible with Apple devices

Brief Introduction

cardrecovery might be a good choice if your camera's or smartphone's photos have been corrupted or accidently deleted. The unique SmartScan technology performs the scan of the device and afterwards allows to restore the needed files. It is ensured by the developer that no further damage to the information can possibly be dealt, as cardrecovery performs READ-ONLY operations and nothing more. The software is helpful in the most situations of malfunctioning and will possibly save plenty of time.

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7. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

  • Price: $49.95
  • Developer: Stellar Data Recovery
  • Platform: Windows
  • Advantages: advanced searching system makes sure that most documents will be recovered
  • Disadvantages: does not work with Mac

Brief Introduction

Another rather popular software from Stellar Data Recovery which specializes in this field since 1993. The program allows to bring back accidently deleted documents and also makes it easier to find a particular file around thousands of various folders. The software is compatible with Windows OS and is convenient even for the unexperienced users. In addition, a few different search options are available, depending on the preference of the user. A free trial version is also available.

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8. 7- Data Recovery

  • Price: $49.95
  • Developer: SharpNight LLC
  • Platform: Windows
  • Advantages: useful and easy-to-use software for Windows users; has a view different editions, based on each user's preference
  • Disadvantages: does not work on Mac OS

Brief Introduction

Another useful software for Windows users, which supports a variety of formats: archives, documents, multimedia, database and more. The software effectively recovers data which was lost, corrupted or formatted. The installation and the recovery process is very easy, no previous knowledge is needed. As a bonus, there is a Free Edition, which allows to restore up to 1GB of information absolutely free of charge.

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9.Data Recovery

  • Price: from $39.95
  • Developer: Wondershare
  • Platform: Windows & Mac
  • Advantages: quick, effective and no prior knowledge is needed
  • Disadvantages: Mac version is quite expensive ($89.95)

Brief Introduction

Data Recovery is another software from Wondershare, which effectively helps to get back most of the lost information within minutes. It is rather cheap and is compatible with the most smartphone OS. Both can be used by Mac and Windows users. In addition, the number of formats it can recover is rather impressive – more than 550, so users do not have to be worry that the particular file will be lost.

 wondershare data recovery 


  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Brian Kato
  • Platform: Windows
  • Advantages: easy and straight-forward; free
  • Disadvantages: rather obsolete program which might only help in some specific cases.

Brief Introduction

This easy and straight-forward utility allows to restore those files, which were accidently deleted and wiped out from the 'Recycle Bin'. The program is very small and does not require installation. Despite being quite old, still works well and satisfies the basic need to get your lost information. Just simply insert your SD card into the card reader and press 'Scan'.

sim card data recovery tool

They're downloading

dr.fone - Recover (iOS)

dr.fone - Recover (iOS)

Recover deleted data from iOS devices, iTunes and iCloud backup files.

dr.fone - Backup&Restore (iOS)

dr.fone - Backup&Restore (iOS)

Backup data on your iOS devices easily and restore backup files selectively to any device.

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