Complete Guide to Add Music to a Video on iPhone Via iMovie

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It's the age of the smartphone. Everywhere you look, people are completely absorbed in their Android devices or iPhones, mostly for consuming video content.

Yes, video content is highly consumed all over the world. However, the right touch of music can make a video more interactive and engaging for the viewer. So, mere video editing is not enough if there is no music in it. You can add different music and sound effects using the right tool on your iPhone.

To know how to add music to a video on iPhone, walk through this article to get three different ways to add music to your iPhone video.

Part 1: Add Music To A Video On iPhone Via iMovie

iMovie, a full-featured video editing app, offers you a convenient way to add music to your iPhone. It has a collection of various soundtracks and sound effects of renowned artists that you can use in your videos. Video editing becomes easier as the app comes pre-installed on your iOS device. For learning how to add music to a video on iPhone, carefully follow all the steps mentioned here.

Step 1: Open Project

First, run the iMovie app on your iOS device and go to the “Project” section at the top of the screen.

create project imovie

Step 2: Create Your Project

Tap on the “Add Media” button represented with a big “+” to do a new project. You will see two panels named “Movie” and “Trailer”. Choose “Movie” along with the “Create” option.

choose movie imovie

Step 3:  Add Media

Next, you have to proceed with adding media to your project. On the project interface, press the “Media” icon present on the top corner and select the media to which you want to add music. It will now be added to the iMovie timeline.

Step 4: Add Music

Scroll the timeline to bring it to the beginning point of the video or anywhere you want to add the music. Follow the same method that we applied for adding video to the Gallery --“ Add Media” > “Audio” > “Select Audio”. At the end play the video to check if it’s satisfactory.

tap audio imovie

Alternatively, you can hit the gear icon and tap the “Theme music” toggle switch. Choose any from the given themes by pressing the image.

theme music imovie

Note: Make sure to keep the music in the background to keep the volume to be lower. Moreover, iMovie will automatically adjust the audio according to the video duration.

Part 2: Put Music To A Video On iPhone Using Clips

‘Clips’ is a standalone video editing application for iOS users. It’s recommended for a beginner. So if you are not an expert in video editing, use Apple Clips to put music in a video. It hosts endless soundtracks such as pop, action, playful, and more. Wanna know how to put music over a video iPhone via Clips?  Either you can add your music or pick one from the stock music.

Step 1: Create A Project

Open the Clips app on your iPhone and tap on the “+” icon to start working on a project.

create project clips

Step 2:  Import The Video

Choose “Library” to import a video you want the music to add

Step 3: Add The Music

Press the “Music” button present in the top right corner of the screen. Next, select “My Music” or “Soundtracks.” Choose the audio file and after making your selection, hit the back icon on the top left corner.  Preview your video and tap on “Done” when your final video is ready.

select music clips

Note: It’s impossible to adjust the audio file you have added to the video because the soundtrack is cut automatically to match clip duration.

Part 3: Add Song To A Video On iPhone Using Inshot

Inshot is a third-party video editing software that provides you the benefit of adding voiceover, stock music, or even an audio file from your iPhone. It’s free to use and can serve as a perfect alternative to iMovie and Apple Clips video editors. If you want to use Inshot to know how to add a song to a video on iPhone, the following steps will help you.

Step 1: Create Your Project

Download the Inshot app on your iPhone and run it. Then, tap on the “Video” option from the Create New.

create video inshot

Step 2: Allow Permissions

Allow the app to access your library and then pick the video you want the music to be in.

Step 3: Choose Tracks

Proceed by tapping on the “Music” icon. After that, select from any given track. Press “Use” to import and add the music to your video.

choose music inshot

Step 4: Adjust The Audio

You can click on the timeline and drag the handle to adjust the audio according to your video and the need. 

adjust music inshot

Bonus Tips: 3 Tips To Download Royalty-Free Music From The Website

1. Machinima Sound

It’s the home to a plethora of royalty-free music in the genres like glitch, hip-hop, horror, trance, world, and many more. The tracks can be used for your video, game, and any other musical project.

2. Free Stock Music

Free Stock Music is the perfect platform to search for any audio you want. It has a fantastic interface that allows you to search for music based on your mood, category, license, and length.

3. Free Soundtrack Music

Need music for your YouTube video? You can get it quickly on Freesoundtrack. However, you will have to purchase credits for complete access and unlimited downloads.


To sum up, you don't need any expertise in adding music to your video iPhone. Just use the iMovie, Clips, or Inshot to get your final video with your favorite music. If you have any other questions about this guide for adding music to your video, feel free to ask us using the comments below! We'll do our best to offer tips or help if we can. Thanks for reading!

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