Full Guide to Convert HEIC to JPG on Google Drive

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Although HEIC is an effective file format that compresses the size of images, it is less widely accepted. Instead, most devices and software support JPG. This is why you must convert HEIC to JPG Google Drive. Otherwise, the HEIC files will only open on your device if you use an Apple device.

The fact is that JPG is the default digital file format for most operating systems. So, if you want to be able to access files, you have to convert HEIC files. To help you convert HEIC files on Google Drive, we have prepared a complete guide for you. So, what are you waiting for? Let's dive right in.

Conversion from HEIC to JPG and Google Drive

What Is Google Drive?

Before we look at how to convert HEIC to JPG on Google drive, you need to know what Google Drive is. It is a free cloud-based storage service that is used for storing and accessing files online.

What it does is it syncs stored files across all devices that use the same accounts. This means that you can access the same pictures and other documents on your PC, smartphone, and tablet. In addition, Google Drive integrates various services, including Gmail, Google Docs, Chrome, Google+, and Google Analytics.

what is google drive

Google Drive is as effective as Dropbox, Apple iCloud, and Microsoft OneDrive. In addition, you only need a Gmail account to take advantage of it.

Can Google Drive Do the Conversion?


Undoubtedly, Google Drive is a top-rated cloud service provider on the market. It allows you to store and retrieve files online. Furthermore, since it supports all types of files, you can rely on it for all your storage needs. Therefore, you can free up memory on your devices.

Now, if you are an Apple user, you must have realized that Google Drive stores your files in the HEIC format. However, you might need help accessing these photos on other devices. It is due to this reason that you want to try HEIC to JPG Google Drive conversion.

As Google Drive is a cloud storage provider, it is not a converter. But you do have the option to work around the issue and get files converted to JPG.

How to Convert HEIC to JPG via Google Drive?

1.Use E-mail to Convert HEIC to JPG by Google Drive

One of the easiest ways to convert HEIC to JPG Google Drive is by using E-mail. It is a safe and convenient method that you can utilize. If you already have an E-mail account and do not want to download any software, it will allow you to convert your HEIC pictures to JPG.

  1. Open your Google Drive
  2. Select the HEIC pictures you want to convert and send them to your E-mail as attachments.
  3. Then, the E-mail would automatically convert the HEIC pictures to JPG.
  4. Therefore, you will only need to download the pictures from the new E-mail and upload them to Google Drive.


As the images would be in JPG format, they would be compatible with just about every operating system, including Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.


  • A relatively straightforward method for converting HEIC files to JPG.
  • You can convert HEIC to JPG Google Drive directly by E-mail.
  • It is a completely free method for HEIC to JPG conversion.


  • Using E-mail to convert your HEIC files to JPG is not possible if the size of your pictures is over 25 MB. You will have no option but to use a HEIC converter in such a situation.

2.Try Google Photos to Convert HEIC to JPG

If you have stored your HEIC pictures on Google Photos, you should be able to download them in JPG format. Although HEIC files can be viewed in Google Photos or any other file format, you will lose viewing support if you download them offline. However, there is a way to get through it.

You need to utilize the browser's image-saving feature to change the format of your images from HEIC to JPG. The following steps will allow you to convert Google Photos HEIC to JPG.

  • Firstly, you must open a browser on your device and log into Google Photos. You will need to create an account if you do not have one already.
  • Then, you must choose the HEIC photo you want to download in JPG format.
  • Once you click on the desired HEIC picture, it will open in full-preview mode.
  • After the image has opened in preview mode, you have to right-click the image and select Save Image.
  • Lastly, you must choose where to save the image in JPG format.

google photos

That is about it. The HEIC image would be saved as JPG on your device. Then, you can open it and view it on almost any operating system.


  • Google Photos HEIC to JPG conversion is free.
  • The process of converting Google Photos HEIC to JPG is relatively


  • A major con of Google Photos HEIC to JPG conversion is that you will get a different resolution for your original HEIC file. The reason behind this is that your device will save the preview copy of the picture. You will have to follow additional steps to save the image in full resolution.

Easy Online Alternative to Google Drive for HEIC Conversion

heic online converter

If you want to use a more convenient method instead of HEIC to JPG Google Drive or Google Photos HEIC to JPG, you need to use Dr.Fone-HEIC Online Converter. It will ensure that you get to save your picture in full resolution.

Dr.Fone-HEIC Online Converter is the ultimate HEIC converter that allows you to convert HEIC files to JPG. It is widely used by Apple users who want to convert their HEIC files to JPG. What makes it incredibly popular is the fact that it does not have any limitations.

To use Dr.Fone-HEIC Online Converter for converting files to JPG, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Click the Add Files button to select the files you want to convert to JPG. You also have the option to drag and drop the files.
  • When you have selected the files, you want to convert to JPG, Dr.Fone-HEIC Online Converter will begin the conversion process automatically.
  • Finally, you just need to download the JPG files on your device once the conversion is complete.

How to Upload and Download HEIC Images on Google Drive?

Google Drive is a handy tool that you can use for uploading, viewing, sharing, and editing files. However, uploading files on Google Drive would take up some space on the drive. The type of files that you can upload and download include documents, videos, audio, and images.

For Phone

In order to upload and download images on your phone, you need to do the following.

  • Open the Google Drive app on your smartphone. You will need to download the app if you have not downloaded the app already.
  • Tap on the Add icon.
  • Then, you have to tap on Upload.
  • You must go through the files and upload the files you want to upload by tapping them.
  • Now, you need to go to My Drive to view the uploaded files and click on More to download the file.
  • Once you click on download, you would need to select where you want to save the image.

google drive on phone

Make sure to use Wi-Fi while uploading and downloading images on Google Drive.

For Computer

If you want to upload and download images on Google Drive using your computer, you have to follow the steps below.

  • Open an internet browser. It is recommended that you use Google Chrome.
  • Then, you must go to Google Drive.
  • Once Google Drive loads, you have to click New File Upload at the top left.
  • Now, you will need to select the files you want to upload to Google Drive.
  • To download a picture from Google Drive, you must go through the app and find the picture you like.
  • Once you have found a picture, you just need to tap on More and Download.

google drive on computer

The image would be saved in the Photos app.

The Bottom Line

After you have gone over our post, you will know how to convert HEIC to Google Drive and Google Photos HEIC to JPG. When you upload a picture to your Google account, it would be accessible in the HEIC format.

Although you can use the above methods to convert pictures from HEIC to JPG, you should consider trying Dr.Fone-HEIC Online Converter as it allows you to save time and download high-quality images.

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