All iOS 10 Texting Effect Tricks To Make You An iPhone Message Master

Do you want to change the way you communicate with your friends on iMessage? If your answer is “yes”, then you have come to the right place. By getting familiar with various iOS 10 texting effects, you can be a pro in no time. Impress your friends and have a personalized texting experience with screen effects iOS 10. The new features of iMessage will certainly let you customize your messaging experience. Read on and learn various iOS 10 texting effects.

Part 1: How to use iOS 10 message effects on iPhone?

One of the best things about iOS 10 is the revamped iMessage feature. From adding balloons to confetti – there are so many features and screen effects iOS 10 that you can implement. Let’s cover them by taking one step at a time.

1. Adding Screen Effects on iOS 10 iMessages

This is one of the easiest ways to customize a message. By default, iMessage already adds a screen effect whenever users send messages like “Congratulations”, “Happy New Year”, “Happy Birthday”, and more. Though, you can always choose to add screen effects iOS 10 by following these steps:

Step 1: Write your text message

To start with, simply launch iMessage and draft a message. When you are done writing, firmly tap on the “Send” icon (the upward arrow).

tap on the upward arrow

This won’t send your message. Instead, it will open a new interface to customize your message. Tap on the “Screen” option to access screen effects iOS 10.

tap on screen

Step 2: Select a screen effect

It will display various screen effects that are available on iOS 10. You can just swipe left or right to select the effect of your choice. We have listed some of the popular ones here.

select screen effetcs

The most common one is the Balloon effect that displays multicolored balloons on the screen.

balloon effect

The Confetti effect will drop confetti of different colors from the top.

confetti effect

The Laser effect will provide a high-tech sound and visual with multiple lasers.

laser effect

If you wish to send attractive fireworks on the screen, then select the Firework effect.

fireworks effect

By selecting the Shooting Stars effect, a star will explode from the left and reach all the way to the opposite side.

shooting star effect

Step 3: Send the message

Once you are done selecting a screen effect, just tap on the “Send” button (the upward arrow). This will simply send the message with the chosen effect to your recipient.

send message

If you are not happy with any effect, then you can just tap on the “Cancel” button to exit this screen and remove the effects.

cancel effect

2. Adding Bubble Effects

Not just to add screen effects iOS 10, there are plenty of other ways to make your messages more visually appealing. You can always implement the Bubble iOS 10 texting effects on iMessage as well. It can help you add a subtle personality to your text without changing the entire screen.

Adding bubble effects on your messages is quite similar to the above-mentioned process. Firmly tap the “Send” button and select the Bubble effect for your message. You can also get a preview of your text. As of now, it has the following effects.

preview text

Slam: The bubble slams into the screen with a puff of dust rising

Loud: The bubble appears big at first and then gradually shrinks to its original size

Gentle: The bubble starts really small and then gradually grows into its original size

Invisible Ink: The bubble is covered with pixilated overlay at first. The recipient needs to swipe the message in order to read the invisible text.

Just tap on the Arrow button once again after selecting the desired effect to send the message.

3. Adding Stickers

Besides adding bubble and screen effects, you can also add various stickers in your messages as well. To make things easier for its users, Apple has an inbuilt iMessage store from where users can download sticker packs (mostly for free).

After adding a sticker pack, you can simply use include it in your messages. From a standalone sticker to placing it on any image, there are plenty of things you can do with it.

add stickers

4. Replacing words with emojis

If you love emojis, then you will certainly use this feature time and time again. After enabling the emoji keyboard, you will be notified of all the words in your message that can be converted to an emoji. Simply tap on them and replace the word of your choice with an emoji.

replace words with emojis

5. Respond with expressions

This is one of the most underrated iOS 10 texting effects that not many people are aware of. You can simply respond to a message with expressions as well.  To do this, just double-tap on the message bubble you want to react to. Select the tapback option to respond to a message.

respond with expressions

6. Send handwritten messages

To make your messages more personal, you can also send handwritten notes to others as well. This will give a more profound and personal appeal to your messages. While drafting a message, just tap on the Handwritting icon. It will display a new screen where you can write anything. When you are done, tap on the “Send” button.

hand-written message

Now when you know about various iOS 10 texting effects, let proceed and resolve iMessage screen effects not working issue.

Part 2: How to fix it if iMessage screen effects not working?

By now, you already know how various screen effects function on iMessage. Though, there are times when users face a little trouble while using these effects on iOS 10. If your iMessage screen effects not working, then follow these solutions to fix the issue.

1. Turn off Reduce Motion

If the Reduce Motion feature is turned on, then it might interfere with your phone’s parallax, animation, and other screen effects. One of the major reasons for the iMessage screen effects not working is Reduce Motion feature. Just go to your phone’s Settings > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and turn it off.

reduce motion

2. Turn on Auto-play Message Effects

Too many times, users turn off the auto-play message effects while turning the Reduce Motion feature off as well. If the auto-play message effects option is off, then you need to manually tap the message to make it work. Therefore, visit your phone’s Settings > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and ensure that the option of Auto-pay Message Effects is turned on.

auto play message effects

3. Turn off (and on) iMessage

You can always choose to turn the iMessage feature off and on again in order to resolve the iMessage screen effects not working problem. Just visit your phone’s Settings > Messages and turn off the option of iMessage. Wait for a while and turn the option on again after a while.

turn on imessage

You can also choose to restart your device as well or simply reset all the Settings option to resolve any issue related to iMessage.

Now when you know of all these amazing screen effects iOS 10, you can certainly customize your messaging experience. Go ahead and try some of these iOS 10 texting effects and be sure to impress your loved ones. If you face any issues related to iMessage screen effects not working, then follow the above-stated solutions to fix it.

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