20 iPhone Photography Tips to Take Better Photos

If you also use your iPhone camera to click pictures, then you have come to the right place. By taking the assistance of various expert suggestions and iPhone photography tips, you can click professional pictures from your phone’s camera. Most of the users are not aware of various iPhone camera tricks that allow them to click remarkable photos in no time. In this post, we will make you familiar with different iPhone camera tips that will come handy to you on numerous occasions.

Part 1: 20 Best iPhone Photography Tips

Invoke the inner shutterbug in you and get to know about these easy iPhone camera tricks to click professional photos on the go.

1. Use Portrait Mode

Let’s start with some of the basics iPhone camera tips. The new portrait mode on iPhone cameras can capture the field of depth, letting users click a DSLR-like picture. Whenever you are clicking portraits, simply turn the mode on and keep your hands steady to get best results.

use portrait mode

2. Hardware shutter assistance

We have seen that most of the times people are not able to click a perfect shot because of their shaky hands. If you have the same problem, then use a secondary shutter to click pictures. One of the best ways to do this is making your headphone’s volume button a shutter for your camera.

hardware shutter assistance

3. Take live photos

Not many users are aware of these iPhone photography tips. By taking a live picture, your camera will also make a low-resolution video of a few seconds before and after the picture was taken. This will let you create a memory behind that picture. It can be activated by tapping the live photo icon on the camera interface.

live photos

4. Use Grids

Lots of professional photographers apply the Rule of Thirds while clicking a photo. If you also wish to follow the same, then simply turn on the grid on your camera from its settings. This will let you place the object in a perfect position.

use grid

5. Change shooting mode from 3D Touch

By taking the assistance of 3D Touch, you can quickly jump from recording a slo-mo to taking a selfie. There are different camera modes that you can access after enabling the 3D Touch.

change shooting mode

6. Turn your phone upside down

Whenever you are clicking photos from the ground, it is always recommended to turn your phone upside down. This will let you click better images while capturing the depth of field from the ground for a wider frame.

rotate iphone

7. Fix exposure and focus

Just like any other professional camera, you can also fix the exposure and focus in your frame with iPhone camera. These expert iPhone photography tips will let you click remarkable pictures for sure. Just tap on the area you want to focus on until the AE/AF window would appear. After that, you can just move this window as per your needs.

fix exposure and focus

8. Adjust brightness, contrast, and more

If you truly wish to customize your clicks, then take the assistance of these iPhone camera tips. There are plenty of settings available for light, color, and black and white features on the camera. It can be used to adjust the brightness, contrast, shadows, exposure, and other parameters while clicking a picture.

adjust brightness

9. Click photos while recording videos

This is undoubtedly one of the best iPhone camera tricks that not many users are aware of. While recording a video, you can click pictures as well. To do this, tap on the shutter icon (located near the stop recording button) while recording a video.

take photos while recording

10. Use Burst Mode

If you need to capture the movement of an object with respect to time, then take the assistance of the burst mode. Later, you can visit your gallery and delete all the additional images as well.

burst mode

11. Make recordings in Time-lapse and Slow-mo

Just like the Burst Mode, you can take the assistance of different features while recording videos. Time-lapse can be used to increase the frequency of the object in the frame while slo-mo does the exact opposite of it. This will let you record plenty of interesting and unique videos.

time lapse and slow-mo

12. Click pictures in HDR

While HDR photos might consume some added space on your phone, they are definitely worth the keep. Whenever you are in high light or low light areas, try to shoot in HDR mode. It combines three different exposure levels to click a perfect shot.

take photo in hdr

13. Apply filters

If you are a social media addict, then you might already know the magic of filters. To make things easier for its users, Apple has various inbuilt filters in camera as well. Using these iPhone photography tips, you would be able to click amazing pictures on the go. Simply tap on the filter icon to access various options that are available.

apply filter

14. Add more color to your photos

Just like brightness, you can also adjust the saturation level of your photos. Under the “Color” section, you can adjust the contrast, saturation, and cast in order to make your photos look more colorful.

add color to photos

15. Turn off the flash

Whenever you are out, try not to click pictures while keeping the flash on. Natural light is the best form of light to click pictures at times. You can simply tap on the flash icon on the screen to turn it off or on. Though, we recommend putting it on the “Auto” mode to save your efforts.

turn off flash

16. Keep both HDR and normal photos

It is better to keep both, HDR as well as normal photos. If you are not happy with the HDR level, then you can simply edit the normal one easily. To do this, go the Photos & Camera settings and turn on the feature of “Keep Normal Photo”.

keep hdr and normal photos

17. Change camera resolution

If you are running low on storage, then you can also change the resolution of your camera as well. To do this, go to your phone’s Settings > Photos & Camera > Record Video and select the resolution of your choice. These iPhone camera tips will let you save your phone’s storage for sure.

change camera resolution

18. Use the exposure meter

While clicking pictures, you can lock the exposure meter (just like AF/AE meter) as well. This will help you adjust the overall exposure of your pictures without visiting the settings.

use exposure meter

19. Shoot from different angles

While clicking pictures from your iPhone, try different angles. You might have to click the same object from various angles to get a perfect capture. Also, try to capture reflections as much as you can to glorify the image.

shoot from different angles

20. Use extra lens

One of the best things about iPhone cameras is that there are plenty of added lens available for them in the market. If you want to take things seriously, then take the assistance of these iPhone camera tricks and get a few essential tools to level-up your photography game.

use extra lens

After implementing these iPhone photography tips, you would certainly be able to click remarkable pictures in no time. Go ahead and apply these iPhone camera tips and share your feedback with us in the comments.

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20 iPhone Photography Tips to Take Better Photos

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