10 iTunes Tips to Help You Use iTunes More Efficiently

If you have an iOS device, then chances are that you must be using iTunes to manage your data. Not just for listening to music, iTunes can also be used to perform a wide range of other tasks. In this post, we will make you familiar with cool iTunes tricks that are sure to save your time and efforts. From taking a backup of your data to transferring files from one place to another, these iTunes tips and tricks will certainly come handy to you on numerous occasions. Read on and learn about the ten best iTunes tips organizing for your device.

To make it easier for its users, Apple has added plenty of advanced features on iTunes. You can simply use various iTunes tips to make your life easier. We have listed the ten best iTunes tips and tricks in this post. Let’s get it started with!

1. Create Ringtones for iPhone

Since you can’t just set any other mp3 file as iPhone ringtone, you can take the assistance of iTunes to meet your needs. To perform the encoding operation, select the song and right-click it. Visit its “Options” and set the starting and the ending section of the song. Afterward, create its AAC version and move the newly created ringtone to your phone.

create ringtones for iphone

2. Parental Control Settings

This is one of those cool iTunes tricks that not many people talk about. If you are sharing your iTunes library or system with your kids, then you can set additional parental controls on it as well. Simply visit the “Parental Control Preferences” window and set the restriction access for things like the iTunes store, internet radio, and more for your kids.

itunes parental control settings

3. Adding Shortcut for iTunes Radio

If you are fond of listening to iTunes Radio, then you will certainly find these iTunes tips organizing for you. You can simply add a shortcut for an iTunes Radio station on your desktop as well, so that you can open it with one click. To do this, firstly visit the iTunes Radio of your choice. Right-click it and select the “Copy link” option. Now, visit your desktop and add a shortcut. While pasting the copy link, you might have to add “?cmd=AddStation” in the end. This will create a shortcut for your iTunes radio station.

add shortcut for itunes radio

4. Change Bitrate for Songs

If you are moving songs to your iPod or iPhone that doesn’t have a lot of space, then you can always choose to alter the bit rate for your songs as well. If you have a huge collection, then this will certainly help you save plenty of storage on your device. Simply visit the “Options” tab of iTunes and from here, convert higher bit rate songs to lower ones and save your storage.

change bitrate

5. Import Purchased Music

If you have already purchased music on any other device from iTunes store, then you don’t need to do the same on a different device. With the help of these iTunes tips, you can import purchased music from any other iOS device to your iTunes library. Just connect the iOS device and select it on iTunes. Afterward, visit iTunes File > Devices and select the option of “Transfer purchased music”. This will simply fill your iTunes library with all the purchased music files stored on the connected iOS device.

import purchased music

6. Home Sharing

If you wish to access your music on multiple devices without manually transferring your data, then you can simply enable the option of Home sharing. Just go to your iTunes File and turn on the option for “Home Sharing”. Provide your Apple ID to do so and follow the same process with other devices as well. This will let you share your music on different devices without any trouble. If you have limited space on a device, then these iTunes tips and tricks would be of a great use to you.

home sharing

7. Clear Duplicate Files

Since we keep moving our date from one device to another, we also make duplicate files in between. This can accumulate a lot of unwanted space on your system. Though, after these cool iTunes tricks, you can get rid of any duplicate file. Go to Files > Library and click on the “Show Duplicate Items”. This will provide a list of all the duplicate items. You can simply remove the files of your choice from here.

clear duplicate files

8. Create Smart Playlists

Don’t have the time to manually add songs to your playlist? Don’t worry – you can take the assistance of iTunes Smart Playlist option to create quick playlists while matching your criteria. Go to Files > Smart Playlist option and from the pop-up, provide various parameters related to the genre, year, keywords, artist, and more to make a new playlist in no time.

create smart playlists

9. Backup Data using iTunes

If you have any other iOS device (like iPhone, iPad, or iPod), then you can simply take the assistance of iTunes to take a complete backup of your data. This is one of the best iTunes tips organizing your device. Just connect your iOS device to the system and launch iTunes. Afterward, select your device from the left panel and click on its “Summary”. Under the Backup section, click on the “Backup now” button. You can take a backup of your device on either iCloud or the local storage.

backup data using itunes

10. Restore Backup

Not only to take a backup of your data, iTunes can also be used to restore your backup. Simply follow the same drill and instead of taking a backup, click on the “Restore Backup” option. This will restore the entire backup to your iOS device. You can learn how to restore your backup from this stepwise guide.

restore backup

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We are sure that after learning all these new iTunes tricks, you would certainly be able to make the most out of it in no time. Try to implement these newly learned iTunes tips and tricks to backup your device, listen to the radio, make iPhone ringtones, and perform plenty of other tasks. If you also know some cool iTunes tricks, then feel free to share it with us in the comments below.

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