Top 4 Most Asked Questions About Kik Messenger

In a world where social media sites and apps are sprouting on a daily basis, getting into the bottom of using these sites and apps has become a nerve-wracking experience to a good number of people. Kik Messenger just like any other app on the market requires excellent understanding so as to get the best out of it. A good number of individuals have raised some questions in regards to opening a Kik account, operating Kik, blocking someone on Kik as well as the general usage of Kik Messenger. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions in regards to using Kik Messenger. I hope you’ll get your nerve wracking question answered in this article.

Part 1: How to Create Kik Account

When it comes to creating a Kik Messenger account, several factors have to be considered. For instance, do you have an active internet connection? Do you have an active Google Play Store account? Or do you have sufficient storage space on your phone? If your answer is a Yes in each of the above questions, then you are on the right path to getting yourself an active Kik account.

Step 1 The first and foremost thing to do is to login or sign in into your Google Play Stay account.

step 1 to creat Kik account

Step 2 Once you are logged in, go to the search bar and search for Kik Messenger. Since a lot of options are going to be displayed, choose the Kik app with a green “Kik” word.

step 2 to creat Kik account

Step 3 Download the app as prompted. Once complete, you'll be prompted to install it. Click on the "Accept" option.

step 3 to creat Kik account

Step 4 Once the app has been installed, we'll head straight to the “Sign Up” or "Create Account" option to create the account.

step 4 to creat Kik account

Step 5 Enter your first name, last name, Kik username, email, password, and birthday. Once you're done, click "Sign Up" to create your account. This is going to take some few minutes so be patient.

step 5 to creat Kik account

Once you are done, your Kik account will be confirmed. From this point, you can freely send and receive messages on Kik.

Part 2: Tips when Creating a Kik Account

As we have previously seen, it doesn’t take rocket science to create Kik account. However, before creating a Kik account, it’s highly advisable to consider some tips. When you create a Kik account, please consider some of these tips.

-When you create Kik account, always make sure that you download the Kik Messenger app from a known and trusted online store. Use online stores such as Google Play Store and Windows Store. You should, however, note that the online market you decide to download Kik Messenger from depends on your operating system.

-Always make sure that you have an active email address when it comes to Kik Create account as it will be used to notify you when someone adds you or when someone sends you a message.

-Just like any other social media site, always make sure that you limit the amount of private information you provide. You don’t want to give too much information online to an extent that your followers or friends can use it against you.

-Getting the right password is another key tip you should highly consider. Create a password that is easy to understand for you and hard to crack from hackers or stalkers. If you suspect that someone knows your password, you can reset Kik password just to be on the safe side. Also, a Kik password reset can be your savior especially if you happen to forget your password. You can Kik reset password anytime you want. The good news is the fact that different methods on how to change Kik password are available. Always look out for a Kik forgot password option when the need arises.

Part 3: How to tell if someone blocked you On Kik

Are you a nuisance to someone? Or have you been trying to reach out to someone on Kik Messenger to no avail? Well, if you didn’t know what is happening, it’s high time you realized that you might be blocked. Regardless of the reason behind the block, blocking, in general, has been seen as a rude way of saying no.

With that in mind; how can you tell if someone has blocked you on Kik? The extraordinary thing about Kik Messenger, unlike other social media apps, is the fact that you can still send messages to anyone who has blocked you. However, the messages you send will be delivered, but they won’t be read, and hence you won’t be in a position to tell if the recipient saw your message or not. The following is a detailed explanation on how to tell if someone blocked you on Kik.

When sending messages using Kik, three letters are usually used as a service delivery notification. These letters which include S, D, and R, stand for Sent, Delivered and Read. If someone has blocked you on Kik, your message will be sent and delivered, but it won’t be read. On the message icon, you will only be in a position to see letter S and D but not letter R.

Part 4: How to Block Someone on Kik

Do you have that one nagging person who keeps flooding your Kik profile with unwarranted messages and constant never ending questions or useless chats? Well; if your answer is yes, why not block that particular person? Kik Messenger gives you the opportunity to do just that. The following is a detailed step by step procedure on how to block someone on Kik.

Step 1 Open your kind Messenger interface. On the top right side of your screen, you will see the setting tab resembling a round crooked nut. Click on it. This prompt request will take you straight to your profile.

step 1 to block someone on Kik

Step 2 Under your profile, you will be in a position to see different options as shown in the below screenshot. Tap on the “Chat Settings” tab to open it.

step 2 to block someone on Kik

NB:. The “Chat Settings” option is available if you are operating on Android or iPhone enabled phone. If you are using Windows, Blackberry or Symbian, click on the “Privacy” tab.

step 3 to block someone on Kik

Step 3 Look out for the “Block List” and click on it.

step 4 to block someone on Kik

Step 4 Once it’s opened, click on the plus (+) sign to add the username you want to want to block. You can look for this username in your list of friends on Kik.

step 5 to block someone on Kik

Step 5 Once you have selected the person you want to block; tap on the username. You will get a prompt message asking you to “Block” the person. Click on the “Yes” tab.

block someone on Kik

Regardless of how "old" you are on Kik, I believe what we have covered will be of great help to you.

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