Ultimate Guide to iPhone Lost Mode

Apple is known for its unparallel services and distinct features. All iOS devices come packed with the best technological characteristics that make them unique and wanted.

One such feature is the iPhone Lost Mode. The Lost Mode iPhone features come built-in with all Apple devices and helps in tracking/tracing the device in case it is misplaced, lost or stolen.

In this article, we shall learn about iPhone Lost Mode, its features and answer user queries. So, Don't look any further. Here is a guide to help answer all your queries. Read on to find out all about Lost Mode iPhone.

Part 1: What is iPhone Lost Mode?

Lost Mode iPhone is an option given to the users while they try to track their missing iPhone using “Find My iPhone” feature offered by Apple on iCloud.com or “Find My iPhone” App on other iOS devices. This service enables users to lock their misplaced/lost iPhone to prevent anyone else from using it or gaining access to the private and important information stored in it. It also helps in tracking the device on the map by obtaining its approximate location while the iPhone remains safe and secure. Interestingly, all notifications for messages and other alerts are automatically turned off but your iPhone continues to receive calls.

The Lost Mode iPhone is available on all iPhones with iOS 6 and later. It is basically used to lock the device and display a custom message with the owner’s contact details on the main screen as shown in the screenshot below.

iphone lost mode

Here is how you may turn on the iPhone Lost Mode

Sign in to iCloud.com with your registered Apple account and password.

The “Find My iPhone” page opens on which you are required to select “All Devices”.

Now tap on your iPhone.

In this step, select “Lost Mode from the options available at the bottom of the screen as shown in the image below.

lost mode options

Now a pop-up appears for you give your contact details and type in a message that you wish to display on your misplaced iPhone’s main screen.

lost mode message

This will lock your lost iPhone you can now begin tracking your device if it is online. If however your device is not connected to the internet, it will lock and can be tracked only when it comes in range.

Part 2: How to find a missing iPhone with Lost Mode?

Now even if the location services are turned off on the misplaced iPhone, Lost Mode iPhone temporarily switches it on remotely, and locks the device to enable you to track it down.

Follow the steps given below to track your missing iPhone in Lost Mode.

Once the iPhone Lost Mode is turned on successfully, your iPhone will be located on the map with a green circular icon. This is if your iPhone has internet connectivity.

track iphone location

You may now refresh, zoom in and zoom out on the map to get the exact location of your missing iPhone.

If your missing iPhone does not have an active data plan or is beyond the range of a WiFi network, then the last location at which your iPhone had access to the internet will be traced and the exact location will be retrieved one the connection is established again.

The Lost Mode iPhone gives an additional advantage of keeping your iPhone locked and all its content secure.

Part 3: How to turn off Lost Mode on iPhone?

Find My iPhone’s Lost Mode is very helpful in tracing your missing iPhone and help you get it back. Once you trace and recover your iPhone, there is one very important thing you need to do. You must turn off the iPhone Lost Mode to continue to use your iPhone smoothly. If you try to use your iPhone without turning off Lost Mode iPhone you might end up damaging the iPhone's iOS software.

You may either sign into iCloud.com or use another iOS device to turn off Lost Mode on your iPhone. Another easy way to do it by entering your 4-digit/6-digit passcode on your iPhone.

Follow the step-by-step instructions given below to turn off iPhone Lost Mode:

Sign in to iCloud.com with your Apple ID.

Select “All Devices” and tap on your iPhone.

Now click “Lost Mode”.

Finally, click on “Stop Lost Mode” as shown in the image below.

stop lost mode

Once the iPhone Lost Mode is turned off, enjoy using your iPhone without any glitches.

Part 4: iPhone Lost Mode FAQ’s

Let us learn a little more about the iPhone lost mode by answering these Frequently Asked Questions by iPhone users.

4.1 Can I still track the phone when its switched off?

This is a little tricky. When your iPhone is switched off, it means that it is not connected to any cellular or WiFi network. Please understand that any efforts to lock your device and trace or even to enable the Lost Mode iPhone is successful only when your iPhone is connected to a network, otherwise, the command is taken and executed when the iPhone next receives internet signals.

If your iPhone is switched off, it will be located on the map using Find My iPhone Lost Mode but the location will be the time when the iPhone was in range.

However, whenever it connects to the internet you will receive an email on your Apple ID account and then you may obtain its exact location.

4.2 Can I use iPhone Lost Mode when the location is disabled?

Yes. It is possible for you to use Lock Mode iPhone when location services are disabled on your missing iPhone. Please note that when you give a command to lock your iPhone by clicking on “Lost Mode”, even if your location services are switched off, they are temporary turned on by Find My iPhone’s Lost Mode to enable your to smoothly trace your device's approximate location on the map if it is online.

Find My iPhone Lost Mode enables users to trace their lost devices sitting at a distance in a hassle-free way. Lost mode iPhone not only assists you to remotely secure your iPhone data but also helps in tracking the missing device. The Lost Mode iPhone feature has helped many iPhone users across the world to recover their missing phones without any external help or assistance. The unique characteristics of Lost Mode iPhone make it very popular and people trust its efficiency and accuracy.

So go ahead and recommend it to your near and dear ones or whoever who could use its services.

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