3 Easiest Solutions to Locate iPhone

Finding a lost iPhone is not an easy task. Thankfully, you can find various apps that can help you locate your missing iPhone easily. Even though most of the applications claim an easy solution to locate iPhone, it might require an added effort from your end. For a long time, Apple users have been looking for simple solutions to locate stolen or misplaced devices. So, how to locate an iPhone? Don’t worry! We have got you covered. Read on to know the three easiest ways to locate iPhone.

Part 1: How to locate iPhone with Find My iPhone

Most of the users know that Apple has included an option of “Find My iPhone” with full support to iCloud. If you have enabled this option, then you can use any other Apple device to remotely find your iPhone. Moreover, you can also lock your device remotely in order to protect your data.

Enable Find my Phone feature

If you wish to learn how to locate an iPhone, then you need to enable this feature on your phone beforehand. You can enable Find My iPhone feature on your device by visiting its “Settings”. Now, go to iCloud and turn on the feature of “Find my iPhone”.

Find my iPhone

Finding the device

In case you have lost your device and wish to locate iPhone using Find My iPhone, you can use the web or any other iPhone device to do so. It is very simple, just follow these steps:

1. On any web browser, open iCloud.com and enter the correct login credentials of your account.

2. From here, click on Find My iPhone (located on the main menu) and click on “All Devices” on the top.

All Devices

3. Now, select your device from the dropdown. Your device’s location will be shown as a pointer on the map, which you can easily zoom in and out to find the exact place.

select your device

You can also use other features from the top-right corner of the screen (Play Sound, Lost Mode, and Erase).

• Play Sound is used to make your iPhone ring if it is somewhere nearby.

• Lost Mode is used when you think your device is lost. This locks your iPhone remotely and displays a custom message on the screen with the owner’s number on it.

• The Erase mode is for prevention measures when you want to erase all the data from your phone (to save it from someone else accessing it).

Now you know how to locate an iPhone using Find My iPhone in a trouble-free way. It is easy to use, secure, and highly efficient. You can use any other device to locate your iPhone as well. The steps mentioned above works same for this too. The only difference is that instead of going to iCloud.com on a web browser, you can launch the Find My iPhone app on the respective device.

Part 2: How to locate iPhone with mSpy

mSpy is a unique software that is compatible with both, iOS and Android devices. By using this app, one can easily monitor the activities of their family members, friends, and colleagues. To use some of the features of this app, you might need to jailbreak your device. It has more various kinds of useful features, making it a preferred solution to locate iPhone.

You can easily install mSpy on your iPhone and use it to learn how to locate iPhone by following these steps:

1. Get mSpy from its official website right here . You can choose between the Standard subscription and the Premium subscription options.

get mSpy

2. Once you have successfully bought the mSpy app, download the application on the device you wish to monitor. Setting the app is not difficult at all and will take a few minutes.

3. Now, whenever you wish to locate your phone, login to your control panel and start monitoring text messages, call logs, location and more. On its dashboard, select your phone’s panel and click on the “View Locations” option to get the exact real-time location of the device that you have configured with the app.

click on View Locations

The application has received several positive reviews from its users and is considered as one of the best solutions to how to locate iPhone.

Part 3: How to locate iPhone with Carrier’s Phone Tracking Plan

How to locate iPhone is a common question asked by several Apple users. This has also made many network carrier services to take relevant steps to assist their customers to locate iPhone. Therefore, various carrier network services have developed their own apps to locate iPhone in a seamless way.

One of the most famous apps among these is developed by the well-known AT&T carrier network, which is known as Family Map. The app is extremely easy to use and provides a dedicated support. With this, you can monitor your family member’s location and their movement instantaneously. There are plenty of other features you can experience after downloading the app. Here’s how to locate iPhone using AT&T’s Family Map.

1. Install the app on the devices you wish to monitor. Sign in to your Family Map account and provide basic information of your iPhone.

sign in

2.  Whenever you wish to locate iPhone, simply log-in to its website right here. Besides a few other features, the interface will provide the exact location of the connected devices.


Verizon also has a similar feature – Verizon Support and Protection App. Simply install the app on the devices you wish to monitor and configure it with your Verizon account. Afterward, all you got to do is use its dedicated app or just sign-in to your account. On its dashboard, you will get the last active location of the connected devices (under the “Locate” section).


If you have subscribed the phone tracking plan on your network carrier, then you can easily use it to locate iPhone on the go. This can also be used to keep a strict eye on your family members as well.

Losing an iPhone is a terrible thing to happen. Not just a fiscal loss, users also experience the loss of their precious data files. Thankfully, now when you know how to locate an iPhone, you can easily keep a track of your device. Simply follow the above-mentioned suggestions and teach your family and friends as well how to locate iPhone without much trouble.

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