iPhone Got Stolen? Here Are 10 Things Need to Do!

iPhone is like a whole world to you. Losing your iPhone is one of the worst things you can ever think of.

Although, stolen iPhone 6 means losing quite an amount of money, but equally important is losing your personal data along with it. Not many of us know, but as a safety measure, Apple introduces many such features to track phone and keep your data secure. Security being the primary concern, all of us must know what needs to be done in the case of stolen iPhone. If you are one who has no clue on what to do in case of iPhone stolen, then you are at the right place. Here we will guide you to what necessary steps are required in such a critical situation. This will help you to locate your stolen iPhone as well as other required aspects through which you can save your data and other important documents.

Part 1: 10 Things Need to Do

1. Lock Your iPhone with Find My iPhone

One of the best features for iOS 6 and iOS enabled devices is locking your phone with ‘Find My iPhone’. By default this feature is not enabled, so make sure that you have taken enough steps for the safety of your phone. For that, valid Apple id and the iCloud feature are required. Else you can use ‘Find My iPhone App’.

Find my iPhone feature will enable the iPhone with following benefits:

a. Lost Mode- It will lock and track the device

b. Locate the device- Through the Map

c. Play the sound- To help you locate the device

d. Remotely Erase the personal information

Lost mode will make to lock the iPhone immediately. Steps to lock your iPhone:

lock your iPhone


>Visit on ‘Find My iPhone’ on iCloud.com

>Select All Devices

>Select Lost Mode (for iOs 6 or later), Or Lock Mode (for iOS 5 or OS X v10.75 or later)

Select Lost Mode

Now follow the instructions

>Log in with your Apple id and password from any iPhone device

Log in

>It will ask you to enter a phone number which will appear on lost device screen where you can be reached. It will also ask to enter a message that will appear on the device screen.

>Tracking option will show the current position of your device, as well point any changes in location map.


For further details can visit:


2. Erase iPhone with Find My iPhone Remotely

Following this feature will make to erase all the data on your iPhone completely to ensure that no one will be able to access your data. Thus, the phone will be restored to the factory settings. So, if you are sure that you would not be able to get back your phone then can use this feature for a safety purpose.

Steps to do that:

>Select ‘Find My iPhone’ on iCloud.com

>Select All Devices, then click on the device want to delete

>Click on Erase iPhone

It will ask to enter Apple id and password. (For iOS 6 or later will ask to enter phone number and message also)

a. If the device is online, remote erase process will start instantly

b. If device is offline, erase process starts next time when it is online

Click on Erase iPhone

For details can refer to the following link:


3. Remove Cards from Apple Pay

Apple makes it easy to delete any debit, credit, or any prepaid card from Apple Pay in iCloud. It is required to keep safe your online data. Steps to do that are:

>Visit iCloud.com


>My Devices

>Selecting the device containing Apple Pay

Here you will see the list of cards

>Right click on card and delete that

Selecting the device

4. Report Lost iPhone to Your Carrier

Reporting your lost device to the wireless carrier (Your Network Service Provider) will disable the account and that will stop any texts, calls, or data usage. Doing so will prevent the connection to any cellular network.


5. Call the Police & File a Report

After tracking the location of your lost mobile, sending the message, even if you do not get back your phone, then it is the time that you should call the police near to the location where your phone lost and informed them with last location details so that they would be able to take proper action. Make sure do not visit the place all alone. Taking help is always a better idea. They will send the officer to help or track the device.

call your local police

6. Inform Your Family & Friends

Make sure that you do inform all your family members and friends that you have lost your iPhone, so in case they receive any fake call or text message from the number they are sure that it is not you. Also, one more feature you are required to do, that is to inform your Family and Friends using Family Sharing setting option doing so will allow your family members and friends to track your device too through their location map. To run this service following steps are required:


>Your Name

>Select iCloud

>Click on Share my location

>Select the name of the Family members (With whom you can want to share your location)

Select the name

For further help can check the process at here:


7. Change Your Apple ID Password

Apple id and password is one of the important safety features through which we use to keep safe our data. So, in order to ensure the safety of data and personal information you can change your Apple id and password. The process will be:

>Visit Apple id Setting page via URL: https://appleid.apple.com

>Select ‘Manage your Apple id’ and log in

>Select “Password and Security”

>Verify the identity

>Click on ‘Change Password’

>Enter the old password and then create the new one

reset password

8. Change Other Account Password

After making above required changes, you are also required to change your other account password, for example, your G-mail account, online transaction details, bank account passwords, iTunes accounts etc. You can change your Gmail password by visiting:

>Sign in and security in Gmail profile.

Sign in and security

9. Notify Your Employer

Notify Your Employer

In case your iPhone issued to you by the employer, then it will become mandatory to inform your employer as soon as you lost the iPhone. As every organization has their own safety parameters. Doing so will alert them so that they would be able to secure their confidential data or information at their earliest.

10. Beware of Phishing Attempts

It is very crucial to keep eye on any Phishing attempts so that all of your important data will remain safe in the future. As such kind of Phishing schemes are designed to steal your login credentials so that they will have control on your iPhone


The examples of such Phishing attempts can be seen at the following link:




At the end, we went through all possible solution regarding iPhone stolen case. Your iPhone is what matters you the most, so it is our duty to keep you up-to-date with all security related features and information. So that you are able to keep your data and phone secure in near future. Lastly, be careful and beware of losing your iPhone.

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