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How to Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Accounts?

Oct 26, 2020 • Filed to: Cloud Management Solution • Proven solutions


Most of the people today rely on multiple cloud storage services to store their files, documents, and important data. However, managing these multiple storages can be hectic. In this article, you will learn about a few cloud storage managers through which you can put multiple cloud drives together in one platform and manage them safely.

Today, the advancements in the world of technology are quite astonishing. And companies often conduct extensive researches and produce a lot of data before coming up with any product or service. But storing this large amount of data on local drives is quite risky. Hence, more and more cloud storage drives are coming up in the market with some amazing features to help out the audience. Applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, OneDrive, etc. are some of the best cloud storage drives which are designed to secure your important files and data together in one place. Nevertheless, all these storage services have their advantages and disadvantages. Some are good in terms of pricing, some in features, and some in privacy. Due to these various benefits, people often go for multiple cloud storage accounts but soon find it difficult and time-consuming to access information on these multiple accounts. Hence, to avoid the hassle and confusion, people and many companies tend to use multiple cloud storage managers to store and organize their data files in a much systemic way.

Part 1. What is the advantage to manage multiple cloud storage accounts in one place?

Juggling through multiple cloud accounts to find the desired data can be daunting and the only way to ease this process is by managing all your cloud drives from one place. Here are a few advantages of multiple cloud storage manager

  1. Sync all your accounts together to save your data in one place
  2. Sets up simple backups
  3. Transfer all your important files from one account to another without having to upload or download
  4. Ensure your account’s safety by enabling third-party apps to access all your accounts without revealing your username and password.

If you have multiple accounts then you must think about using the cloud managers to not only save yourself from the troubles but also to save up your time. cBackupper and MultCloud are few of the effective tools which help out users and keep their files safe and secure.

Part 2. How to manage multiple cloud storage accounts using cBackupper?

As mentioned above, most people have more than one cloud storage accounts for several purposes but logging separately into each of them takes up so much time. Cheer up! cBackupper, is a free and easiest way to manage multiple cloud storage accounts. With this tool, you can manage and access all your accounts in one platform with just a single login. Here is a step-by-step guide to assist you further.

  1. Simply create a cBackupper account freely.

    Go to and create your account here without paying any amount.

    cBackupper Sign Up page
  2. Log in using your registered email address and password.
  3. Now click on “Add cloud” and select your preferred cloud storage service and then click on “Add”. cBackupper supports Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and FTP/SFTP.
    manage multiple accounts using cBackupper
  4. Log in your account on the redirect’s page and tap on "Allow" to authorize cBackupper.
  5. Add all your cloud storage accounts in the same way. You can even add multiple cloud storage accounts of the same service.
  6. The list of all your clouds will appear on the left. You can see the total free space and used space on the bottom left corner of the screen.
  7. And now to transfer files seamlessly click on “Tasks” tab located at the top of the page and then click on “create tasks”
  8. Enter the name of your task and then tap on the “Add source” button to add your desired cloud drive as the source.
  9. Now add another cloud drive as a migration source by clicking on "Add destination".
  10. Click on “Start Backup” on the lower right corner to begin the task.

This simple procedure will let you move or backup your files between all your accounts easily. And it’s security and other useful features like “Allocate Space” make it’s the most reliable choice for all your cloud storage management need.

Part 3. How to manage multiple cloud storage accounts using MultCloud?

MultCloud is a free multi-cloud manager through which you can easily transfer, sync, and backup all your files between different cloud drives directly. MultCloud makes the file transferring an extremely simple and painless process. It doesn’t even require you to be online for the process as it will complete the whole transmission itself. To make things clear for you here is a detailed guide of this tool

  1. Open up the MultCloud website and create an account for free.

    Go to and create your account here without paying any amount.

    cBackupper Sign Up page
  2. Tab on the “Cloud Explorer” and click on “Add cloud drive”.
    MultCloud main homepage
  3. Select your cloud storage service from the given list and then click on “Next”.
  4. Now authorize MultCloud by entering the username and password of the cloud service you chose.
  5. Follow the same procedure while adding your other cloud storage accounts.
  6. Once you have added all your accounts you can begin the operations by simply clicking on the tool you want to use. For example, to transfer files click on “Cloud Transfer”.
    cBackupper Sign Up page
  7. Now select the source account along with the file or folder you want to share.
  8. Add the destination account click on “Transfer Now” to start the procedure. And once the transfer starts you can even turn off your PC because MultCloud can perform all the tasks in the background, without causing any interruptions.


Use this cloud manager if you need to transfer data between your cloud storage accounts regularly as it allows you to schedule the transfer process. This means you don’t have to start the process yourself, simply select a certain time and the system will begin the migration or the synchronization with other cloud services automatically.

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