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Part 1:What is JUC600?

JUC600 can simply be defined as a type of Android Mirror USB cable or adapter primarily used to display different kinds of contents from the phone to laptop or PC. In short, it acts as a bridge connecting android mobile device and a computer.

knowledge about J5

With this cable, users can copy and paste messages directly to their android phones from the computer, rotate as well as magnify phone's screen to attain larger display. Also, the users can carry out the same thing comfortably on the PC's screen. With larger display, users can enjoy playing games, transfer files, receive or reject incoming calls and text or respond to messages using mouse and keyboard. It's also simple to take screenshots of the phone with the cable in place.

Part 2: Features of JUC600

  • • It operates well on Android Operating System 2.3/4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3
  • • It transmits data via file manager
  • • Displays android mobile device on laptop or windows computer desktop
  • • Allows for rotation and magnification of phone's screen on PC
  • • Allows users to send, receive, copy and paste texts directly from connected laptop or PC and vice versa/ Supports direct mouse and keyboard functionality from connected windows computer desktop.
  • • Incoming calls can be received or rejected easily from the PC.
  • • Phone's screenshot can be taken directly on the PC and then saved.
  • • Video display can only be supported on advanced models e.g. Android 4.0
  • • Employs Multi-language tasking
  • • Playing various games on a magnified display

knowledge about J5

Part 3: How the JUC600 Works & Write

Once the adapter is successfully connected, it's easy to use android device as if it's the computer itself. The users can play their favourite games, send or respond to texts, reject or receive the incoming calls and also browse the internet.

knowledge about J5

knowledge about J5

To transfer data, you only need to drag the folder or the file from laptop or computer to where you want to transfer it to. This file will then be copied to the selected location.

knowledge about J5

Minimising or maximising the phone's window is also simple; users can obtain sharp resolution. The screens usually rotate automatically but if this fails, it can be done manually. Also, the screen of the android phone can be captured and saved directly to the connected laptop or computer.

knowledge about J5

Users can easily copy and paste messages from computer on the text windows. The messages are displayed instantly on the screen of android mobile device.

knowledge about J5

JUC600 allows users to call directly and receive message notifications. A balloon notification is displayed by the android mirror software whenever someone is calling or a text message has been received. The user can stop the vibration produced by the incoming notifications by simply clicking mirrored screen.

knowledge about J5

As mentioned previously, users can utilize keyboard and mouse control. With this feature, users can 'Left Click', 'Left Click' and 'Click and Slide.' Users can use the keyboard when typing without using phone's touch screen when replying messages or rejecting or accepting incoming calls.

knowledge about J5

Part 4: Troubleshooting on JUC600: Three Most Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:My Phone Is Not Being Successfully Connected. What Might be the Reason for This?

If you're experiencing this problem then you need to do the following:

1. Check if the debugging mode is enabled. If it's not, the enable it.

2. If you're certain that JUC600 is connected and the problem continues, click 'Computer' then in start-up menu, check if there is 'Android Mirror Drive'. If it isn't available, then there is no connection at all. Try reconnecting in to another computer's USB port and check if the LED indicator is lighting.

3. JUC600 may be faulty while charging after connecting it to the phone and the computer. For technical support, you can reach the helpline on 888-988-0488 or send an email to

4. Check if the USB port you're using is compatible with your android mirror. The most recommended one is USB 2.0 because a number of them for example USB 3.0 don't work

5. The problem might be Android Debugging Bridge Interface. Visit the Device Manager and check if it's properly installed. A wrongly installed driver is donated by a question mark and if this is the case then you should uninstall it then install a new driver. For more information, you can contact the support team.

Question 2:The operation speed is too slow, what is the problem?

The slow speed of operation by be attributed by;

1. It is operating in the normal mode. This mostly occurs when you attempt to use the android phone or device that is not supported by JUC600. Check if the phone you're using is in the support list.

2. This can also occur when the Turbo mode is on. Slow operation speed can also be due to applications or programs in the device. You need to seek help from the technical team.

Question 3:The loading bar is freezing. What is the problem?

You don't have to panic if you're experiencing this problem because the android device is being recognized by the application. If this problem persists, then try closing and disconnecting the application then restart the phone. Reconnect the phone and then run JUC600 application once again.

Question 4: Videos Can't Synchronize on My Computer Screen

The problem might be the type android you're using. A number of android versions for example android and android 3.0 is not compatible with the program. To view your camera videos, you will need android 4.0. .

Question 5:JUC600 Runs Smoothly on Other Applications But Very Slow on Typing Function. What Is the Reason Behind This?

This occurs when you can't type anything yet virtual keyboard is displayed. To solve this problem, visit 'Android System Setting' then click 'Setting' and after that select 'Language and Input' and then chose 'MctSoftKey'.

This can occur also when you can't type and also view the virtual keyboard. To correct this, you need to follow the same procedure outlined above

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