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Why do You Want to Mirror Your Android to Your TV?

A decade ago the idea that you'd want to mirror the screen of your mobile phone to your television would seem silly but now that there is so much content on our mobile devices from games to HD video, it's downright useful to blow up your phone's tiny display to television size. Read on as we show you how. As with nearly any tech-oriented problem there are multiple approaches to the problem of getting content off your Android phone and onto your HDTV. You can use Chrome cast to cast movies, photos, and a whole lot more. You can even use a Miracast dongle with your Android 4.2+ phone to wirelessly mirror your Android phone

Despite how great the Chrome cast is for streaming media content and that the Miracast offers (somewhat unstable) screen mirroring, there's one thing they don't (and can't) offer: the stability and bandwidth of a wired connection. If you want perfect mirroring with incredibly low latency, no risk of wireless interference or dropouts, quality sound reproduction, and the convenience of using screen mirroring wherever there is an HDMI port, then you'll need a wired connection between your phone and your display.

Part I:Mirror your android phone to your TV with cable

Once you've confirmed that your phone supports MHL, the only thing you'll need is an MHL cable for your phone. This is, by far and away, the most tricky (and potentially frustrating) part of the entire process. Once you have the right cable it's smooth sailing, but if you purchase the wrong cable for your device you're going to have a really bad time. To help you avoid the frustration, let's take a look at what makes different MHL cables incompatible and how to select the right one. There are currently three MHL cable types on the market. The first type is known as the Standard micro-USB-to-HDMI Adapter and has 5 pins on the micro USB connector. This is the cable type used by most MHL devices. The second type is the Samsung micro-USB-to-HDMI Adapter and has 11 pins on the micro USB connector. This is the cable type used by most Samsung devices (although a few of their devices use the 5-pin standard).

Finally, there is what is known as a Passive MHL cable. In addition to the pin type's outline above, MHL adapters come in Passive and Active form. Active cables, like the ones we mentioned in the previous paragraph, include a powered adapter which converts the MHL standard to plain old HDMI so that you can plug your MHL-enabled phone into any television, projector, or receiver with a free HDMI port. Passive MHL cables do not include active signal adaptation and are intended for use between an MHL-enabled device and an MHL-enabled display. Although they don't have an extra cable for charging they still will provide energy to the attached device as the MHL cabling standard includes power transmission when the cable is paired between two MHL-enabled units.

mirror your Android to your TV

Overall we can't recommend purchasing a passive MHL cable for your device as it severely limits you. There are quite a few Android devices with MHL support on the market but the number of MHL-enabled displays is rather small. Realistically the chances of you just happening upon an MHL-enabled display while armed with your MHL-enabled phone and passive cable are relatively slim. Even if you're purchasing the cable to use primarily at home (and have an MHL-enabled TV) it makes very little sense to buy a passive MHL cable that only works with select displays when you can buy a similarly priced active MHL adapter that will work with any HDMI port on any display.

mirror your Android to your TV mirror your Android to your TV

Part II:How to mirror your android to your TV by Wireless?

Roku's growing selection of streaming devices is perennial favorites among reviewers and consumers alike. What really makes Roku fly is its ridiculous selection of apps, which now numbers over 1,000. It's because of all those apps that Roku initially made our list. However, while the Roku system was long bereft of any real native mirroring, the company announced October 2 of 2014 that its Roku 3 and Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI) will now offer straight-up screen mirroring for Android.

mirror your Android to your TV

While a full list of compatible devices wasn't disclosed, the beta service is available for Android running 4.4.2 also your device must have a wifi connection on it in order to do screen mirroring and it must have the latest software of android running on it from jelly bean to kitkat and also lollipop which is the latest firmware which was release a few months ago . The announcement also says that your "hardware must support screen mirroring" though most devices do in one form or another

mirror your Android to your TV

Android can also sling their favorite content to the TV with a few popular apps including All Cast our preferred method, and Twonky Beam, the latter of which is detailed in DT's 'Turbocharge. Efficient than airplay itself.

mirror your Android to your TV mirror your Android to your TV

Check with your device manufacturer for specific instructions on how to enable screen mirroring for your device.

Step one

On device:

  • - Go to Settings menu
  • - Tap Connections
  • - Tap Screen Mirroring
  • - Ensure Screen Mirroring set to ON
  • - After scan, tap Roku wireless display listed

Step two

On device:

  • - Dialogue indicating that device is trying to connect to Roku
  • - once it is connected then your device will start to be mirrored on your TV screen
  • - Quiz

Another way to get your android device compatible so that it can allows your mirroring on your TV is by rooting your device when your android device has been rooted this allows your phone to get its full potential but by rooting your android device this will allows you to brake the warranty of your phone, program that can be used to root your android are Kingo Android rooting software this program can be used to root any android device that is known, once your device has been rooted even if it was not compatible with mirroring before then you can download the mirroring app on to your phone , by rooting your device the app will be compatible with your phone and you can adjust it the way you want it to be.

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