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Best Way to Share iPad Screen on Mac

Apr 27, 2022 • Filed to: Mirror Phone Solutions • Proven solutions

Screen mirroring is among the few technological advancements that have presented figurative and cheap resolutions to the issues that are involved in covering coherent device usability. There have been a series of solutions that have provided a method to utilize larger screens for displaying a smaller screen to a group of people at the same time. The major reason for implementing this service across a large scale was for promoting a mechanism of managing presentations through smaller devices over larger screens with ease. Many users who usually utilize the iPad for their major work may face difficulty when showing a file to a group of people across their tablet. In such cases, it gets necessary to extrapolate the data onto a bigger screen to allow the users to observe the presented information with comfort. The article would take up several options that can be consumed for sharing the iPad screen on a Mac.

Part 1. Use QuickTime Player to share iPad screen on Mac

You might have observed that the market is saturated with numerous solutions that seek to offer a method to share iPad screen on a Mac. However, before you go wandering around the Internet in search of a tool for fulfilling the purpose, you can always consider using QuickTime Player for such cases. This built-in tool for Mac offers you the best environment and conditions to work with. With an easy and convenient interface available for sharing the iPad's screen on a Mac, this multimedia tool presents multiple utilities and ideas to cover. This platform can be utilized across all kinds of media files. However, when it comes to using QuickTime Player for sharing your iPad’s screen over a Mac, you need to follow the steps provided as follows.

    • You need to connect your devices through a simple USB connection. For this, connect the devices with the aid of a lightning cable.
    • A file selection option opens on your front. With the QuickTime Player opened on your Mac, tap on the "File" tab from the available screen; you need to choose the option of "New Movie Recording" from the drop-down menu.
select new movie recording from files tab
    • With the recording screen emerging on your Mac, you need to change the options of the screen from the options provided in the settings bar in the recording section. Select “iPad’ from the available options and let your iPad mirror onto your Mac with ease. The mirroring procedure will immediately start once selected.
select ipad from the list


  • A free platform that is quite easy to operate.
  • Provides a very enhanced video quality, up to 1080p in quality.
  • A neat interface with no complications involved.


  • This platform is only available for Mac users.
  • Compatible with devices having iOS 7 or later.
  • No advanced editing toolkit available.

Part 2. Screen share iPad to Mac with Reflector app

There are many dedicated applications that may provide you the services of screening your iPad across a Mac screen. The major question that arises under such circumstances is the quality of the output that would be obtained with screen mirroring through the assorted platform. With this filter, there are quite a few platforms that offer a very comprehending in offering unique solutions and impressive interface to cover. Reflector 3 is another software that has presented efficient screen mirroring solutions to the users. The major highlight in using this platform is its wireless system for sharing the screen of an iPad to a Mac. To use Reflector 3 efficiently, you need to follow the steps provided as follows.

    • Download and install the macOS version of Reflector 3 on your device. Connect the Mac and your iPad across the same Wi-Fi network and proceed with opening Reflector on your Mac.
open reflector on your mac
    • Access your iPad and lead to opening its Control Center by swiping your screen from the top-right corner.
open control center on your ipad
    • Select "Screen Mirroring" from the options provided, and with the options available on the next screen that opens, select the Mac from the available devices and successfully connect your Mac with the iPad through Reflector.
select your macbook from the list


  • A modern and intuitive interface is designed.
  • Offers a very powerful set of screen mirroring features.
  • Offers live streaming on YouTube with different device frames.


  • Includes a watermark on the device screen in its trial version.

Part 3. Airplay iPad to Mac via Apowermirror

The advanced the application, the more preferred it is for mirroring your iPad onto a Mac screen. Although it has been recognized that the market is saturated with a series of different platforms that provided immediate solutions to screen mirroring, many platforms among the list lack the basic features that can be utilized for efficient output. Apowermirror is an advanced mirroring program that offers users a very simple and efficient execution of screen mirroring from an iPad onto a Mac by following the series of unique features and tools that are offered in its system. To consider using Apowermirror for efficiently mirroring your iPad’s screen onto the Mac, you can utilize the software efficiently. It can be used as a multi-purpose software, with mirroring features provided to users of different tastes and styles. To understand the usage of Apowermirror for mirroring the iPad onto a Mac, you need to utilize Airplay for covering the procedure. Follow the steps as stated below to successfully use Apowermirror for mirroring your iPad onto the Mac.

    • Download and install Apowermirror on your Mac and launch it. You need to connect your Mac and your iPad across the same Internet connection.
    • With the application launched, you need to access the “Control Center” on your iPad by swiping it on the home screen. Select “Screen Mirroring” from the available options in the list that appears.
access screen mirroring option
    • Select the name of the application that appears on the list of available devices for screen mirroring. Successfully select the available option to mirror your iPad across the Mac.
mirroring ipad on mac


  • You can get high-quality results out of the platform with the adjustments of screen resolutions.
  • Very convenient and swift in executing tasks.
  • Provides the ability to mirror two or more devices at once.


  • It consumes the battery of the device, making it highly intensive.

Part 4. Use AirServer to share iPad screen on Mac

AirServer is another platform that can come quite handy in operating for mirroring your screen onto a Mac. The major diversities that are offered in AirServer in comparison to the other mirroring platform is the autonomy to project any kind of media onto the Mac through the iPad with a wireless connection. With the option of receiving streams from the devices, AirServer can provide you the ability to mirror multiple devices under the same instance. This can allow you to observe multiple screens over the same large preview. The use of such screen mirroring platforms caters to all the requirements of the user for a better screen preview. When it comes to using AirServer for sharing the iPad screen on a Mac, you need to follow the steps offered as follows.

    • Install AirServer on your Mac and proceed with connecting the iPad and the Mac across the same wireless connection.
install airserver on mac
    • Open the Control Center on the iPad and proceed with selecting the ‘Screen Mirroring’ menu from the available list.
open control center on your ipad
    • With Mac's name appearing on the list of available devices, you need to toggle the mirroring after selecting it successfully. Play the media file that you wish to operate through the device onto a larger screen.
select your macbook from the list


  • Record your screens at a 4K resolution, making it one of the best options in screen mirroring.
  • A very simple platform to use with the ability to attach 9 devices together.


  • Does not offer a very advanced set of video editing features in the system.
  • The features are completely dependent on the license that is bought.


This article has featured a list of options that can be adopted for mirroring your screen onto the Mac. When using an iPad, you may feel a major lacking in the screen display when executing a certain task. In such circumstances, rather than going for an expensive purchase, you can always consider using a screen mirroring platform for sharing the iPad screen onto a Mac. With the available options, you can always opt for these software to cater to your needs. For this, you need to look over the article to develop an understanding of their operation and figure out the best platform for this case.

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