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Simple Guide to Upgrade to iOS 10 without Losing Data
How to Upgrade to iOS 10

72% of people chose to upgrade to iOS 9 within one month after its release

Analysis of Apple forums revealed over 20,000 users experienced data loss due to updating failures and other related problems

troubleshooting for upgrading to iOS 10 upgrade to iOS 10 without losing data
Devices Support iOS 10 Update
iPhone 4s Caution:
1. Device may become slow
2. Hardware not designed for iOS 10
3. Cannot revert back to iOS 9/8

iOS 10 Upgrade

Must Upgrade through iTunes If:
1. WiFi is unstable
2. Upgrading from iOS 6 and former
3. Upgrading jailbroken device
iOS 10 Upgrade

Before Upgrading:


freezing failures

Click Update.
Successfully upgrade to iOS 10

If update was not successful, do not worry! Dr.Fone recovery software can help you get your data back.

upgrade to iOS 10

Prep work for iOS update Backup before upgrading to iOS 10 iOS 10 failure Recover data after iOS 10 update fix iOS 10 system issues

Got the latest & greatest device! Now how do I transfer my data?

Transfer Data to Your Latest iPhone

Android to iPhone 7

Old iPhone to iPhone 7

Bonus Easy Transfer from Any Device

It’s hard to transfer from Android without third-party software:

Backup from old device and restore to iPhone 7

Make life easier & use mobile transfer software

If your old device has pictures & more that you would not want online, then ensure that you delete the content off your old device using a professional data destroyer

Products such as MobileTrans make transfer easier by providing:
1. Fast gigabyte speed
2. Supports over 8000 devices
3. Easy to use - just one click
4. Highly secure - no cloud needed
Transfer files from Android to iPhone 6 Transfer files from old iPhone to iPhone 6

How do I protect my deleted information? Why is a factory reset not enough? What should I do with my old device?

Manually Delete Data or Factory Reset

Use Military Data Destruction Software

Physically Smash Phone

Data can still be recovered by hackers using recovery software

Products such as SafeEraser give you inexpensive protection such as:
1. Military grade data eraser
2. 0% possibility of recovery
3. Easy to use

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Protect How to Protect Your Data
Tools iOS 10 Compatible Tools
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iOS 10

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