Top 15 Note Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2016

Back in the days, people used to carry notebooks around to write, doodle and draw their thoughts in. However, most people these days prefer an electronic companion. Therefore, rather than carrying the traditional pen and people, the modern man prefer to bring their iPhone and iPads around. To make things much more interesting, developers are creating more and more note taking apps for iPad and iPhone.

There are dozens of iOS note taking apps available on the AppStore. We have handpicked some of the top note apps for iPhone and iPad. This is to help you discover and try new apps before deciding which ones to use permanently.

1. Evernote (Price: Free)

This is the quintessential note apps for mobile devices across all platforms - from your Mac or Windows computer to your iPhone or Android smartphone. It is one of the most used note apps in the market because its ability to share and collaborate with people who are using different devices. Not only can you jot down notes "traditionally", you can also insert images and multimedia attachments directly inside the note. It is also a great tool to edit PDFs on the go as you are able to highlight, annotate and scribble on the PDF file.

notes app for iphone

2. Microsoft OneNote (Price: Free)

Despite being designed by one of Apple's biggest competitors, the app performs excellently on iPad. It gives you the ability to share notes across all of your note-taking devices that have Microsoft OneNote installed. You can actually create digital notebooks so that you can organise them accordingly. You can import external documents and images into your notebooks to keep them together in one place.

notes app for iphone

3. Noteshelf (Price: $7.99)

Like Microsoft OneNote, this app allows you to create individual "notebooks" where you can store PDF files that you can annotate. You are able to "sketch" your thoughts, type out your note or scribble ideas.

notes app for iphone

4. Penultimate (Price: Free)

For a great pen and paper experience on your iPad, download this app. It gives you one of the best "pen to paper" experience digitally.

notes app for iphone

5. Paper (Price: Free)

This app is a great alternative to the previous app if you want to focus on the artistic aspects of note taking. It is a great app to have if you are going to draw a lot of diagrams or sketch ideas for class. You will be given a variety of pens, paintbrushes, and pencils to stylise your notes.

notes app for iphone

6. Pages (Price: $9.99)

Developed by Apple, this app usually comes free when you purchase a new iPad. Rather than an app to doodle and scribble, it is intended to be a full-fledged word processor. It is a great word processor for people on the go.

notes app for iphone

7. TurboNote (Price: Free)

Sticky notes lovers would love this app instantaneously. You are able to upload your digital sticky notes to Google Drive and sync it with Google Keep so that you are able to access your notes across different devices. You will also be able to secure your notes with TouchID to make it harder for people to access confidential data.

notes app for iphone

8. SimpleNote (Price: Free)

If you are into minimalistic design, this app will be the one for you. Even though most people like their notes to be colourful to reflect their different ideas, this app is catered for those who prefers their notes to be more structured. The interface is very simple and easy on the eye so that you can take notes without fussing about distracting icons.

notes app for iphone

9. Notability (Price: $5.99)

It is one of the most popular and comprehensive iOS note-taking apps. It is best to use with a stylus so that you are able to doodle or sketch their notes. The best thing about this app is its "beautification" filter so that your notes will be more readable. The app also has an awesome audio recording capabilities so that you can record memos and lectures.

notes app for iphone

10. WritePad (Price: $4.99)

Do you hate typing notes and would rather write it? Do you prefer reading typed out notes because sometimes you are unable to even read your own handwriting? WritePad is the best solution for you - it translates handwritten note into text using a handwriting recognition technology. You can also sync it to multiple cloud storage platform so that you can access them whenever you want.

notes app for iphone

11. Awesome Note 2 (Price: $3.99)

This is a great note-taking companion for your iPhone. It is also a great app to manage your to-do list and keep your notes organised. You can also think of it as the Pinterest of note-taking apps.

notes app for iphone

12. Note Taker (Price: $1.99)

Write your notes in your own handwriting freely with this app. You do not need to make tiny pencil-like movement on the screen because the app adjusts your writing to fit the "paper" on the screen. You will also be able to organise your pages automatically by archiving them according to dates, tags, favourites etc.

notes app for iphone

13. AudioNote (Price: $4.99)

This powerful app allows you to record meeting and lectures while you take down notes. You are able to link them up together so that it will be easier for you to review your notes when needed.

notes app for iphone

14. MomoNote (Price: $4.99)

This is a great a personal memo app that lets you jot down your notes and make edits on your images. It is a great app that can be sync with the various cloud storage option. What makes this app more powerful is its ability to search your notes.

notes app for iphone

15. All-in Notes (Price: $4.99)

For something that is capable of handling notes of all types - text, sketches and audio. It uses colour to help you organise your notes effectively. You can secure your notes with a security code just in case you are worry about its confidentiality.

notes app for iphone

As you can clearly see, there are plenty of iOS note taking apps that you can take advantage of. Do let us know which ones are your favourite and are looking to try in 2016!

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