10 Best Note Apps for Android in 2016

One of the things that I liked immediately after I gotten my first smartphone is the ability to jot down my thoughts and others on a note. While I still love using good old pen and paper to illustrate ideas, having the ability to always carry my to-do list, shopping list and important notes with me in my pocket all the time is great. 

Like many other mobile tools, you will need the right note taking apps to better perform the task according to your specific needs. Whether you are going back to school are looking for a solution to take notes during meetings, there will be a note-taking app for you.

The amount of note apps available in Google Play Store will overwhelm even the savviest smartphone user. It would be a much easier search if you know what you want out of your note taking app - be it something fast and simple for quick notes, or something comprehensive with a lot of features for heavy-duty note taking. If you are the kind who uses multiple devices, it is also important to note that an app that is able to sync between devices would be most useful for you.

Read on to find our 10 best note apps for Android this year!

Google Keep

(Price: Free)

If you are using Android, you are probably familiar with Google's note-taking app. It comes highly recommended by people who love using Google services. It has a vibrant interface that is inspired by Material Design, which is functional and aesthetically pleasing. The app allows users to add images and audio files on the notes and can be integrated with Google Drive so that it will be easier to share with others.

notes for android


(Price: Free and optional subscription)

This is probably one of the go-to note-taking apps that is well-known and highly useful. It has a variety of features such as notebook support, organisational tools, collaboration capabilities and cross-platform compatibility. The optional subscription will give you additional storage, offline access, PDF editing etc.

notes for android


(Price: Free)

For a simpler version of Google Keep, try ColorNote. It is an awesome app if you are only needing it to write down reminders and lists. If you colour coordinate everything, this app will be your dream come true. The app also have calendar and backup support for users.

notes for android

Fast Notepad

(Price: Free)

Despite its juniority in the note taking app universe, it has been gaining fans and positive reviews. It is a note taking app that is just used to take quick notes without any other additional features.

notes for android


(Price: Free)

For fun note taking, get FiiNote for your Android device. It has a grid background and stylus/ drawing capabilities so that you can type, write or draw notes. You can insert images, audio and video files when needed.

notes for android


(Price: Free with in-app purchases)

If you need a note taking app that is built for longer notes, this is it. You can create folders to put all your notes in, a security system to keep confidential notes private and syncing options. You will also be able to create themes to organise your notes.

notes for android


(Price: Free)

As its name implies, this is one of the simplest note apps for Android. Its developers intentionally leave out additional features to ensure that the app does not bog down your Android device and help speed its performance. You can still, however, sync your notes between devices and it uses tags and pins to help you organise your notes.

notes for android


(Price: Free)

OneNote is Microsot's OneDrive equivalent of Google Keep for Google Drive. Since it is an application that is part of Microsoft Office's powerful productivity apps, you can bet that it is full of useful features including organising features, cross-platform support, widgets, Android Wear support and collaborating capabilities. 

notes for android

NotePad +

(Price: Free or $0.99)

Are you a doodler? Doodlers like you would love this app for its note-taking, drawing, doodling and sketching abilities. You are able to seamlessly transition between free-flow drawing to note typing, making it a very versatile app. You can keep unlimited number of notes, colour coordinates your notes for better organisation and keep information secure with the passcode feature.

notes for android


(Price: Free demo/ $3.59)

This app is a powerful note taking tool that is highly popular and positively reviewed by students and lecturers alike. This is probably because it is specifically built for academia and professional use. It is one of the first apps to add stylus support to its features. Additionally, it supports OneNote and Evernote files so that you can keep collaborating with users who are using these apps. You can also record videos while taking notes.

notes for android

From the very comprehensive to the very simple, we have given you our top 10 picks. Did we miss some great note taking apps? Do direct us to their download links so that we can have a go at them and maybe put them in our next best note taking apps for Android! If you are just trying out this kind of app, do let us know which ones you like best and why.

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