How to Sync Notes on iPhone and iPad

The Notes application for iPhone and iPad can take notes, create memos, thoughts and also to record text. You can do variety of things with Notes and can also sync your device to iCloud, email accounts like yahoo and Google and can virtually manage Notes from these facilities. Not everybody knows how sync notes on iPhone and iPad and it’s essential for those who are using these devices. So let us see of the options we can use to Sync notes on iPhone and iPad.

Part 1. How to sync iPhone and iPad notes with iCloud

1. Firstly, you should launch the Settings app on your device.

2. Then, tap or select iCloud.

3. Enter your authentication details.

4. When you are logged in, turn on the services you wish to sync.

This screenshot shows you the entire process:

sync notes on iphone

Most of the services are already on in iCloud by default. After the configuration your email will display in the Mail app, appointments in the Calendar app and contact details in the Contacts app and finally your notes in Notes app.

Part 2: How to sync notes on iPhone and iPad for Gmail or Exchange

You can also access configure your Gmail account with the help of Settings app and use it with help of in-built Notes apps. If you have a paid Gmail account that you can access the built-n IOS Mail app and its other options.

1. First of all launch Setting app from your Home Screen

2. Then Select or Tap mail, calendars and contacts.

3. Now select add account option.

sync notes on iphone

4. Now tap on Gmail.

5. Now in the pop-up screen you have to enter you authentication details for Gmail account. You may be prompted for your two-factor authentication code, if you're using one.

6. Now tap on allow when prompted with the "iOS would like to..." screen.

sync notes on iphone

7. After this you have to select which service you would like to sync: Mail, Contacts, Calendars, or Notes.

8. After completing all the above steps, tap on save.

Part 3: How to sync notes on iPhone and iPad with Yahoo

You can also record and save notes on your device by accessing notes from your computer by logging into your yahoo account. For this, you have to enable syncing between your Yahoo account and Notes app. When this feature is enabled on the device, Notes will automatically sync between the yahoo account and your device. They you can use your yahoo mail account to access the Notes folder on your Apple device from any other computer. For this you should follow these steps:

1. Tap on the settings icon in home screen of your device.

2. Now, tap on mail, contacts and calendar option.

3. After first two steps tap the Yahoo! Option to start configuring syncing options and after that slide next to Notes.

4. When these steps are complete, tap on done to save the settings. So now your device is configured to sync with your Yahoo Mail account.

Part 4: How to sync notes on iPhone and iPad with Google Keep

Google Keep note taking app is a journal-like app that allows users to save their photos, notes and other content and also help in integrating reminders, to-do lists, voice input and many more features. They are customizable and can be shared with others and reminders can be set by time or location. Users can also search for notes by using various filters based on content, color and more options.

sync notes on iphone

sync notes on iphone

sync notes on iphone

sync notes on iphone

Part 5: How to switch accounts in notes for iPhone and iPad

You can also switch accounts in notes for iPhone and iPad from different mail accounts.

First of all, you should tap on accounts option on the upper left corner of the Notes list to show the notes you sync with e-mail accounts or iCloud for which you turned on the Notes sync setting. Go to settings, inside that select mail, contacts, calendars. You will see something like this.

Now you can do the following:

You can tap All Notes option to display a list of all of your notes saved and synced with all of your e-mail accounts on your iPhone. If you want to see individual notes than select Notes under an e-mail account name. In iCloud section you not see the Notes folder. You should tap all iCloud to see all Notes stored on iCloud and also in folders.

If you have multiple accounts and you want to switch from one account to another. You should go to settings option inside that notes option and then select Default Account to choose the account you want new notes to be created in if you create a new note from the All Notes list.

sync notes on iphone

Now with these five different ways, you can sync your notes with iPad and iPhone easily.

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