10 Best Baby Monitors 2017

Do you really need a Baby Monitor?

You silently step into your baby's room to see if they're okay at night. The door accidentally creaks behind you, and your baby immediately wakes up, crying and weeping for the next 10 minutes. Has this ever happened to you?

If you're a parent, you've surely experienced either that or a similar experience. Furthermore, most young parents find it downright impossible to sleep not knowing what might be happening to their baby in its crib. You mind rushes through a thousand terrifying possibilities. What if she's been swaddled too hard? What if she can't breathe.

Parents can relax if they know what's happening to their baby at all times. So yes, if you're a parent, for the sake of your own sanity, you do need a baby monitor.

What are the different types of Baby Monitors?

Baby monitors come in a variety of styles. Some of them are purely audio based, and some of them even show you a live video footage of your baby in the crib. Parents generally prefer the latter because sometimes a quiet baby itself can be a sign of distress.

In addition to that, even with video baby monitors, you can get one that lets you monitor from a separate handheld device, or you can get one that streams the video from the camera to your cell phone via an app.

In this article, we'll go through all your options and explore some of the best baby monitors in the market.

Part 1: Infant Optics - Editor's Choice

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is definitely our personal pick as the best baby monitor out there for a number of reasons, such as great reviews, great features, the fact that it has interchangeable optical lens, and the fact that the accompanying LCD display is sleek and classy in design.

best baby monitor

Why is Infant Optics our choice as the best Baby Monitor?

  1. It's the first baby monitor to ever use the interchangeable optical lens capability. This allows you to customize the angle of the video and zoom in or out. As such, this baby monitor deserves some respect for ingenuity.
  2. It has a large and sleek 3.5 inch LCD display in full colour.
  3. The battery can last 10 hours if you're on battery saver mode, and even if you have the video activated it can give you 6 hours.
  4. An Optical Zoom lens is available with the model and you can also purchase a wide angle lens separately.
  5. You don't need to go through complicated setup processes. Simply plug and play.
  6. The intercom allows you to talk to the baby and listen to it as well.
  7. The screen also comes with a temperature gauge.

Keep In Mind

This device sends the video to a separate handheld LCD screen. It can't be streamed to a cell phone or any other device.

What do the buyers say?

Reviews have been generally favorable with 71% of the users giving the product a 5 star rating. However, some reviewers have given scathing reviews about how the battery life gets very week in a couple of months, and that within about 4 months of purchase the battery power becomes almost non-existent.

Cost: $167

Part 2: Nest - Best Baby Monitor with Night Vision Capability

The Next Cam Indoor Security Camera is perfect for observing and keeping an eye on your child at night because of its very strong night vision lens. Most baby monitors offer night vision capability, however it's usually blurred and hard to see properly. This product has the best night vision capacity in the market. In addition to that, it comes with some other great specs that takes it deserving of the number 2 spot in this list.

video baby monitor

What makes Nest Cam so special?

  1. Offers 24/7 live video streaming, with a 130° wide-angle view and 1080p HD recording.
  2. Whenever there's any movement in the frame the device takes a snapshot and immediately sends you a notification. As such, even if you're asleep you'll be woken up to movement.
  3. After plugging in the Nest Cam, you need to download the app, and you can start monitoring!
  4. There's a built-in microphone so you can sing to the baby at night so that it can sleep.
  5. Night Vision is fantastic and you can see the whole room clear as day.
  6. You also get access to Nest Aware. With this you get alerts during movements and 10-30 days worth of video is stored in the cloud. If you want to go through it all, you can easily check out a quick time lapse video.

Keep In Mind

This device streams video onto a cell phone via an app. However, if you want a more simplistic device that provides a separate handheld LCD, this isn't the one for you.

What do the buyers say?

Nest has received almost unanimously favorable reviews, however several reviewers have complained about the poor quality of customer service, and some reviewers have expressed concerns regarding licenses.

Cost: Around $176 per one

Part 3: LeFun - Best Budget Baby Monitor

The LeFun 720p Wireless Wifi IP Camera is an effective and extremely cheap baby monitor that can be accessed via WiFi and it can easily be connected to your cell phone and other devices via an app so you always have an eye on your baby, even if you're at your office or elsewhere.

baby video monitor

Impressive Features of LeFun Baby Monitor

  1. You can monitor the baby through several devices via WiFi. So both parents can have their eye on the baby throughout the day, even if they're both working.
  2. You can connect it to the TV, to a tablet, computer, or cell phone.
  3. The video quality is clear HD and it also comes with automatic zoom.
  4. Comes with a wide angle of 350 degrees.
  5. The LED Night Vision has a distance of 32 feet.
  6. You can communicate with the baby via a microphone any time.
  7. The device has motion alert, so it captures a snapshot of the slightest of movements and notifies you.
  8. It's also a very cheap baby monitor device, compared to others.

Keep In Mind

The device works in connection with other devices compatible with WiFi. If you're not connected to WiFi you won't be able to monitor the baby.

What do the buyers say?

LeFun receives mixed reviews from customers. Only 50% of the reviewers have given it a 5 star, and 20% have been very unhappy with it. However, many reviewers mentioned that it has a “fatal flaw” that the video often freezes, becomes distorted, or loses connection. However, this is only true for certain pieces. If you get a faulty piece, you should ask for a replacement.

Cost: It is available for approximately $50

Part 4: Motorola - Best Video Baby Monitor that comes with Lullabies

The Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor is a powerful and effective baby monitor that can be used to monitor a sleeping child through a handheld LCD device. The camera of the device comes equipped with five lullabies so if the baby wakes up at night, you can simply turn those on and the baby will drift away into a good and peaceful sleep again.

wifi baby monitor

What makes this Motorola Baby Monitor special?

  1. Wireless technology, and easy to set up.
  2. Separate handheld LCD screen with a 3.5 inch screen.
  3. Remote pan, tilt, and zoom features.
  4. Microphone embedded in the device through which you can communicate with the baby.
  5. The microphone is incredibly sensitive and can even pick up on the humming of the air ducts.
  6. If you're getting out of range of the wireless transmission you'll receive an “out of range” alert.
  7. The device also gauges the room temperature.
  8. Comes with five built-in lullabies.

Keep In Mind

This video baby monitor has a limited wireless range. So you can't monitor the baby from a different location, or if you're in an office. You have to be within range. It also can't be streamed on a cell phone.

What do the buyers say?

This Motorola device has received very average reviews in general. Only 28% of the users have given it a 5 star rating, as opposed to 36% who have given it a one star rating. The main concern is that the battery life is extremely short at one hour, which means that it always needs to be plugged in and can't be carried around. Furthermore, the device doesn't come with a charger.

Cost: $176

Part 5: Vtech - Best Audio Baby Monitor

The VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor is a really cheap and affordable baby monitor for those who don't care for the video, for those who just need to hear the sound of their baby's breathing to know they're alright.

Best Audio Baby Monitor

What makes VTech the best Audio Baby Monitor?

  1. It comes with a Parent and a Baby unit.
  2. It provides crystal clear sounds and gets rid of all the background noise so you can focus on your baby.
  3. Even if you mute the device, you can check out the bars on the screen of the device to find out how much noise the device is registering. If the bars suddenly rise higher, you can assume that the baby might be crying or some other loud noise must be coming from the room.
  4. You can communicate with the baby over a microphone.
  5. The baby monitor's battery can last up to 18 hours.

Keep In Mind

This device can only be used for monitoring audio. No video. Furthermore, it has to be monitored via the handheld device, it can't be connected to your cell phone over WiFi. You also need to be within range for it to work.

What do the buyers say?

52% of the customers have been extremely happy with the device, giving it a 5 star rating. However, some of the reviewers have stated that the connection gets lost through walls, and sometimes it can't cut through a lot of background noise so you can't hear the baby well.

Cost: It is just around $33

Part 6: Summer Infant - Best Split Screen Baby Monitor

The Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor has one incredibly unique feature. It comes with two cameras that you can attach in two rooms or in two angles of the same room. Following that, you can view both the videos from the split screen feature of the 3.5 inch LCD screen.

img class="maxW" src="https://drfone.wondershare.com/images/others/best-baby-monitor-06.jpg" alt="baby monitor with camera" title="Summer Infant baby monitor" />

Other features of Summer Infant

  1. Handheld 3.5” LCD colorful screen.
  2. Split screen capability to view footage from both cameras together.
  3. You can also add two more cameras and split the screen four ways.
  4. Black and White night vision capability.
  5. Remote pan, zoom, and tilt abilities for both cameras.
  6. Microphones in both cameras can allow you to communicate with the baby or babies.

Keep In Mind

This device has a very limited range of 600 meters, so you can only monitor the devices up to a certain limit within the house.

What do the buyers say?

This device has received mixed reviews. Only about 36% of the customers have loved it, giving it 5 stars, and 23% of the customers have hated it, giving it only a 1 star rating. The biggest complaints were the fact that the battery doesn't even last through the night and the signal strength is very weak.

Cost: Around $174

Part 7: Hello Baby - Best Baby Monitor With Most Powerful Batteries

A lot of the previously mentioned baby monitors had one major flaw - they had a weak battery life. The Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor rectifies that. It's a baby monitor that can be attached to four other cameras, and comes with a handheld monitor so that you can always have your eyes on the baby. However, unlike a lot of the other similar devices, this one can give you a battery life of up to 8 hours with video, and 12 hours on power saver. As such, it can easily last through the night.

cheap baby monitors

Why should you buy Hello Baby?

  1. Crystal clear video footage provided.
  2. Extremely portable handheld device with a long battery life.
  3. Night Vision is extremely clear in black and white. It automatically adjusts to the lighting of the room.
  4. Has a range of 960 feet, which is enough to move around the house freely and not lose signals.
  5. A microphone allows 2-way communication.
  6. You can attach four cameras to monitor.
  7. Room temperature sensor is also provided.
  8. 8 lullabies available in the device to help put your child to sleep.

Keep In Mind

This device has a powerful range, however it still can't be streamed on your cell phone, so you're limited within the house.

What do the buyers say?

50% of the users loved this device, giving it a 5 star rating, and 15% hated it. The main criticism has been that after a few weeks the visual and audio transmission starts breaking off. It's not reliable.

Cost: $69

Part 8: Samsung - Best Baby Monitor With Big Screen

This Samsung device is a traditional baby monitor that comes with a separate handheld LCD screen that you can use to monitor the baby in another room. However, most such devices come with a 3.5” screen. Samsung really enhances that by providing 5” screen so that you don't have to squint to see clearly at night.

Best Baby Monitor With Big Screen

Why is this Samsung Baby Monitor highly recommended?

  1. Comes with a 5” touchscreen LCD monitor.
  2. Remote pan, tilt, and rotate features.
  3. Built-in microphone to facilitate 2-way communication.
  4. Comes with a gentle nigh-light for the baby.
  5. LEDs for Night Vision with a 16 ft radius.
  6. Can be used with up to 4 different cameras.
  7. Range of 900ft.

Keep In Mind

This device cannot be connected with smartphones and other devices.

What do the buyers say?

52% of the customers loved it and 21% hated it, with the common criticism being that after a few months the battery and the charger's efficacy seriously takes a dip so much so that it eventually becomes ineffective.

Cost: $199

Part 9: Philips - Powerful Audio Baby Monitor With Temperature Sensor

This Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor provides a completely clear sound transmission and 2-way communication between parents and children. In addition to that, it also comes with a screen that displays the temperature in the room.

Powerful Audio Baby Monitor

Why is Philips a special Audio Baby Monitor?

  1. DECT technology makes sure there is no interference in connection.
  2. 2-way communication through microphone.
  3. A night light can glow for the baby.
  4. Temperature monitoring feature.
  5. You get notified in case of vibrations.
  6. Lullabies available to soothe the child.

Keep In Mind

Can't be used to monitor a visual of the baby, and the range is only 330 meters.

What do the buyers say?

A whopping 71% of the customers really loved the device, giving it a 5 star rating and glowing recommendations. Only 5% of the customers were dissatisfied with it, complaining that the user interface is hard to get a hang of.

Cost: $113

Part 10: iBaby - Best Baby Monitor for iOS and Android

This iBaby Monitor M6S provides a Full HD transmission of the video to your smartphone devices. It perfectly streams on your android or iOS device, and provides crystal clear video with perfect night vision as well.

iBaby monitor

Why is iBaby the best iOS and Android Baby Monitor?

  1. Crystal Clear with 1080p camera resolution.
  2. Videos can be recorded and you can also take snapshots.
  3. You can play lullabies from the device.
  4. You can engage in a 2-way communication.
  5. It streams on the handheld device via WiFi so you can use it anywhere at all. You aren't limited by range.
  6. Share the video over social media if you so choose.

Keep In Mind

This device can only be used to monitor if you're connected to WiFi.

What do the buyers say?

57% of the users loved the experience while 24% hated it. Those who hated it complained that the connection is extremely weak and it keeps disconnecting even if you have a strong WiFi connection.

Cost: $178

Over the course of this article we've given you a lot of different options to choose from. You can go for the cheap budget options with only audio capacity, or you can go for visual baby monitors that can be streamed on smartphones or on a separate handheld screen. The choice is all yours!

Do let us know what you decide to go with, or feel free to ask us if you have any questions at all!

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