Best Password Manager App selected for your choice

In present time we all have too many login Id’s for us to remember password which is complicated. With for security purpose sometimes we forgot to mention some security verification function. For this, many big IT, brands are working on the password manager app. These password manager apps work for remembering and creating unique long security password for every account. The software will help you to remember all your passwords with many features like IP address, sharing of user accounts, and user critical situation logins for the nominee, etc. For this, we just need to remember only master password manager app. User’s login links with passwords are managed by this software to create high security with minimizing your risk of personal user data. We are working on the many password app in which we find the review of best password manager app list below.

1. Dashlane

Best Password Manager App-Dashlane

On this list, Dashlane is the best password manager app today by our choice for the users. This password manager app provides everything simple for using it. The user can efficiently manage and import and save passwords. It allows you, for an emergency contact for all login credentials in an urgent and critical matter. You make a nominee of your trusted close ones who can manage your account at an emergency. The auto login feature is also available when the user accesses my mail to log in it would directly into the user account.


  1. You can reset all your passwords at once glance
  2. This software minimizes data Breach risk
  3. User friendly design
  4. Dashlane is the most accessible password manager app to use


  1. Most Expensive up of all password manager app
  2. Lack of upgrade in email support
  3. 2-factor authentication needs to upgrade

2. LastPass

Best Password Manager App-LastPass

After we tested several passwords manager software’s, we find LastPass at second choice. This software offers the sharing of login credentials for both computers and mobile devices. All platforms to be supported with optional two-factor authentication, user-friendly design and free version give many features as compared to all other password manager app in our list.


  1. User friendly design
  2. All major platforms Supports
  3. So many features available for the free version as compared to any other in the list
  4. Variety of customization
  5. 24$ Premium annually for single user
  6. Unlimited number of devices should be sync in free version of this software


  1. Only on browser extension you can manage LastPass password
  2. Desktop features is not available for users

3. RoboForm

Best Password Manager App-RoboForm

The RoboForm encryption system is the leading technology that securely stores your passwords, with one master password serving as your encryption key. Your master stored on our servers and you are the only one that knows it, so be sure you don’t forget ‘it.


  1. Cross platforms are available for Desktop password manager app
  2. Mobile apps are available for free
  3. Unlimited login credentials user can stores
  4. Secure notes storage features available
  5. Supports all major platform
  6. Emergency login access features allow user nominee to access in critical and urgent situations
  7. 19.95$ for one year, 49.95$ for three years & 74.95$ for five years for single user available
  8. Five user family subscriptions are available


  1. Free Version has insufficient features available for user
  2. Lags Sometimes during sharing and sync passwords between cross platforms
  3. Five user subscription is high as compared to other password manager app

RoboForm is third in our best password manager reviews list 2017 because its new for all users some features need to update so let see this app came first in our next year research or remain same.

4. True Key

Best Password Manager App-True Key

True Key password manager app is from Intel Security Company. This password manager app provides six different features includes Fingerprint and Face detection technology for access your login credentials.


  1. Intel provides regular updates for the True key password manager app
  2. Premium cost about 20$ per year subscription for single user
  3. The technology features give the future generation feeling to user
  4. Fingerprint and facial recognition supports all major platforms for the users
  5. True Key have Microsoft edge support
  6. Password & Reset manage is more efficiently for the User


  1. Web Interface is available for user in which any changes related to vault password from user primary computer is haptic
  2. User feels problems when he boots his computer the True Key software hangs the pc or laptop
  3. Design is not user-friendly
  4. Sometimes Face detection cannot recognise

Intel True Key app is on the Fourth number in our best password manager list 2017 it should be the future of the security world with its enhance many features available but these some functions lags and hangs the device.

5. Keeper

Best Password Manager App-Keeper

Keeper works with professionals who work in cybersecurity. Keeper web interface is easy to understand, but desktop fails to do so. Keeper vault stores any files in the cloud storage.


  1. 30$ Premium is for single user subscription annually
  2. Free version has many features which satisfy user needs
  3. Web interface is have fast performance
  4. Any kinds of files is stored in Keeper cloud service
  5. Family sharing with the primary computers is available
  6. Emergency Access available in urgent or critical condition


  1. Mobile app doesn’t have PIN creation features for quickly access
  2. Without fingerprint, user have to write full primary password for the master login account

6. Sticky Password

Best Password Manager App-Sticky Password

The Sticky Password has filled with many features on the web interface. With the old school design user interface gives an annoying feeling. The design is boring but provide an excellent competition to LastPass and DashLane.


  1. Free Version have all user needs features
  2. Local and cloud sync is available for the user account
  3. 100$ premium for lifetime service for single user
  4. 30$ premium subscription for single user annually
  5. Two-factor authentication is added recently in this sticky password manager app


  1. Outdated design with low colour scheme looks boring to use
  2. Graphical user web interface design is looks amateur for any user
  3. Boring app user complaining about this
  4. 2FA is available only for web browser only mobile access doesn’t contain


Best Password Manager App-KeePass

KeePass works on open source platform and free. The most potent password manager app in this category. It includes all the web interface login credentials like desktop, laptop sharing all newer password manager app. KeePass stores the files on the local servers that’s why users have a problem with accessing the data.


  1. Oldest up of all Software password manager app till date
  2. Most powerful password manager app today
  3. Open Source app
  4. KeePass is totally free
  5. Variety of cross platforms available for users
  6. With the plus point of open source user can have endless Customization feature
  7. Hot Keys are available for Drag & Drop and Cut & Paste features
  8. USB thumb drive is available in KeePass app


  1. User cannot easily access this KeePass password manage app
  2. Technical person can handle this password manager app as compared to regular user
  3. Before access KeePass software read and learn about the app first.

8. 1Password

Best Password Manager App-1Password

The 1Password is the best app of form filling for apple users. In 2006 the 1password automatic form filling feature was useful for Apple users but after cross-platform cannot sync correctly. Its include browser plugin and desktop sharing as well and many more features.


  1. For five user 60$ premium have to pay annually
  2. Five users can sync and share cloud storage
  3. 1Password gives automatic form abilities for Apple user


  1. This password manager app is made only for Apple users; other platforms are introduced recently that's why cross-platform other than the MAC is not relevant
  2. Android platform is useless because 2FA feature
  3. Quickly access to PIN authentication not available and much more Two- Factor authentication is not available

9. Kaspersky

Best Password Manager App-Kaspersky

Kaspersky is the primary password management system. This automatically sync and filled login credentials. This password manager app stores personal data for web interface online form registration and like others app save & secure passwords and notes.


  1. All significant platforms like MAC, IOS, Android, Windows are synced with login systems
  2. Users forms is filled automatically on web interface
  3. The notes and passwords is securely saves on the Kaspersky password manager app


  1. Two- factor Authentication is not available
  2. This password app includes only the basic password management for user devices
  3. User login sharing is not secure in this password manager app
  4. Forms filling is present only for Mac-only
  5. Backup/Restore or No import/Export available
  6. Just common features for users are available in this password manager app

10. ZOHO

Best Password Manager App-ZOHO

ZOHO provides basic with all needed features for the user in password manager app.


  1. User can use 2FA authentication in this password
  2. All cross platforms are available for user
  3. Login credentials are sync and share with this password app


  1. This password manager app can't handle exception sharing and sync
  2. Automatically web filling forms are not available for users
  3. Password cannot be imported for user devices
  4. The password manager app of Zoho just provide a standard vault password for the user

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