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Google is looking to transform user experience to another level by launching enhanced android operating systems. Android 10 unveils unique ways users can control and customize multiple functionalities, just the way they want. The newest upgrades embrace automation, smart operation, enhanced privacy, and security updates. The features not only give confidence but suggest convenience, which makes life way more comfortable.

android 10 features

Getting around the features in android 10 is made quicker and amazingly intuitive than expected. Plus, the futuristic technology demonstrated by the operating system gives a flexible experience, which is a game-changer for all sorts of android users.

Android 10 reveals that Google spent quality time on this one. With the user-wellbeing in mind, the company decided to improve multiple tweaks, bringing everything in one place. Most expectations are built-in to offer excellent support even to the most basic daily interactions.

The following section gives an in-depth review of the best features that make android 10 outstand tits predecessor operating systems.

1) Enhanced Privacy Controls

android 10 new features

Among the top upgrades on android 10 includes privacy settings. Besides making most functionality more manageable and quicker to control and customize, android regulates apps from accessing various data from your device.

You understand that some app can scrap your personal data even when relevant permissions are revoked in settings. App developers can apply complex workarounds to ensure they get the information they want and could determine your location. Google has fixed these issues in android 10, giving users confidence in their privacy.

A dedicated privacy section will help to view and revoke app permissions to use location, web, and other phone activities in one place. The privacy setting section is simple to understand; it will take a few minutes to know what should be done.

2) Family Link

Android 10 has included parental controls, which can be configured in the Family Link app. Unlike in previous android versions, the Family link is a built-in feature in the android 10 and is located in the digital wellbeing settings. The fantastic app helps to set rules to guide your kids to practice healthy habits as they explore or play online.

Family links offer incredible settings to manage content and apps used by kids. Similarly, you can set screen time limits and view all activities, not forgetting the ability to see the location of your kid’s device.

3) Location Controls

Google has made it easy for android 10 users to control apps that access location information. Unlike in the prior android versions, which could always use location once turned on, android 10 regulates by giving access only when the application is active.

android 10 location controls

If you had given an app full access to location information, android will notify you once in a while whether you would want to change that access. This does not only saves your battery life but ensures enhanced privacy.

4) Smart Reply

Smart Reply is a feature that is common in various third-party apps like Gmail. Android 10 has integrated this machine learning technology to suggest short responses depending on the text sent you. Smart Reply anticipates what you are likely to say and suggests a few words or relevant emoji before you type anything.

Further, Smart Reply can suggest directions using Google maps. This action works specifically when an address has been sent to you. You can also respond quickly with appropriate replies without even opening the messaging app itself.

5) Gesture Navigation

You probably have an idea of the traditional navigation button. Android 10 has slimmed down to gesture navigation. While previous Android versions may contain some gestural navigation, android 10 has inspiration gestures that are quicker and super smooth.

The gesture navigations in android 10 are optional. To activate, you need to select Setting>System>Gestures>System Navigation. Here, you will choose gesture navigation. You will also find a tutorial on how to use gesture navigations.

6) Focus Mode

Sometimes you will want to use your handset without distractions. Android 10 comes with a built-in feature called focus mode to help select particular apps to avoid when handling certain activities on your handset. This tool is among the digital wellbeing suite. It ensures you concentrate on what’s in front of you by turning off or pausing specific notifications temporarily to help you get things done.

7) Dark Theme

Google has finally introduced dark mode to ensure the well-being of your eyes. You will be able to transform your handset to a darker display to reduce eye strain by pulling down the quick setting tiles on the upper end.

android 10 dark theme

The dark mode also turns the device into the battery saving mode. However, this action only affects the functionality of Google apps only, i.e., photos, Gmail, and calendar.

8) Security Updates

Android 10 ensures your device gets security updates for your apps regularly and quickly. The installation of these updates can occur in the background without interfering with what is in front of you. These updates are also sent directly to the handset from Google Play so that you get updated once fixes are available. The security updates are usually loaded when the device reboots.

9) Share Menu

In the previous android versions, the share menu has limited options, which are also relatively slow to open. Android 10 has come with a more functional share menu to address redundancy issues. Google has ensured the share menu opens instantly once launched.

android 10 share menu

Besides, android 10 has introduced a new tool in the share menu called sharing shortcuts. This helps the android user to opt for specific options they want. This means that users can share files, photos, among other items, to different apps quicker than previous android operating systems.

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